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"Experience is but a moment, age is but a number just like Aga said... The young our future. And her spirit is not easily broken. But she had experienced savagery from these humans, thus she doesn't know what to think anymore about humanity." Aer tapped his staff in the hologram, giving off a slight spark against the metal of the ship. He looked at Kit. "I will tell her Miss,..."
"We can discuss this further at a later time. There is a more pressing matter here and it needs to be addressed. If you have nothing constructive to contribute, you shouldn't be here." She considered what the Councilmen said. "How craft would he have had to have been to survive? If all traces were dealt with, I can see why others are skeptic about his survival."
"My name is Kit Eler. wisdom is the teacher of the unwise and tool of the wise but both must watch for if one puts to much stock in wisdom it can be ones down fall. now i am sorry to have wasted your time but i have other matters to attend to such as settling a debt with Mark Devroy. I have let it go unsettled for far to long." with that Kit turns and leaves the council chamber.
I open the door, poking my head in;
"Look, sorry to interrupt, but isn't this whole thing about some pirate?"
I ask.
"Yes it is and the council digresses please can we return to the problem at hand? that of the possible return of the pirate Luis Pintail i believe his name was." Oron says trying to get the meeting back on track.
The Vaxarus bot speaks, volume up high enough for it to be heard.
"Is there any proof that this platform-Luis is dead, or is there not that can be presented?"
Aer looked at Stefan. "Yes, but I'll be leaving shortly... I might not look like it but I can handle myself in a fight, and there might some fighting where I'm going. I'm going to assist the Husks in searching for survivors in this ship called the Immortalis Cor, and they could've been attacked by this 'dead' pirate of yours."
Anderson puts his head in his hand. Ulna sighed. Rohan took a deep breath and Nilus groaned. Yuuk remained silent.

"Who let you in?" Yuuk finally asked.
"Stefan, please. He may have gained permission to check on me and didn't realize we weren't in recess."
"Use those eyes and ears you were born with, for even a newborn chick would understand what he was doing, he just poked his head in to remind the lot of us that we were talking about a pirate." Aer was annoyed that these Separatists were ignorant.
I chuckle;
"Nobody, your security was smart enough not to argue with me. But it's not important. I might be able to help, I'm a soldier and a mercenary, killing people is what I do best. So I might be able to help figuring out if this guy is actually dead or not."
Ulna looked at the ceiling and took a deep breath. "Go to the Citadel library, there are plenty of books written about him. He was histories best pirate." Yuuk told him.
The Vaxarus bot repeats itself.
"Is there any proof that this platform-Luis is dead, or is there none that can be presented?"

A whining is heard as something opens fire from the shadows at the Husk in the Immortalis Cor.
"Really? Then why was he only known to attack your various ships?"
"He attacked anything and everything that offered promising treasure. At the time, he was not aware of all the other species in the sector."
The message from the Husk was fast, Aer retrieved it quickly once the computers had told him. "I have to go... We encountered an unknown enemy. Until then, don't kill each other until I'm here to see it." Aer gave a playful smile and left. He grabbed his staff and went to leave the door but then it closed and locked. "Over protective now are we..."

Aurora could taste it all, something was approaching. Her own door locked as well.


Saevire had heard the fighting already, another Exanimus had appeared beside him, his search led to nothing, so the both of them sliced the door open with the Thermal Blades and kicked it in, inside was a woman, her forehead bleeding and her personal guard dead, a few turned into the very same Abomination they saw earlier.

The Husk was hit by the force, the metal was working it's magic. "D...I...E!" A pistol was being charged up and the Thermal blast came out. Thermal Blade activating.
"And now he is, yet he still only attacks you."
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"Go to the Citadel library, there are plenty of books written about him. He was histories best pirate." Yuuk told him.

"Um.. give me a sec..."
I say, half to myself. bringing up an omni-search on my HUD.
Ulna frowned, she had never thought about that before. "You are still assuming that Captain Luis is behind all this." Rohan said. Yuuk chuckled, "you'd think a dead man wouldn't stir up so much strife!"
Aer arrived once again. "The AI of this ship is being over protective, but so far we have already encountered and unknown enemy..." He paused as a message came through. "And we found a survivor."

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