Your best match up and why(plz no fluff)

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Basically the question is the name of the post...

mine is zvt, mainly because of the build i use from hyun, but i think the main reason is just that with good overlord spread i can see drops very easily and hold them off while counterattacking and what not. it just seems very intuitive as to how to win.
In zvp i feel the key to victory is very ambiguous and what to actually do is often unknown(at least for me).
zvz feels very good with the varying pool timings, but as i have been climbing the ladder, my strongest point of the matchup, late game, has been feeling a lot weaker. without ever practising my late game(as i was just kind of good at it) it has fallen off a lot with masters players having it either equal to or better than mine

I only recently started playing, and am still bad, but ZvT feels like such a fluid matchup, with really clear transition points and goals.

ZvZ just feels like a cluster!@#$ of lings/blings deciding the game within 5 minutes.

ZvP has pretty clear goals like Terran, but the timings feel super wonky and staggered to the point that I can't find a good balance of droning/building units/denying bases to deal with whatever timings he hits me at.
ZvT is a broken matchup past the mid game when we reach hive, mass Infestor is imba against T.
ZvP. I feel like they're the easiest to react to. I play Stephano roach and either just win straight out, or find out what their tech is on the offense and weaken them enough to stall and respond accordingly. I just find them predictable (maybe because they only ever use 1 of 3 strats.) hold all-in, deny 3rd, rinse, repeat.

I'm comfortable against terran until they get a 4th up, but I'm no good at reacting to multi-pronged drop play, and they're a lot harder to scout. It also feels like no matter how many SCVs I kill it doesnt matter. It's harder to guage damage done, had a lot of games where I kill a bunch of SCVs and bio, feel safe taking a 4th and teching a bit, only to have a balls-out army at my front door (usually right after I make a round of drones and have no larva -_-) Those are all kinks I'll work out eventually, but for now they are my worst matchup.

ZvZ is 50/50.

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