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I play protoss because they are the coolest IMHO, not because i have an advantage over the other races in any way at all. forge fast ex i guess is the best option ive heard of so far against z and t, well thats fun, same start everytime, and maybe you'll only lose most of the time

most of the pros use terran and zerg, and yet you cant spell protoss without pro. omgwtfbbq

Blizzard secretly hates protoss, why else would they have had the overmind %!**!@%# Aiur, and even though it was murdered, Aiur is still a %!**!@%# den. poor toss, talk about hating your children. well no worries, as long as you master the secret art of warping in, thats all toss can do. Of course, i am always amused by how picky the game is about where you can place warp ins. that is always infuriating and hilarious in almost equal measure.

in tournaments, why would someone have studied so much with toss to arrive here when the other two races can %!**!@%# them so hard in so many more ways, so they are zerg players instead who macro impossibly good, and you cant do anything about so take your loss with a side of angry sauce.

also, terran. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM= win, which somehow= good player

also terran. i hate you. terrans apparently hate themselves too, cause they are destroying their earth and everything on it. medivacs make no sense on how they heal, banshee tactics should be renamed trolling and reapers need a different name. one that reflects the way you use them. i was thinking probe eaters, or slayers of the defenseless.

also, Mutas. Mutas. that is all
change your portrait. you bring shame to probes everywhere.
Shut up
Well, Raou, the winner of the Battlenet World Cup was a Protoss player. The runner up as well. The third place was also taken by a Protoss player.

Truth be told, they were also a notch better than their opponents, as the top zerg players from Korea weren't in the tournament. But what I mean is, Protoss is not as defenseless as it seems. Starcraft II is, in my opinion, a well balanced game; not that it is a perfectly designed game, as I think there are areas were it could be vastly improved, but as far as statistics go, it is a well balanced game.


Actually, I'm not sure if you're talking about the balance in high level play or just in lower leagues. If you're talking about balance in lower leagues, there are two issues: I don't think guys like you and me should make balance suggestions, since we can just improve the same way that other players have — Blizzard has no obligation to make the game easier for us —; and I don't think the game is terribly imbalanced at our level either.
11/18/2012 06:10 AMPosted by RAOU
Blizzard secretly hates protoss,

I'm getting tired of people saying that a company secretly hates one of the assets that make them money.
i like protoss cause they have all the best cheeses. cannon rushes, four gates, proxy double stargate. no other race has that kinda cheese.

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