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I played the campaign this past week while connected to the internet. This weekend, I go to the middle of nowhere, a place without internet, and load up Starcraft 2, enter the campaign mode, speak to Tychus, update the armory, go to the bridge, select a mission, view the pre-mission cinematic, and last but not least, get told my version of starcraft can't play the mission or something like that, and it loads me out to the main menu...

What could I have done differently to play without internet this weekend?
I logged on about 5 days ago. I can get onto the game, get into the campaign, but I can't start up a mission from the starmap, even if it lets me watch the vocal briefing and cinematic briefing.


Ok, I was just playing the redstone campaign mission. I saved the game, quit the application, and turned off the internet access to my computer. I started up the application for Starcraft 2, selected offline mode, started the campaign, and got into the redstone map. After the briefing and before the mission loading screen, it interrupts me and says this:

"The version of starcraft 2 required to play this game is unavailable."

I load onto the internet, and I get right into the mission...

Blizzard, please fix.


I tried the fix from this thread.


I deleted my battle.net folder, which only had the battle.net.MPQ

Now I can't even open Starcraft. It says I have to have 100% of the game downloaded, and YES, yes I have already fired the game up and played it after I deleted the battle.net.MPQ. It downloaded some stuff before it asked for my login.

This is pathetic that you cannot make a game work in the absence of internet. You're so protective of your game in a time of great piracy, but you make me completely unsatisfied. I had several hours to kill, and I had to play Half Life 2 instead of the game I wanted to play. Thanks, Blizzard.


Now it's Saying:


Unable to download game data from Blizzard's servers. To play offline, 100% of game data must already be downloaded. Please check your internet connection and try again later."

I followed the Blue's instructions that worked for some people in the following link:


I launched up the game while online and downloaded some stuff in the beginning, and I got into the missions just fine. Deleting the battle.net.MPQ folder just made it worse.
Well, I deleted my Starcraft 2 folder and am attempting a reinstall. I left my Starcraft 2 folder in my username/library/applicationsupport/ alone so that I could keep my saves and stuff.
This is a known issue. No ETA for a fix yet.
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This is the response I got from Blizzard:

"The game is not intended to be played in an offline mode. It can do it but it won't if there is an active internet connection, please be sure SC2 is up to date. You may not be able to load up old save files in offline mode due to the diffrent patch versions."

Apparently they are now saying the game is not intended to be played offline. Is this a DRM move?
I think there may be some confusion.

There is an offline mode yes. However, in order to have access to it, you need to have at least logged into you Battle.net via the client at least once in a 30 day period to have the authorization to do it. This is the way it always has been since day one.

Now there is a bug that is preventing the game from playing offline mode for some users, which is what the team is investigating.
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how come i cant even play sc2 campaign even when im logged into my sc2 acount?

at first i thought it was only on offline mode, but i logged in today and i still cant play sc2 campaign. it says "the sc2 version is now availble"
Thank you for working on this particular issue. Lack of internet happens sometimes, and SC2 is one of my favorite games when the internet is down.
I'm having this same issue now, too. So frustrating.

At least before I did their "fix" I was able to load saved games in off-line mode, if nothing else.

Thanks Blizzard for hosing your paying customers this way. Next time I'll pirate a game so I wont be so frustrated when it doesn't work.
Fortunately for me, I didn't delete the MPQ file in the "fix", I just moved it. Putting the original file back into the battle.net folder lets me load the game in offline mode, though I can still only load saved games.

At least the game is somewhat playable like this.
Same problem here. This is ridiculous! Should we have to resort to an illegal crack to play a legally purchased game? Fix this Blizzard!
This is a known issue: http://us.battle.net/sc2/en/forum/topic/7200304033

Cross-platform Major Issues
  • [Offline Mode] Offline Mode is not functioning properly if the client is started without an internet connection.
    This issue is under investigation.
    Workaround: Start the game online and then you can switch to offline mode in the same session.
  • "This issue is under investigation" what a joke. This isn't a new issue no matter how much Blizzard and their hapless staff ignores it.

    New Patch and the problem persists. Haven't played this expensive game in months. But I do get emails to come back and play WOW...Ha!!! Not likely. Blizzard and their support team are worthless on this issue. So much for customer support and helping loyal customers. I bought this game because I have to be without a dedicated internet source for a while. So I dropped WOW and bought Starcraft. Should have spent the money on a more reliable company's product. Your losing customers Blizzard. No way I go back to WOW or buy the SCII expansion after this. I no longer recommend Blizzard to friends looking to buy games for themselves or their kids, instead I explain that the games are over priced, buggy, and not worth the frustration especially if you want something user friendly enough to install and play (that's way to much to ask of a Blizzard game). You guys got to big for the customer's good. Maybe Blizzard will start paying attention once they begin to lose market share. Hopefully another company steps up soon.
    "This is ridiculous! Should we have to resort to an illegal crack to play a legally purchased game?"

    I'm not going to waste time on an illegal crack but Blizzard isn't leaving customers much choice when we buy the game legally, download the authenticator, log on to activate the account every 30 days, and STILL CAN'T PLAY! It's a lot of hoops to jump through for absolutely nothing and no reliable help from their support staff. If this had only happened within the first 30 days of purchase, I could have returned it and gotten my money back. Instead I'm the proud owner of a $55 dollar coaster.
    Having an Internet connection should enhance game play, not be mandatory. If this is a bug it needs to be fixed ASAP, if it's piracy prevention then you've gone too far. Either way the game is now bogus for the millions of people with laptops. I bought the game fair and square and I should be able to play (at least the campaign) where ever I want. Telling customers that there is "no eta" for a solution is pretty offensive. The glory days of Blizzard quality are clearly over.
    I know it is frustrating but remember we want to remain civil.

    Technical support is not able to resolve bugs. We don't even work on them, but we can inform you about it. Feedback about this should be in the Bug Report forum, since this is outside of the scope of the Mac Technical forums.

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    Rwlrlwrlwrl wrlrwl rwlwrlw rlwrlwrlwr wlrwlwr grglblrglglr? Wrwlrwl rarwlwrlwr grgrblgr!
    Thank you Blizzard Team. Problem solved. I have fully enjoyed your product.
    How do we switch to offline mode after we log in? All this talk, but I still don't see the answer. This whole log in every time and have to play online requirement is really inconvenient and irritating. Someone who actually does have some decision making power in Blizzard should really do something to make this more user friendly and seamless rather than making the people who pay for the product and service jump through a lot of hoops just to play the game. Moreover, the internet in some places is still not as good as others and playing the game gets all choppy sometimes and really slow, which is why being able to play offline would be nice.
    Zeus, you will want to post your feedback about offline mode in the general forums. People who monitor that forum and review your feedback and take it to the proper people for review.

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