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I take note of the guards slight shift in stance. Quick temper too. Just have to keep an eye on him and walk carefully to avoid unneeded messes.


I shake my head at Torvus. He loved antagonizing others sometimes. "Torvus..." He sighs and retracts the cannon and looks for the meetings head. I sigh in relief and join him.


The organics have managed to bother the abomination. Good. Perhaps he would get to destroy them both at one point.
Interesting, everyone else has a bodyguard, that really makes me stand out, being a giant bug, and now the only person in the room without a guard...
I notice Cayl sitting near me, and attempt to make some conversation to pass some of the time.

"Hullo, odd meeting, eh?" I say pretty directly to him, hoping my "creepiness" wouldn't drive him away from a nice talk.
Large double doors opened behind the five chairs. Five humans dressed in elegant clothes walked in and took their seats in the five chairs. They briefly examined each representative.

Ulna, the head council member of the separatist humans, was the one officially holding the meeting.

"Thank you all for coming to this meeting. Guards are coming in to take your weapons and escort your personal guards outside these doors." Ulna explained, gesturing to the doors.

"Please submit and do not hide any weapons on yourself, this is no time for skirmishes and even the smallest fight could result in war."

Two Citadel guards for each chair walked in, half with rifles, the other half with a box with lock and key to hold any valuable weapons or other possessions


Markus... You didn't say they couldn't enter, just saying you didn't have enough room you could just have created with another post? SO in reality... You should've been prepared.

What are you talking about?
11/19/2012 10:46 AMPosted by MarkusDaWise
What are you talking about?
I'm screwing with you.

IC: Savire walked out of the chamber, he knew he couldn't stay. But they wouldn't be taking any weapons from him because they are all integrated with him. Making them hidden from view from everyone.

Aer and Aurora looked back as they saw him leave, he had to. Aer whispering to Aurora. "Don't give them the staff, it's used to help me walk first of all... Plus what they don't know is better for them. And say you suffered from a leg injury not to long ago and it'll persuade them to allow you to keep it on you. And we aren't really lying, you did have that injury."

She nods her head in agreement.
Lol... Shoulda guessed xD


"Excuse me miss, I am going to need your staff. Don't worry, this is the safest place on the citadel, we have an army and a fleet out here." The guard pleaded, hoping she had just forgotten or something.
Aurora would not give up the staff, she decided to let Aer do the talking.

The Candor then spoke up for her. "She suffered a leg injury not that long ago, the staff is just used to help for walking. Why would we need weapons when we have a guard that is fully capable of protecting us?"
I sit up as they come in, when the guards come around, I shrug, "I don't have any, other than my body, and I'll be damned if you'll take that away from me." I say, chuckling. I then notice some guards trying to take someones staff away, I watch intently.

"Very well." The guard says walking away.


The guards walk away.
Markus... I'm going to create either one more, or two more later that are going to be regular people.

IC: Aurora sighed, that was a terrible situation for her. That was stressful, so much for being a politician.
Okay, just make sure its in the discussion thread :)
I know, that's what I did with these three.
Okay cool, just makin' sure.
I look around, waiting for the first move to be made. Eying each politician, seeing almost entirely humans..
Aurora was tasting the air, tasting to see if their was anyone else in this room. But there wasn't, only her, the Candor that she knew as Aer, the bug creature, a machine, and several humans. She was afraid.

"Calm child, it wont take to long. After we are done we can go back home, someplace away from everyone." Aer was speaking in a reassuring tone, his beak was carved with the stories of the past.
Separatist Council members Anderson, Rohan, Ulna, Yuuk and Nilus were sitting in the five chairs in that order from left to right. (OOC: Next segment of TKOP will explain them and their backstorys.)

Ulna looked at the clock on the wall. Several representatives were late. Rohan sighed,
"Do we start without them?" He asked.

"The whole meeting is on audio surveillance, they can catch up if they come late." Ulna replied.

"Very well..." Rohan stood up.

"I call this meeting to order." Rohan began, "We will go around the table and we ask of you to say who you represent."

"Starting with... eh... you." Nilus said pointing at the bug sitting next to him.
"I represent the race known as the Saeculum, the dominant species and lone government organization on the planets of Villanovan and Volsinii."
The scribe in the corner rights that down. "And your name?"
"Agamemnon, sir. But you may call me Aga."
The scribe wrote that down then looked to the next person, which was Aurora and Aer.

IC: Kit, Oron and Bythorceos beam down directly into the chamber at their seats. Kit however was in her Mozan form (white furred wolf ears and tail wearing her ghost outfit {modified slightly} and her trench coat also Hos lIngwI' at her hip). The three sit down and Kit looks around the room stopping for a moment when she sees torvus and smiles at him.

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