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All right guys. I am getting owned out there by Terran and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. It's really a long term, big picture thing. I'm not losing to any timing attacks or anything. I always have twice as many bases as terran. Twice as many! Meaning when he has two I have four. When he has three I have freakin six all right? This happens a lot but I'm really thinking of this one game in particular where I was on five bases and I delayed his third for so long but eventually he powered through with marine marauder tanks and thors and wiped the floor with me... on two bases. Does the number of bases terran has compared to me even matter? Long story short I expand plenty. I have no shortage of drones. I get tons of resource and I spend them all! I look at replays and late game my gas and mins stay below 800 the whole time while my opponents are up in the 3000's. But his army value is always bigger than mine and he just rolls over my five base empire with his two bases. What's up?
posting the replay would make it way easier. Check your upgrades and your drone count. are you over droning? What units are you using? etc. we have no idea how to help you based on the post alone
Well, if the base count is correct, then you either: didn't get enough units, chose terrible units, or micro'ed them wrong.
Yeah you're basically saying I outplayed my opponent but still lost. So at that point your perception of the game is off. The best way for us to help you is to post a replay.
Well the Terrans can make more stuff with even one base, they don't need nearly as much gas, and they really seldom need more than Two expos to max out with bio and reasonable support - you really should not be letting them get even one expo, although that can't always be helped.

You should work on your Two base game, if you're just throwing stuff at them trying to wear them down, they're wining.

You should be able to win with Three bases, I never get minerals from more than Two at a time, and usually have an oversupply of minerals, though I might get others for gas and to keep my drones busy after they've stripped a mineral field - you might be making too many drones, and it's hurting you population wise.

Use Tunnelers to kill the tanks, first off, and with the quickness - otherwise they will evaporate your ground in nothing flat - then use the roaches to block for your Hydra.

If they stimpack, you better be teched up.

Lings in there will increase the sheer number of targets they have to deal with, and reduce their ability to focus fire. Mass b/lings have been known to work very nicely, but again, much more effectively if you take the tanks out first.

If you have Broods or Muta, try to kill the Marines with your ground, since Marauders of course, are helpless against even light air.
Without a replay it’s hard to help. It sounds to me that you have two problems.

“I have no shortage of drones” can be misleading. 22 drones in your main is great, but on 2 bases it’s not so great.
22 drones per base is optimal saturation for 1 to 3 bases.
For your 4th and 5th, 6 drones on the extractors and the drones from the depleted mineral patches used to saturate the minerals.
Unless you are playing at a high level you should not have more than 66 drones. More than that may be over droning.
As Day[9] says if you do this and you get killed, then you are doing it right.

You may have a stuff problem. As a rule of thumb, after 24 drones you should be scouting to see if you need to be making attacking units (stuff).
From your description you don’t know how much stuff you need to stay alive.
While delaying his third did you scout to see how much stuff he had?
Apparently he had enough to come kill you.
With you on 3 fully saturated bases and he on 2 bases going for a 3rd your economy is way better.
Just go kill him.
Why go for more bases? Maybe you should just build units and go kill him.

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