mutas in zvz:people derp?

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Even in masters, i feel like people go full retard when mutas are used against them.

They go for mass queens off 2 base with spores, and turtle for forever, or they just constantly rally lings at you.

What do you do when you aren't going mutas and your opponent isn't (things you do that aren't derp)
What are some silly things that you or you opponent have done when faced with mutas?
I went mass mutas once. Once he got out infesters I didn't switch to roach/hydra/infester. I just kept making mutas. I would go gosu and split my mutas so well that I could take out his infesters without much damamge done. Saddly I was really bad back then so my economy was not so great; I died to mass Hydra because he had the economy to tech switch. Still it was one of the funnest games of my SC2 career ^.^
For a while I always went for mass mutas, I'd get a burrowed ling/bling minefield and hope the other guy goes for a mass hydra push. When it does work it feels so satisfying.
Mutas are a distraction for my banelings to melt everything :P
everytime i go mass mutas the go mass hydras which don't even counter mutas and end up dying horribly to ling/bling muta
Generally if I suspect Mutas I try to take a third.
One of the derpiest things a Muta opponent did was try to focus my Infestation pit with 8 Mutas, while three Queens and a Spore were attacking them...
Mass mutas isn't particularly viable in ZvZ... roach/hydra/infestor absolutely crushes ling/bling/muta.

Against mutas if I have taken a fast 3rd I'll hold it with spores/queens/roaches, otherwise I'll tech to infestors, take my 3rd with my infestors, and then turtle on 3 and do a big roach/hydra/infestor push (with an overseer in case of burrow).
I've seen some master zergs open 2 base muta to deny their opponents third while switching into whatever tech their opponent is aiming for. Taking the third with mutas as map control comes out on top with the economy advantage. Unfortunately for me I go derp WHILE using mutas so it is something I have to work on. I'm also sure I play zerg completely wrong.

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