has anyone else noticed...

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... that the inter-race relationship lore in Halo is incredibly similar to that of Starcraft?

Both have an infectious, primitively organic, swarming/insectoid race that spreads across planets (and between planets) leaving a wake of destruction.

Both have an advanced, psionic, religious, robitically enhanced race whose goal is to eradicate the infectious race, and do so by using their advanced technology to destroy entire planets that have been infected.

Both have humans, who naively enter the conflict through recent innovations in space travel, and become very concerned with the fact that they saw the advanced race destroying planets, not understanding what it is for. Humans get aggressive against the advanced race and this makes the advanced race feel like humans might get in the way of their holy conquest of zerg/flood eradication, causing them to become fully hostile back at humans.

Also, both have hints towards a great ancient space race who created everything, and who the advanced race worship as gods and use the technology of. Additionally, the infectious race turns against this ancient race in both. In starcraft its obviously the Xel'naga, and in halo it is the forerunners, who also created the halos.

I literally keep thinking of more and more things that are almost if not exactly the same.

I'm not saying its a bad thing, I like the complexity of the relationship, and I am a fan of the stories and gameplay of both games. I just thought it was pretty neat that the relationships are basically exactly the same.

Flood = Zerg
Covenant = Protoss
Humans = Humans
Xel'naga = Forerunners

And each literally has only those races, no more.
And all of it was stolen by both Blizz and Microsoft from old warhammer 40k novels cute thread
Yes, it's interesting isn't it.

I had this epiphany the other day while playing Halo 4, prior to that it had not entered my mind at all. The similarities are amazing. I would be very surprised if it was a coincidence, Brood War was a popular game and it wouldn't be farfetched to say Bungie used it to get some creativity flowing.
They are both pretty damn good campaign stories so far.
ever notice that the Zerg race are very similar to the Aliens from the movie Aliens. Even a lot of the cut scenes from SC and SCBW are very similar to the movies Alien and Aliens.
So we've gone from Warhammer comparisons to Halo comparisons?

EDIT: and back to Warhammer again.

11/17/2012 10:20 PMPosted by DRONEKING
And all of it was stolen by both Blizz and Microsoft from old warhammer 40k novels cute thread

You mad or something? Go clean your neckbeard.
Its stereotypical...


Warhammer 40K:


Dead Space:

Star Trek; It has a lot of races so...
-Something-, maybe borg


You see the relation
Game designers are lazy, get over, this isn't even the first time this connection has been made on the forums this month. besides, starcraft came first, gg.
Except Starcraft was created in 1998 and Halo came out in 2001? So therefore whoever makes Halo ripped off of Starcraft who (apparently) ripped off of Warhammer 40k (or whatever it's called)
Why are there dumb people who are under the impression that I'm mad.

No reading comprehension?
Science fiction was created long before Starcraft/Halo/Starship troopers/Dead Space/Star Trek/etc...
11/17/2012 10:51 PMPosted by zappy
Game designers are lazy, get over, this isn't even the first time this connection has been made on the forums this month. besides, starcraft came first, gg.

And Warhammer 40k came out in 1987. :)
Spoiler alert: You find these similarities EVERYWHERE. And from ages ago.
Have you noticed the Biblical similarity of orcs and sons of Abraham?
Starcraft is a lot like Starcraft. I can't believe Starcraft ripped off Starcraft!
WH 40k fan boys say it cmae up with it first SC fans boys say it came out first blah blah blah. on paper alot of them sound the same the problem is, when you go into the lore almost none are the same toss were a tribal people and arent cybernetically enhanced (that requires actual grafting of the mechnical components to the living organism) they have power armor that functions of the khala and don't disdain other races only the zerg. The zerg on the other hand isn't a "race" so to speak its a viral infection like the flu, except instead of runny noses and fevers you get tenticles and claws much better imo :). The terrans aren't technically humans either. Theres an actual distinction from earth humans and terran humans namely size and psionic prowess.

If you wanna push hte whole X came out before Y release dates dont mean anyhting when did the actual game start development and you'll see that X and Y are almost brothers.
Wait. So you're telling me that there are 3 races. One like human, one more advanced than human, and one that's not advanced but have a physical advantage in certain ways, in science fiction?

Starship troopers,. Enders game,.. this kind of Sci-fi has been around a long time.

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