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I see zerg peeps having multiple queens, especially in zvt and zvp.

How many do you get in each match up and when is the best time to start creep spread? Any other pertinent info is appreciated.

Please be at least plat cause I'm gold and I lose to some terribad players lol
Against terran, getting a queen instead of lings can help out alot, espeicially if the Terran is going hellions. Queens shut that down easily, and the creep will DEFINITELY HELP in the later parts of the game.

Same with toss. Make sure he doesnt do some early pressure cuz the lings would be more useful against stalkers in such a situation.


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At the start, vs Terran, I get 3-4 queens, and use 1-2 for creep spread immediately. I usually make the first two, use the main hatch queen for a tumor and the expo queen for inject, and make a 3rd and/or fourth at the main.
zvp and zvz, you should have just one for each hatch. Maybe one extra at most to spread creep. the only practical use for creep in these two matchups is to connect your bases.

zvt you can use up to 1 queen per hatch and two-three for spreading creep if you want. creep spread in zvt is very helpful.
I try to get at least Two per base, they're a tempting target, and they are good against harassment, or air rushes, if you cant get any other AA, or your hydras are out working. Lone Banshee, lone Rays, etc. Two of them can kill a Ray. You can use the second to block, spread creep, or just burrow it so you have a back up for larvae production.

I occasionally stack up five or more if they seem determined to kill my queens, Phoenix rushes, etc., they're a reasonable base defense option, and they can be useful for healing units that are limping home from a scrap, Muta, Broods, etc., so they can go back out again as soon as you reinforce.

I've seen some guys go mass Queens and they can be hard to stop, believe it or not - teched up and on creep, they're pretty formidable in quantity, probably a good thing they're so slow off creep.
I generally go for 2 queens per hatch up to 8

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