Is it possible to play LA license in english?

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My sc 2 license is LA and only offers spanish and portugues but sick of playing in spanish so I want to play it in english. I downloaded the enUS client and it says that a language pack is requiered.

After more than 2 years of the game release , are those packs available? is there any way to play it in english using my current LA license without switching regions or losing progress, it should be pretty easy assuming that LA is merged with the US in the online play.

I'm afraid not. If you had bought a digital copy you would be able to play in any language you wanted but the physical copies sold in LA can only be played in Portuguese or Spanish. I believe they only started enforcing this rule a few months ago when Diablo III was released in Russia but I'm not sure.

I don't really understand why have this limitation since physical and digital copies are usually sold for the same price but that's how it works.
I have the digital LA version and I would very much like to know this. The game doesn't have the option to launch in English, and if I tweak my Variables.txt manually to set the language to US English it tells me that "You need an authorized language pack from Blizzard Entertainement to use this language."

I'm going now to try uninstalling the game and installing the US version, but I don't expect success. A pity, because IMHO Blizzard did an atrocious job with the translation; I have to mute the game to be able to even play with the LA version.
Same problem here. The translation sux!!!
Same here, digital copy, used to play it in english, not sure wth I'm stuck with spanish or portuguese now.

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