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ok since last here i was ranked 2 and pushing my way towards plat till suddenly i hit a wall where i simply cannot win. I just cant seem to put it together all of a sudden and lose to just wierd builds because of failed scouting and or overdroning. I lost a heartbreaking zvz because i thought i was miles ahead of the guy only to find out he had somehow managed to mass mutas and get them to me before my infestors popped out and steal it from me. Then i lost another game because they denied my scouting to have a super fast carrier push on me that was just plain embarassing. stupid close air spwns.

Anyway so im gonna focuz heavy on scouting and wanted to know timings of when i should poke in for a peak and what to do if they hide it in the far off corners you cant reach till lair ovie speed?

Also in regards to maps how do you know which maps do not allow certain close spawn locations?
When you need to scout is dependent on how they expanded. If they didn't, you need to at around 5 minutes in. If they did, you scout around 8-9 minutes. After lair finishes, you should be overseer scouting (you're unlikely to lose it if you don't make a mistake). If it didn't see as much as you wanted to, throw in a changeling as well to try to get more scouting in. This uses less gas than overlord speed, and you really want all the gas you can get at this stage.

In zvz, if you're significantly ahead and he's still in the game, you can generally assume he's going mutas. When ahead, you usually want to either kill him or go infestors anyway.

Shakuras Plateau is the only map in the current map pool that prevents close spawns I believe.

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