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Separatist Space, the story so far...

The RP takes place in "Separatist" space. Which is past protoss space. Some Terrans were exploring past protoss space (which is illegal might I add) and found even more intelligent lifeforms then they could imagine(all those custom races and such). With some funding from many governments and organizations, hundreds of thousands of colonists were being exported out from terran space and into distant space.

The colonists got tired of being bossed around by all of their shareholders and pretty much announced themselves separate from the Terrans in Terran space. Hence, the lands they colonized became, "Separatist" space and the colonists became "Separatists" because they supported the separation of separatist space and Terran space.

Many more events caused the separatist movement, but to sum it up in a few paragraphs, there ya go.

Separatist Space, Backstory

Entire colonies have been going missing, frigates carrying valuable cargo, gone. Terrans are still new to Separatist space and the Separatist Military is doing little to stop investigate.


This RP is extremely open, if you want to not engage in the main plot, that is totally fine, I would not recomend it but I will still allow it. Also keep in mind that at first you will have to pursue the main story, you will not start according to the main story. You will start out however you wish, wherever you wish.
Custom Races

The Imperium(KnarledOne)

The Yeh-Ket race dominates most of this civilization, but it is also populated by Mal insectoids, cowlike Jierkads, boarlike Traugs, and the occasional Vampar. They consider humans to be semi-sacred, but won't hesitate to destroy them if they stand in their way. The Imperium controls numerous planets, and maintains small military bases on others. They allow other factions to operate independently, providing they allow the construction of a Universal Temple on every planet and do not threaten the Imperium militarily.

They have some human citizens, but they mostly keep their distance from human civilization.

They have a monarchy. They are ruled by the Emperor, but are also heavily influenced by the decrees of the Church (referred to as the Temple) and the League of Nobles, a council of the warrior aristocracy. The civilization thrives on war and often provokes rebellions for this sake; refer to Aztecs of Earth history.


The Vaxarus is an All-mechanical race, originally designed as a last-resort defense of a dying race. They were made too late, and the dying race went, well, dead. The Vaxarus managed to up their production enough to drive off the hostile race, and went on a rampage, killing every individual of the hostile race. When they had calmed down, they returned to the home planet of their creators, and rebuilt the place from the ground up, as they had seen it last. Several defense platforms had been created over the planet, and no-one is allowed on the ground. They took their factories to the sky, becoming nomads, only using asteroids for the materials they need.

No de-facto commander
Regards every biological race as a revelation, and studies them extensively.
No permanent territory


Rarely seen in most parts of the universe. These creatures appear to be Bio-mechanical hybrids, and run with an ant-hierarchy. They were active during the time that the Xel'naga were active, and were locked up to keep them from killing off another race. During that time, they reflected on many things, while they figured a way out of their prison. They were released, due to the ignorance of the Tal'Darim when one of their bio-machines mimicked Terrazine in scans. Minor Queens lead individual forces, but they all answer to a High-Queen. Their opinion varies on race to race, mostly seeing other races as neutral individuals, but they themselves do not believe that they are the apex race.

Minor Territorial influence, mostly away from the 'Imperium'.

The Saeculum(Dacder)

Named for their habit of producing and dying off at nearly the same time each cycle, the Saeculum are ultra-intelligent bug creatures, known for being quite small (5 feet in length, 2'4 in height.), the Saeculum are smart enough to have feelings, emotions, viewpoints, and creativity, but not to the extent of humans. They're often looked down upon by the other races, but are extremely diplomatic nonetheless. They have a thick armor exoskeleton, and large claws and highly hazardous acids as their weapons. They are the dominant form of life on two planets, known as Volsinii, and Villanovan. They prefer to not fight, but shall defend to the death their homelands, deeming them more important than all else. They speak, for bugs especially, with much emotion, their speech often described as awe-inspiring. They use a democratic system for all things pertaining to close to home, but elect a diplomat for life for councils and other such things. Their natural life span of one is exactly 110 years, and each generation is given birth to within the same year of each other.


