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{At least I'm better at dealing with them... but then again, I'm usually convincing them to sign something.. at gunpoint.}
I say wryly.
A Husk was wandering near the dark side of the ship, thermal lights turning on, heating the place around it, that's when it spotted something dragging a body away.

Saevire reached a room, it was heavily locked under magnetic plates and security codes.


Aer joined back, the hologram noticed the disappearance of the knight for another person. "I talked with the girl... She said you all disappointed her with your earlier behavior and instigation... I am back so I can get her to rethink her sudden view on you heathens."
"Thank you for reconsidering Aer." Oron says to Aer
Ulna turned to the hologram, "Glad you could make it. Cayl apologized by the way."
"She'll be alright, I'm sure she's just a bit stunned, quite frankly, I am too."
Laura glares at the hologram. "Regardless of how my brother acts, you will be civil or leave. Humanity is imperfect, and my brother is not a politician. His lack of political training should not be used to characterize a race as a whole. He had no intention of insulting anyone, but you do not take a warriors weapons. I beg you to keep that in mind when dealing with many of our people."
Aer turns his full attention to Laura, ignoring the others. "And you should well remember that there was a lot more than just that happening before you came along. And you should well remember that she is still young among her people and she had this view that humanity could have changed all those many years ago. And in turn... It broke her spirit, and I am trying to mend that."
"Well then I don't plan on talking to any Lorian warriors." Anderson stated with wide eyes. "Arguing with an armed man is like training a bear while your dripping in honey!"
Would you update the political figures list?
This is kinda confusing.
"Then she shouldn't involve herself in a politically important position, no matter the importance to her people. However, it is not my place to tell you how to lead your fellow. I am fully aware of what happened, having gained the recording from my brothers nanites in his armor. He isn't meant to be a politician either. But, we digress. What is it about Captain Luis that causes this Scout to be so sure he lives?" She returns her attention to the Council. "If you don't attempt to force your politics upon them, you'll be fine."
I thought It is up to date? Who am I missing?
"Funny that you should question others involvement when your brother nearly started a war in here, claiming he was a soldier and didn't belong here."
All the various counsel members that you control; Anderson, Ulna, etc.
"Can we continue the meeting now?" Anderson asked, agitated as usual.


Oh, I didn't know you wanted them up there. eh... I might make a Char. Sheet for them if you wish. Their description is in my story, The King of Pirates.
"I knew my brother did not belong, and spent much time convincing my father. It is good I arrived when I did." She leans closer to Aga. "But even you know that isn't right. How young is she?" She then shifts her attention. "I asked a question, did I not?"
Aer was agreeing with Aga. "And don't talk like that about her, there was a reason why we also have a bodyguard, not so he can protect us. But so he can help protect Aurora when others start to question her age and experience. She is young and needs more experience, to us you just disrespected her because of that."
"Laura, I have said this before and shall say it once more, age is but a number. Anyone who doesn't see that...well, is foolish."
"I'm an experienced Politician, Ambassador. I do believe that's what you are. I know that an easily broken spirit shouldn't be involved and, deep down, so do you. But, my opinion is unimportant, it is between you and your people. Let us focus on the meeting." She leans into Aga again. "That may be true, but sometimes it's too strong a factor."
Kit shakes her head and thinks to her self sadly why do i keep getting involved in politics with every race or alliance i meet? i should continue with my other errands and let Oron the real representative of the Mozan deal with this. Kit gets up and makes her way to the door but stops as Aer talks about age and experience. "tell her there is not much to be gained by age or experience. though some help can be taken from experience there is not much to be gained." she says to the holographic Aer
"There is no evidence, at all, supporting Captain Luis is still alive." Anderson said grumpily.

"But he was more crafty then the devil himself, it is a possibility." Rohan defended.

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