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"And if you were my child... I would be disappointed. Politics is a blood business. But what you are doing is wrong. What everyone is doing is wrong, threatening each other. But you are going with the violent solution, no one gives in to violence." Aer stared at Cayl for a long second and the hologram turned off, only leaving Aurora.

"Why... Why must humanity always bring the fighting with them everywhere they go?" Aurora was looking at everyone.
In no time at all, the fire had extinguished, Aga's thick armor being nonflammable and being naturally resistant to flame regardless. Almost as quickly, the acid burned through Cayl's armor, and his leg began to feel as if it were on fire.
Ulna swore, not this again, and from a Lorian? Not what he expected. Aga's violent response didn't help the matter.

"Why must this resort to violence every time?" Ulna asked, "Please remove yourself, Lorian. We will continue this meeting without those who do not wish to attend."

Special Weapons and Tactics, also known as SWAT, surround the room, aiming at practically everyone.

"Fire and you will be fired upon!" The Swat leader warned.
Creeping up on the two in utter silence, Darreus kept a careful eye on the unusual stranger. With how they were sitting, it would be difficult to get near without tripping into either's range of sight, so he chose to remain within the Lieutenant's blind spot, uncaring about the second's reaction. With a slow motion, he pulls behind the soldier, taking up a seat behind him.

Slightly curious, he pulls out the same, small pocket computer, and takes a small psychological stab in the dark. With a quick command, it plays the very same music, albeit nearly silent, just barely within hearing of Lt. Scout, considering the conversation.


Jessica chuckled at the general chaos ensuing in the room. It was certainly more entertaining than the usual political ramble, though not quite as fun to watch as the combat-bot fights back home. Fingering the small gun's trigger, she brings it to bear in the general direction of the most likely targets.

Things are going a bit sour here, Daniel. You have a link to the sentry turrets, right...?
Actually, the nanites would have slid it off already, replacing it with new armor. Also, I already left.

IC: The affected piece of armor fell off and the nanites rebuilt it. "Maybe dad will send Laura to repair the damage."
I turn to the councilor.

"I'm sorry,'s a natural reaction, to being choked." I say, lightheartedly. "Might I still stay?"

OOC: You have to explain that Cayl, and I never said you were still in the room.
Behind the cover of my helmet, I roll my eyes;
"That wasn't exactly my plan, but go ahead and wave those guns around."
I say, following Cayl out.
Aurora was getting angry, she and Aer, along with Saevire tried to convince LICENTIA that not all humans were the same... She was wrong. "I was wrong... I've put my faith in humanity, thinking that she would forgive the mistakes they made to her. But now... I see why she wants them dead!" She was then glaring the other humans, even the SWAT. "I dare you to shoot, I DARE YOU!"
The Vaxarus bot stops messing with its arm, and glances up toward the roof.

Right at Jessica.

The bot gets up, and points an arm at Jessica. "Come down, and give your weapons to the Terrans."
Lt. Scout stoms mid-sentence and listens to the music.

"What?" His friend asks. The Lt. Silenced him with a finger. Lt. Scout looked around for the source.

"Music..." He finally said.

"So?" He asked.

"It sounds... depressing..."


"Captain, you are dismissed." Ulna dismissed the SWAT and they left the room. The door sealed, leaving only peace in the room.

"You may stay, Aga." Ulna said with a small smile.
I turn to Aurora, "I'm sorry, but you need to calm down, I know this is nerve wracking, but keep your cool..." I say quietly. I then turn to Ulna, "Thank you.".
Aurora couldn't fight it back, she started to talk to herself. "She was right... All humanity has brought so far is fighting and pain... Pain is everywhere..."
I raise my voice slightly, "Aurora, what you've seen here, you have to keep your cool about it. Please, keep calm, it will get better, I promise."
With a smirk, Darreus is quite happy he managed to get a reasonable response. Firing up the kinetic interface, he increases the volume slightly with a roll of his thumb, and deactivates the cloak on his suit.

Looming just behind the Lieutentant, and fully in sight of his friend, just about anyone with two braincells to rub together would see the human-shaped mountain rising up from behind. In perfect silence too! If the massive, shadowy shape behind him had a devilish, glowing grin of its own, it would have looked as if some devil decided to come and visit the poor man.
Jessica's face tightens behind her suit's mask, twisting with empathy at the young creature's words. A few stray memories, dull and gray, pass through her mind. Old things, from an older time.
"Yes, Aga is right. There are only a select few that bring destruction and worry. I can assure you all Separatist Human Councilors have good intentions." Yuuk assured.


"Lieutenant, get down!" His friend said, scrambling into his pocket. Keith Scout smashed his face on the table in an attempt to hide under it. He has always gets disoriented when someone yells like that.

His friend came up with a 9mm Pistol and leveled it at the mountain rising above Scout.
Aurora said those last two words aloud. "Good intentions? You disrespected us the first time and today, you instigated violence... And you are a human."
"Aurora please! As someone who's not human, I assure you they're not all like this, give them a chance!"
"i have experienced much of what humanity has to offer and sadly it is difficult even for me to find something in humanity that does not bring pain these councils being some of the worst." Kit looks at Aurora and Aer. "if you are looking for something to redeem humanity in the eyes of your 'goddess' then spend more time among them out side of these councils."
"We did not disrespect you! We did not instigate any violence either." Anderson defended.

Yuuk looked at Kit with confusion, "Who do you represent?"
I just submitted Laura, who arrived during the start of the second meeting. She'll be regular third.

IC: Reaching the Excalibur, I stop and stare at the person at the bottom of the ramp. "Laura?" She grinned and gave me a hug.

"I'm here to clean up your mess. I'm guessing you just made one." I nod, somewhat disappointed in myself.

"I couldn't help it. I told dad I wasn't good with politicians." She smiles reassuringly and starts floating towards the hall along the wind.

"You did well enough. I'll apologize on your behalf." She soon reaches and hands over her weapons and robe entering. "Sorry I'm late."

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