The Mozan are similar to werewolves yet far different. They can shift from a humanoid form into a ‘feral’ form. Their humanoid form is that of a normal human (skin color varies) with the exception that they have wolf ears and a wolf tail (fur color varies). Their feral form is exactly as it sounds, full wolf (type of wolf/fur color varies). Mozan also have little to no psionic potential.
The Mozan evolved on a small world, roughly the size of Venus, which was covered in green and blue, located in a remote area on the far edge of Protoss space, from Dominion space. They have a tribal democracy for government and have colonized every world in their system but tend to distrust other races. They have had very limited contact with other races. They have technology that rivals the Protoss. Although Mozan society is deeply rooted in tradition they tend to be more innovative with their use of technology. Mozan are very loyal to their ‘packs’ which generally act in the same capacity as families. Packs can however take on many different forms, such an example is a squad or battalion might organize itself in the form of a pack with the highest ranking officer being the ‘alpha’.

Ultimate Units
The Hypathia (Alpha Class): the only cruiser of its class in the Mozan fleet. It serves as the Mozan Flag Ship. It is equipped with S.A.P.D. cannons, phase missiles, Magrail Plasma Chain Guns, temporal schism drives and omicron particle shields.
The Alpha: the strongest and smartest Mozan. Usually male but always has a mate. The Alpha leads until either challenged and beaten or too old to lead effectively. He leads the entire race with help from advisors and Mozan Elders.
*S.A.P.D. – Sub Atomic Particle Disruptor


Before the rise of the Protoss or the birth of the Zerg there were four great races. These races were the Xel-naga, the Elerian, the Kitsune, and the Val-Traxan. (Note i did NOT come up with the val-traxan, xel-naga or the kitsune i did however come up with the elerian race with some insperation from the val-traxan and kitsune. The Val-Traxans belong to the person who made the web novel Terra Fabula.) Three of these races lived relativly close together and once they reached the stars and met each other, they began to trade and cooperate. Peace reigned but they were not stupid they knew there would be other spacefaring races, others that meant harm. So they made great fleets to combat hostile races that could not be swayed diplomatically. Their most prised was the lengwI'. Although it did not launch until shortly before the destruction of their world which was known as joHqo'. An unknown race attacked the Elerians in a ship far more powerful than anything they had. Unknown to the Elerians this was a Xelnaga ship commanded by an evil being. The Elerians fought with everything they had but in the end they were defeated and forced to retreat or be wiped out. With their fleet in ruins and the lengwI' severly damaged all they could do was drift throughthe void and repair what damage they could. One Elerian freely took the responsibility and dishonor of their loss solely on her shoulders, her name was Kit Eler. She vowed not to return to her people until she has found that ship and can bring it back with her. That was many galaxies and many thousands of year ago. Kit can never go home not truely for her home was destroyed, gone with the solar wind.


The Inextinctus Eques were originally built by the Xel'Naga to keep the Zerg in check, ensuring that the cycle would repeat and their race would continue. However, the Overmind had other plans. Shortly after their creation, the Overmind convinced the Xel'Naga that the Eques were malfunctioning and they were all deactivated and put in stasis. Centuries passed, and a Terran research team found their stasis hold. Not knowing the hell they were about to unleash on the Sector. Angelus came alive, and after finding out how long he and his knights had slept, killed the entire team and escort and awakened his knights. They now rebuild on the planet that they were supposed to be imprisoned on, their transports delivering Workers where needed to continue the rebuilding. With their awakening, they remembered the Xel'Naga's betrayal of them, and now hate all organics, intending to wipe them out.

Leader- Angelus Mortis


The Lorians are a Terran branch that developed far beyond anything the Dominion currently fields. Ruled by a Lord Knight and Council of Knights, and their leader is tested yearly for honesty, courage and strength. Should he or she fail the test, they are removed as leader and a worthy Lord Knight is chosen.

Lord Knight- Arthur Rios
Custom Organizations

Aquila et Umbram(CrymsonRaven)
The Aquila Umbram was an Organization first founded by a select few during the creation of the Dominion after the Confederacy’s fall on Tarsonis to the Zerg. They had believed in Humanity and believed that they deserved more than they had at that time. They believed it was their mission to be Humanities hands.

Many different projects that benefitted the military or the lives of Civilians were most likely privately funded by this organization; no one knows where they get the credits from. But one day they just end up with enough to continue the project.

They were powerful; they had the credits to fund almost anything project or private army, and that were what they did. They did research in many different fields, from medicinal, to military purposes. Their latest project was known as, “Project: Uroboros,” the ability to recreate the perfect soldier, the perfect operative from a dead body that they found. Where there was life, there is always and end, but where there is an end, there is new life waiting.

