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Hi Guys,

I upgraded to windows 8 and now my GPU doesnt work on my laptop. I have tried updating my drivers, uninstalling my GPU, going on my manufacturer website, going on my graphics card's website, and nothing has worked. I am using the AMD HD 6770M and I have had no luck whatsoever. Anyone have any idea of fixing this? Or how to convert back to windows 7 because I am having a hard time trying to figure this out too. Thanks for the help in advance!

My specs are:
HP DV6-6100 Pavilion CTO Quad Entertainment July 2011 Model
CPU: Intel i7 2630QM
RAM: 6 gigs of 1333Mhz
Resolution: 1366x768
Your GPU is most definitely supported by Windows 8. Contact the manufacture for your GPU for further assistance. If it's not working then it's their driver/software that's the issue.

[EDIT:] Win8 Drivers not yet available:

Call for futher support.
Get the latest beta drivers from AMD (12.11)
I downloaded the beta drivers, however they do not work. Any other ideas? If I have to I will go back to windows 7.
Return to Windows 7, this HP must be using propriety HD 6770M that prevents usage of normal drivers.
Go back to Windows 7 its just better all around.
how do you go back
Unless you wiped your drive, if you chose to upgrade from Windows 7, Windows 8 has an option to revert to 7 within Control Panel

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