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Nilus looks at the roof, leans back and throws up his arms, "God, now what? Who are you?"
"I don't know... It would be better than this... Maybe I should've never taken this mantle for my people and for her." Then that's when I heard those words... 'We did not instigate' "Then tell me, how is pointing several armed guns at us not instigating!"
"Hello, and who might you be?" I asked, she should have noticed the unnaturalness of the small burn looking parts of my armor.
The shape behind Lt. Scout lets out a mechanical laugh, modulated by the suit Darreus wore. Grinning behind his suit's armor, he brought the small computer up to Lt. Scout's eye level, his thumb slowly falling to what looked scarily like a button, and a red one at that...
"It was for all of our protection! Cayl could have killed us all without them!"
"I am Laura Rios, and should have been sent in place of my brother. He doesn't...handle politics well. Spent too much time on the battlefield. If he insulted or harmed any of you, he really is sorry. If you were to meet him anywhere but here, he'd prove to be a good man and stalwart ally. Also, he would never kill someone that isn't an enemy with his abilities. He is a Knight, and usually acts as such. Politics, however, don't agree with him."
"Laura, I'm not one to hold grudges, but..I don't particularly like being choked then set on fire. I don't think anyone likes that very much though."
I peel off from Cayl and follow his sister;
"Stay out of trouble!"
I yell back at him, hurrying to keep up with Laura;
"Sorry, call it a safety precaution.. Torvus would kill me if I let something happen to either of you."
I say wryly.
She nods. "Wait outside, I can handle myself should things get out of hand." She then approaches Aga and uses healing water to remove the burns. "As I said, talk to him outside of this kind of setting, he'll apologize. What is your name?" I look back.

"Don't worry, I can't get into much outside of here."
Aurora closed the channel, she was upset by what happened. As long as it benefited humanity, they wouldn't care. The staff was melting the floor as fast as it was repairing itself.

Saevire turned a corner and activated his Thermal Blade, scanning the halls for anything still alive.
"I'm sure he would. I am grateful you are representing your people rather then him." Rohan assures and points to a seat with all four fingers, palm up. "Please, make yourself comfortable."


Lt. Scout's friend had pressure on the trigger and was aiming right for the thing's head. Lt. Scout just waited to see what would happen.
"Thank you, and my name is Agamemnon, or Aga."
"he probably could have killed you even with them hell so could i but i choose not to. i have learned self-control over the many ages i have spent in the void with no orgainic companions but those i found among various races but only for a short time. and i currently represent the Mozan with Oron here." Kit says slightly stressing the word organic. she and Oron seem to be the calmest of the group in the chamber
Laura nods and takes a seat next to Aga. "So, what have I missed? Nothing of importance I hope?"
I nod, settling myself outside, both hands resting on the hilt of my knife;
{Torvus? Cayl is back at the Excalibur after making a mess of things. Fortunately, Laura has shown up. I'm with her right now at the chambers.}
With a small *click*, Darreus's finger connects with the button. Instead of a world-shattering kaboom, the slightly sad music ceases playing, and the small palm-top computer proceeds to fold into itself, assuming the cubic size of a small bullet.

"How about you put the gun away, and we can all settle down to a nice chat? I'd hate to have to tell the suit to clean up a scratch." a voice issued forth, modulated and inhuman.
{*sigh* Well, I suppose I saw that coming. He's a warrior, not a diplomat, same as you and I.}
The Vaxarus bot speaks, volume up high enough for it to be heard.
"If there will be no input of data that explains that platform-Scout was incorrect in his estimate that this platform-Luis is still alive, then we have no more need to come to these meetings exchanging data on this topic. A Vaxarus factory-platform is en-route with a prototype platform that will be operated under platform-Scout's 'squad'."
"Well, how can we be sure?"
"Believe me Ms. Rios, you didn't miss anything." Yuuk assures.

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