The project succeeded, but it was a failure. The operative escaped from the station where they were conducting the experiments. The station exploded after the operative escaped. Most of the research data on the operative was gone forever. They couldn’t replicate the delicate work ever again, but they managed to recreate some of the data on lab rats.

A coup happened shortly after; a woman had taken power of Aquila et Umbram. She is ruthless and will stop at nothing to succeed, failure is not an option. But she also has a caring side, so she was dubbed as “The Mother.” The first thing she did was to genetically modify the existing private army.

If there is one thing that Aquila et Umbram has, that's money and technology. Their lead scientists constantly try to come up with new solutions in their medical facilitates...and armaments, as well as Genetically altering their troops.
Character Sheet

Name: Arriagul-Lakateval
Age: Unknown
Race: Kalavaris
Profession: Larval Queen (Commander)
Equipment: Bio-Plasma Projector, Rage Generator, Claws, Plasma-Disk launcher
Backstory: Original colonies were near Separatist Space. Currently expanding.
Defining Characteristics:

Name: Kit Eler
Age: unknown. speculated to be 20-30 judging by facial features
Race:Elerian (currently in human form)
Armor:Nano Reflex Replication(this is very difficult to get past but not imposible also can function as an almost impossible to detect (by Terran and Protoss standards) cloak)
Weapon:Modified Proton Rifle that also works with normal C-10 or C-20a rounds
Profession:ex special/black ops agent turned merc, Exile
Backstory: she has traversed many galaxies and met many different races in her life after she exiled herself from her people several thousande years ago. shortly before the events that took place during the events of Rebel Yella 'young' girl known as Kit Eler was recruited into the ghost program becuase she displayed exceptional psionic powers close to rivaling those of Sarah Kerrigan. after the fall of tarsonis in the turmoil the ghost programe was in she managed to escape and completely recover from the nueral wipes that the Confederacy had imposed on her. once she recovered she raided a dominion research facility and stole back the armour and weapons they had taken from her. (see Elerian back story for what happened)
Hos lIngwI' a sword passed down for generations in kits family capable of generating psionic slashes that have a short range the slashes can be charged with various affinities and abilities (picture here
Defining Characteristics:snow-white/pure silver hair, prefers to be alone if possible

Name: Torvus Jentus
Age: 24
Race: Terran
Armament: Long swords Incendia and Glacies, Hidden Blades, throwing knives, plasma sword and collapsible arm cannon
( For reference purposes.)
Backstory: Was working freelance as an assassin for a long time when one of his jobs crossed with Markus. Working together, they made short work of the target. Decided to stick with him after words. Left the Dishonored after a job gone south and vanished for six months. When he came back, he was captain of the Arthur-Class Cruiser Retribution and a brilliant military leader.
Defining Characteristics: Scar across his left eye and several along his arms.
Appearance: Wears a strange armor that came from a different...part of the sector. Only the eyes and nose are visible, nothing else. Dirty blonde hair, green eyes skinny, but muscular, build, sun-tanned skin.

Name: Cayl Rios
Age: 28
Race: Terran
Armament: Mithrite Halberd, VMN submachine gun
Back story: Cayl is the son of the current Lord Knight, Arthur. A Knight Errant and tasked with leading the LEU, he is captain of the Arthur-Class Cruiser Excalibur. He was enrolled in the PanKoprulu Academy for a long time, helping to stop a reality controlling threat. Soon after, he returned to Loria, and reached where he is now.

Name: Angelus Mortis
Age: Unknown
Race: Inextinctus Eques
Armament: Grinder assault rifle, Awakener pistol and a hard light sword
Back story: Is the leader of an ancient race of machines. Is currently observing the threat organics pose to his soldiers.

Name: Stefan "Hawkeye" Alexander
Age: ? 35-45 ? (judging by facial features)
Race: Terran with mixed zerg and protoss DNA infusion
Profession: Merc sharp shooter, surprisingly skilled in a number of other areas
Equipment: Compact Magrail Battle Rifle, Twin Machine Pistols, 18" vibro combat knife, custom power armor
Starship: The Phantom; A customized VIP Civilian transport rebuilt as a heavy star-fighter and atmospheric gunship.
(A minor color change; the white is black and the red is silver.)
Backstory: A survivor from the sinister outpost, Stefan recently arrived in separatist space looking for work.
Defining Characteristics: All black highly customized armor a marine & specter combination (cloaking field) / 6' 2" / Stefan has some minor psychic capabilities; sensing others, minor self enhancement, etc.
Political Figures:

Supreme Counsel Members:

Name:Agamemnon (Called "Aga".)
Race: Saeculum
Profession:Racial Diplomat.
Backstory: Was born into a high role, and quickly became wise, the last generation recently died off, and he was chosen by his peers for the job.
Defining Characteristics: Black and Red bug, unusually light armor, purely black eyes, kinda "creepy looking".

