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Q: Thank you Mr. Dustin for taking our interview from
Before our interview I want to tell about a suggestion about the story and setting of Starcraft. In World of Warcraft, there is a detailed map for Azeroth. Although we have Koprulu sector in starcraft 2, and we know some story about planets like Char, Korhol and Mar-Sara. We don't have a map to see where they are and their feather.
It's another "Craft", why don't you just make a map for Koprulu sector that players can go through. In the future, you can also add more stories and settings.
A: A cool question, although we never show the map of Koprulu sector, our team do have such a map.
We would consider about your suggestion, and it's really good.

Q: Let's going on, I think SC2 players have very few ways to discover and enjoy the game setting and background. Campaign is epic but it takes too much time to play.
In addition, In world of warcraft, players can get pets from different maps for pets battle. In starcraft2, there is not such a interesting thing.
In addition to Arcade and campaign, do you have any plans about how to improve the game experience for casual gamers?
A: Heart of the Swarm has a lot of content for new players and casual players.
First we have a better AI. We are going to have 10 kinds AIs with different difficulties. Three of them will "cheat" in game and seven of them not. Players can try different AIs to have a better experience against AIs. We encourage players fight against AIs alone or in teams. The AI will become very interesting after HOTS.
Second is leveling system. Players can try it every day. They can achieve goals with their levels up, they also earn portraits and decals through it.
In addition, player can play in unranked matches. New players can find ways to try and enjoy Starcraft 2.

Q: Players also believe arcade is important. After Blizzard made three official maps, it seems you are concentrate on Blizzard All-Stars. Do you want to make it an exquisite MOD map in SC2, or you going to make it as an independent client? How Blizzard think about All-Stars?
A: If you want to play Blizzard All-stars, you need an independent client. It's a brand new game that different from SC2. Although it uses a same engine with SC2, it will have new UI, new strategies, new systems and new client.

Q: Do we need to buy it?
A: No, it's a new game, and it's free.

Q: Blizzard pays a lot of attention on SC2 single player matches. In Blizzardcon, BWC and nearly 95% of the matcher are single player matches. Why don't you encourage more matches of team against team, even country against country?
For example, BWC is no long 1 vs. 1 but 5 players from China against 5 players from the U.S.A, they form teams or groups to against each others?
A: Matches for multiplayers? We did 3 vs. 3 before, but it was a nightmare... Because there are too many things happen in the same time and casters cannot cover everything. It's very difficult for both players and people who watch the matches.
From my personal point of view, 2 vs. 2 is the limit of SC2.

Q: No, I mean something like GSTL. Each country selects some players to form a national team for against another country.
A: Oh, it's really cool.
I love GSTL, many infamous players can perfectly show their skills in team leagues, all kills is also attractive. It will be interesting if there would be a league for countries against countries. I expect about things like that.

Q: Plans after BWC? Will you hold BWC every year after this or have other plans?
A: We have not decided yet and we need a discussion about the future plans.

Q: After BWC, Blizzardcon will return, will BWC conflict with Blizzardcon in 2013 in time?
A: I don't know. I think they can be held at same time, but who knows what is going to happen in next year?

Q: The leveling system in HOTS is really good. Some players say it is just like dailies in WOW. How Blizzard think about it?

A: It is similar with dailies. We encourage everyone play every day with different races and with their friends.
I think playing one or two matches is interesting. However playing four hours or more makes people feel tired. Leveling system is for solving this. Players can play with their friends every day and discover new ways to play.

Q: You said HOTS will be friendly to new players by auto-mining and leveling system. Etc. In addition to these, will the micro be easier for new players?
A: We redesigned the UI, improved the game by adding auto-mining, and you can monitor how many workers are working by watch your base. In addition, you cannot select enemies' units, you can find all these changes in beta.
Some people think it's not enough. But if we simplify micro too much, you might feel it's too easy and pro-gamers may feel bored.

Q: Can you tell us the influence of KeSPA to e-sport after their pro-gamers started play SC2?
A: We have a specialized department in Blizzard that they are responsible for the relationship between KeSPA and Blizzard, so I cannot tell you more about this.
For me, I hope to see more great pro-gamers play our game. For example, Rain played good games in BWC that made a lot of fans in communities excited, it's cool.

Q: Some words for Blizzard fans in China?
A: I am very excited that we bring BWC to Shanghai China. Best players from different countries come here to show their skills to SC2 fans in China. I am very happy about it.
In addition, Chinese fans give us lot of feedbacks. Their enthusiasm makes me feel extremely good. The travel to Shanghai is impressive. Thank you.
A whole lot of nothing in this one. Bad and unrelated questions.
Very interested in the new A.I. Glad it's being looked upon.

StarCraft singleplayer is, and should be enjoyable.

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