Infestor nerf confirmed (Chinese interview)

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Okay so; I agree with the Mother-ship immunity to Neural Parasite. BUT: increase the range of neural so that the Infester can actually use the ability against high value units such as Thors and colossi.

Any psionic units(high Templar, ghost, queen, infestor) will be immune to neural parasite

this is incorrect. they are considering immunity of these units to Fungal Growth.

also lol @ 光头哥 -> big marauder brother :)
*Theyre avoiding "direct" nerfs to fungal, but looking at indirect options. Other options being seriously considered are:
Carrier interceptors immune to fungal

If they did implement this AND the projectile fungal, it'd be cool if visually the Interceptors could actually dodge the Fungal (automatically, not really affecting gameplay much, if at all).
Know what? That's a good point... hear me out:

Snipe got nerfed because Terrans would mass ghosts to deal with Zerg T3, which was easily targetable. They'd spend 300 energy to kill one ultralisk when snipe was 45 damage.

Now, Zerg has Neural Parasite, for 100 energy... which INSTANTLY NEGATES Terran T3 units, and not only that, it turns them into Zerg units temporarily, to be able to deal damage to the rest of the Terran army... so the rest of the Terran army is decimated, and the Zerg is left with 75% of their army, to face off against maybe 5 Thors or BC's that are left.

Now I really don't feel so bad about NP getting a nerf to not be able to target Thors and BC's. Maybe they could leave it as is, but then bring snipe back and make it do 50 damage per shot (or heck, more...) heck make it a "high velocity round", cost 50 energy and do 75 damage, able to target any unit, not just bio.

Sounds like you just want Terran to become an unstoppable force. That's a little far fetched, Pretty sure people would just make a max army of ghosts and medivacs and snipe every important unit in the game.
knowing blizzard they'll prabably say they nerf infestor fg into projectile and when the patch comes out the speed of the projectile the speed of a stalker beam some bullsht like that. and when they buff terran theyll make bc's move slightly faster or some bullsht. its what theyve been doing for the past year on terran, what makes you think this "nerf" is gonna be any different?
11/17/2012 10:00 AMPosted by redstar
I love how they nerf it in PvZ but do absolutely nothing about infestors in TvZ where they're the biggest problem.

and how is making it a projectile not helping in tvz? when marines can avoid them now by running away

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