Infestor nerf confirmed (Chinese interview)

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11/17/2012 11:46 AMPosted by SenzaErrori
9 range NP was ridiculous, it was nerfed for a reason. do some research with google

wtf why nerf neural parasite even more? it is already considered underused spell. fungal+IT is what cause infestor broodlord OP, fungal+IT need to be adjust.
Change would be a lot better for TvZ if ravens were made psionic.
I get how it helps the Vortex go down -- but in WoL the Vortex will still be necessary...? Hoping the changes in HotS get implemented in WoL as well :-)
I like these notes. The projectile is something that I think would definitely increase the spectator value of TvZ as well as raise the overall skill cap (both very good things). NP change I can take or leave, but I like that he said that IT needs some consideration. Infested Terran is a very cool spell, but quite powerful and one-dimensional right now. Simply hitting it with the nerf bat might send it the way of Snipe in the TvZ matchup, and that's not necessary. Blizzard should take the time to do it right.
Know what? That's a good point... hear me out:

Snipe got nerfed because Terrans would mass ghosts to deal with Zerg T3, which was easily targetable. They'd spend 300 energy to kill one ultralisk when snipe was 45 damage.

Now, Zerg has Neural Parasite, for 100 energy... which INSTANTLY NEGATES Terran T3 units, and not only that, it turns them into Zerg units temporarily, to be able to deal damage to the rest of the Terran army... so the rest of the Terran army is decimated, and the Zerg is left with 75% of their army, to face off against maybe 5 Thors or BC's that are left.

Now I really don't feel so bad about NP getting a nerf to not be able to target Thors and BC's. Maybe they could leave it as is, but then bring snipe back and make it do 50 damage per shot (or heck, more...) heck make it a "high velocity round", cost 50 energy and do 75 damage, able to target any unit, not just bio.
sooooo neutral parasite is useful in what situation?
I don't really understand why they are looking at nerfing NP. NP doesn't need to be nerfed. Fungal is the main problem (IT is a small problem, if any).
Motherships and Immortals are the only damn thing Neural Parasite is used for, and often the only thing that'd save a Zergs !@# from losing. I'm pretty sure Archons are immune to NP in the fist place.

This is seriously becoming very bad.
11/17/2012 12:23 PMPosted by Omnipotent
why you so crazy?

11/17/2012 01:09 PMPosted by Dorito
thors just got quite a bit better vs infestors.

Maybe. We don't know whether or not Thors will be affected. A different translation said that the NP nerf will only affect units with the psionic tag, which would stop Infestors from Neuralling: HT, Archons, Ghosts and Queens.
Real useful, eh?
What... the hell?... People complain about fungal and IT so they nerf neural into the ground?

What exactly are you suppose to use it against now? Don't say tanks. Tanks are the COUNTER to infestors, not the other way around. It hasn't worked before. It's not about to start working now.

Blows my mind...

agreed. But keep in mind the OP is incorrect. NP still works on energy units, just not psonic units...meaning you cant NP ghosts.

in short, TvZ is basically the same. I would SO much rather have had a nerf to IT or Fungel
11/17/2012 01:13 PMPosted by IndigO
HT, Archons, Ghosts and Queens.

Other Infestors? Sentries? DT's?
I don't like the projectile. People seem to forget infestors are supposed to counter marines.
11/17/2012 01:09 PMPosted by Dorito
thors just got quite a bit better vs infestors.

they still cost 6 supply, randomly start shooting overlords, and just have that overall herp factor
At this point they should just get rid of nerual and replace it, it was already not seeing much use after the range nerf but really... without being able to NP enemy units with energy whats left ? id rather just see this ability scrapped and replaced with something new
11/17/2012 12:38 PMPosted by Scottz
sooooo neutral parasite is useful in what situation?

that's what i wanna know. it's amazing, there's the mothership that can do mass recall,cloak and vortex, the neural parasite does just what it's supposed to do and because many toss complain it being used in late game, they gonna nerf NP, so what is it really gonna be used for then, infestor is already slow why make it slower with its very small life points.

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