Name: Oron
Age: 50
Race: Mozan
Profession: Supreme Council Member
Equipement: Mozan Elite Class Armor hidden under council member robes, Mozan Elite Energy weapon usually kept in a case always nearby
Backstory: an old friend of both Kit and the current Mozan Alpha. he and the current Alpha grew up together at the same time Kit had come to the mozan. Kit befriended to two young Mozan and has from time to time visited with them.
Defining Characteristics: in 'feral' form is a handsome timberwolf, capable of staying calm is strenuous situations, although getting old for a Mozan still has the vigour and strength of a younger Mozan

Name: Aurora
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Lacerta
Profession: Ambassador
Equipment: Cloak & Robes, Staff with a Thermal Blade that can be activated in it, and a Thermal Blaster inside the staff as well.
Backstory: The Micro Dyson Sphere where both the Lacerta and the Candor live are on the edge of both Separatism and Protoss space. She is young... Yes, she is inexperienced as well. But to everyone, they were happy for her, for this was a great honor and duty to represent the entire race... And this was a great advantage for this would be the first time any of them would be leaving their home.
Defining Characteristics: Beautiful orange-brown scales with red lines turning into beautiful artwork on the body.

Name: Aer
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Race: Candor
Profession: Ambassador
Equipment: Cloak & Robes, Staff with a EM Blade that can be activated in it, and a EM Blaster inside the staff as well.
Backstory: The Micro Dyson Sphere where both the Lacerta and the Candor live are on the edge of both Separatist and Protoss space. He is experienced in the way of diplomacy and reasoning, but don't let him fool you, for he's dangerous in his own way. They've heard of this space system and they felt like it would be best if they had a representative or two to check things out.
Defining Characteristics: Feathers are rich in the colors of red, purple, and green. His beak has carvings on them of stories that happened in the past.

Name: Laura Rios
Age: 33
Race: Terran
Profession: Diplomat
Equipment: Small handgun and a knife for self defense
Backstory: Laura is Cayl's older sister, trained in combat, but excelling in diplomacy, unlike her brother. She is now there to repair any damage that he may have caused.
Defining Characteristics: Long brown hair, down to her mid-back. Deep blue eyes. Wear's armored diplomat robes with a knee length red dress underneath.


Name: Saevire
Age: ???
Race: Lacerta/Candor Husk
Profession: Consort of the Goddess, Bodyguard
Equipment: Thermal blade, Deus Sniper/Assault System, Living Metal
Backstory: Was created to be the consort of the Goddess, merged with two people, a Candor and a Lacerta. Gaining the characteristics and power of both. And he is to be guarding the Ambassadors, especially Aurora, for she is young to be of such a job, and they might ridicule her. That is where Saevire comes in as well.
Defining Characteristics: Has the powerful body structure of the Lacerta, and the avian structure from the Candor.

Name: Bythorceos
Age: 20
Race: Mozan
Profession: Mozan Elite Alpha attached to the Mozan Supreme Council Member
Equipement: normal Mozan Elite equipement
Backstory: a young Mozan Elite in charge of defence for the Mozan Supreme Council Member. He has been training as an elite since he was very young and even now continues to train and hone his skills so he can stay at the top of his game.
Defining Characteristics: a white wolf Mozan, a tadbit cocky, tends to walk around nude while on the Mozan Station, wears an elegant robe over his armor while not on the Mozan Station.
Reserved in case something goes terribly wrong
Reserved in case something goes terribly wrong.

You may now post :P
OOC: Excellent! I have nothing else to say really, because no political situation has been brought up, but excellent nonetheless!
Yeah, gimme a second, im trying to think how to start this RP to get everyone involved at the same time.
Several colonies, settlements, establishments, frigates, even cities have fallen victim to something, someone. Nobody knows who, nobody knows what. (Unless you've been following TKOP :P)

Accusations start forming and tensions are growing as each government blames the other for their explainable, irreplaceable, losses.

finally, the supreme council decides to hold a public meeting in which all governments are invited to send a representative.


