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I hate Zerg. I really hate Zerg. Every time I see them win it annoys me.

But whenever Stephano or Nerchio are playing I cheer for them even though I hate the Zerg. And I get excited when they win. It's kind of weird.

Anyone else like that?
11/18/2012 03:19 AMPosted by GeminiEclips

11/18/2012 03:19 AMPosted by GeminiEclips
I dislike protoss but I love watching Rain.
Obviously yes.

I hate playing Protoss players with a vengeance. I don't understand the matchup, I'm bad at it, and it gets me angry. I don't really like most PvX games either, but if I watch PartinG or Rain, I really enjoy the games and cheer for them :)
If there's no terran playing I just root against whichever player whose loss would upset the most people
I root for Zerg most of the time (especially Sheth :D)
I almost always root for Protoss unless it's a player like Naniwa... for some reason I just don't like him.

Also, I will always root for TLO over anybody else if he's playing... just because he's got the best personality and actually gave random a shot.

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