All Characters should make their way to the meeting one way or another.
I walk on all fours, slowly making my way towards the council room, I am the first inside, as I settle into my seat, eating my nice breakfast of Sclor then.

This should be interesting, although I don't know what the fuss is about, since my people haven't been hit very hard, if at all, at least yet.
There was a large circular table in the middle of the room in which Aga sat at. Five chairs were prepared for the Terran Separatist council. Many more were prepared for every other representative
Will post IC when back from school.
Markus... You didn't say they couldn't enter, just saying you didn't have enough room you could just have created with another post? SO in reality... You should've been prepared.
Whirling servos accompanied the door opening. A machine, the representative from the Vaxarus, walks in, and moves to its seat. Staring at a spot at the wall, it waits, communicating back-and-forth with the other platforms while it waits for the other representatives to arrive.
If I may, you left out the Eques and Lorians in your race list.

IC: Cayl and Torvus walked down the hall, Cayl's Spartan escort watching for anything, and the two conversing in quiet. "Why are we even here? This has nothing to do with us directly. None of these places could possibly have the technology that did that." Cayl shook his head.

"We're here to find out who got hit and who will need support. That's what we do, allies, not foes. Well, I should say try. Clearly the Dominion had other plans." Torvus shook his head and returned his attention to the front as they walked in, noting the various representatives. Taking their seats, they wait.

OOC: Angelus won't be here as they're unknown by pretty much everyone and he hates organics. Still debating on one first person and two third or all first with different indicators.
Aurora and Aer were walking down the very same hallway that the humans just walked down through. Such an emergency meeting, such carelessness. They should never rush things at all but that was their opinion. "Aer?"

The Candor looked deep at Aurora's scaled face. "Yes my dear?" Looking back he saw Saevire, so far he was emotionless and deep in his duty. What an honor he had though.

Aurora was slightly nervous. "This is my first time doing such a thing? Is there a chance I might get made fun of?"

Aer chuckled. "Don't worry, Saevire will protect us, you most of all. For you are in the most danger for you are young and inexperienced." They've reached the chamber, the humans were already there along with a machine and a bug.
Decided, first with designations. Normal is Cayl, underlined is Torvus, and Bold will be Angelus. My new person is still being fine tuned however, so no posts of him yet.

IC: I notice the three walk in and immediately watch the third. He didn't give off a good vibe, and I wasn't letting him anywhere near Cayl. The Spartans must have shared my thoughts, because they made it a point to sift their weapons. Cayl saw my gaze and shook his head. "Friends, not foes." I shake my head, the cannon formed just in case. And I lied, Angelus will be in the room, but in a shadowed Alcove.



I shake my head at Torvus. He was too protective of me and too suspicious of everything. I instead study the diplomats, noting their staffs. While they had a bodyguard, it would seem their staffs were designed with weapons hidden in them. I myself wasn't so subtly armed, Knights rarely were, I was more than capable of handling myself in a fight. "They're no one to worry about Torvus, let it go. Diplomats who want answers as much as we do." He shakes his head, his arm cannon still deployed. He still wasn't taking chances. Sighing, I wait for the meeting to start.


I watched from the Alcove silently, waiting for the organic to explain this new threat so I could deem it worthy of attention. No one knew where we were, so we had not been hit. I noticed the new three arrive as growl in disgust at the third. He was corrupted, both flawed and traitorous organic, and perfect machine. The other machine who had arrived before these three clearly did not mind the organics, which was disappointing.
Aurora watched as the others had been watching her, she was easily getting nervous, not being in this type of environment before. She used all the strength she could to keep her gaze off of them and to sit down. Then whispered to Aer. "I'm nervous? Everything is to much, and these seats? I prefer to sit on the ground..."

Aer sighed, she was right. "The ground is a lot more comfortable than these seats that these humans made, but there isn't much we can do. Just try to keep your gaze off of them, and try to be patient. The meeting should start soon, and I dare them to ridicule you!" He whispered back in a hushed voice.

Saevire noticed the sudden hostility... Towards him. He growled in a low voice, wings folded up and the blade ready to turn on.

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