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"All I'm saying is that if it wasn't Luis, he would have moved on beyond you."
"Whoa, wait a minute! It says hear that captain Luis is MIA, assumed dead with the destruction of his ship! If these latest attacks are anything like what he used to do, then you've got one very much alive pirate captain on your hands here!"
I half-shout, looking over the files on my HUD.
"Not necessarily, if his army was dwindling then it would be unwise to attack anybody else. Besides, the Separatists hold the most money and technology because they take a little from each race."


Anderson agreed with Stefan. "Yes, but there is no evidence to prove him alive, and eight years is a long time to not show a sign of life."
Several more of the 'Abominations' open fire, and one of them fires a Plasma Cutter beam at Saevire. Two of the 'Abominations' charge, their right arms flexing, with powerful claws ready to slice. One of them grabbed the woman and begun to flee while its allies held the Exanimus and Saevire off.

The gun fire kept up against the Husk, with several rounds impacting against the torso. One shot hits its head, and measured steps are heard.

The Vaxarus bot repeats.
"Is there a confirmed report that the platform-Luis is dead, or is there no evidence in that regard?"

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Aer laughed. "You have never taken anything from us, for we never allowed you to...On a more serious note. We found a survivor and you don't care? This survivor looked like it was in combat with another, every dead body was seen with the same style of armor or clothing on. This survivor is important." His voice broke off. "Interesting...Their own dead is being used to attack our troops on board the ship..."


Saevire stabbed through the armor of the Abomination with the blade, it's body was deconstructing. The Deus Sniper System was up and several Thermal shots rang through the air, taking off the heads and destroying the bodies.

The Exanimus sliced downward on top another, hoping to kill it.
"The council only tends to the Separatist interests. The separatist interests tend to the interests of the galaxy. I do not see how I am suppose to care for the survivor of something when we know nothing about it." Yuuk told Aer. Then to the machine,

"There is no evidence supporting Luis' survival, there is, however, evidence of his death."

Then to

OOC: Are you being attacked by Necromorphs from Sinister Outpost?

Jester, I didn't even notice he was talking in the meeting, my apologies :S
"I can inform my brother as Torvus is still with the Imperial. All he would require are the coordinates. I also agree with the Ambassador, you haven't taken Lorian technology, it would self destruct if so."


I watch this meeting unfold. The organic known as Cayl was much like myself, out of place among this...talking. Then this was time to reveal myself once more. I drop from the ceiling, landing on the ground in front of the door. "Where are you at organic?"
I look to the Vaxarus bot;
"From what I've found, no actual body was recovered. Luis is assumed dead with the destruction of his ship."

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I watch this meeting unfold. The organic known as Cayl was much like myself, out of place among this...talking. Then this was time to reveal myself once more. I drop from the ceiling, landing on the ground in front of the door. "Where are you at organic?"
No Markus, far from it. Very interesting !@#$ is happening like I said.

IC: Aer then stared the man down. "And you do realize that this person was in your space, this person could have been attacked by your pirate. And this machine is correct, you can't be dead if there's no proof, the victor though gets to right his own history." Aer saw the machine drop down, asking for coordinates. "We don't know, it doesn't show on our galaxy map, and for some reason... It shows as an unknown area."
"No, no, you misunderstand! I mean that separatists hold technology at a high asteem and it has been shared among their allies. Why is our conversation so easily swayed?" Yuuk asked.

"Yes, the uninvited soldier is correct." Anderson agreed. "But we are no experts on it, go ask Lt. Scout."

[Zarkuns-character-of-which-I-forgot-the-name-of falls.]

"Never a dull moment..." Nilus says to himself, but it was audible by all. "Who are you and what do you want!?"
The one engaging the Exanimus grabs its arm, and smashes its skull in with its other arm. It then uses the claws to rip the Exanimus in half, then turns its gun around to engage Saevire. Several teleport signatures sound all over the ship as more appear to be teleporting in.

Aurora's door gives off a thumping sound, something was trying to get in.

"Then, since there is no proof that his platform has been recovered, the Vaxarus are creating and delivering a specialized platform for use in platform-Scout's 'squad'. We have also discovered another machine race, but they have been ignoring our communication requests." The bot replies.
"I am Angelus Mortis, leader of the Inextinctus Eques, once proud servants of the Xel'naga, then hated enemies of all organics, and now searching for a purpose. I have determined that this is the place to start." I stand at nine feet tall, my red armor gleaming and my weapons apparent. "You should help your fellow organics, not leave them to die." I remember this organic being called Aer. "Can you give me your warp signature?"


"Well, that makes sense." I keep a careful eye on the bot. Perhaps the Vaxarus had been referring to him.
I turn to face the newcomer;
"...Yeah, I can agree with that... but why are you hear?..."
I ask carefully.
Aurora signed back in, she was in a part of the ship where almost no one went, she had to warn Aer. "Aer! We're under attac..." The hologram was cut off as the door was busted open, Aurora hid around a corner with her staff ready.

Aer was afraid and was prepared already. "We must take our leave, they have boarded our ship, and since we are at risk now... I guess you have no choice but to allow us to bring this survivor in if we do survive. We don't have a warp signature..." The transmission closed as he readied his staff, a blade of Electromagnetic energy came out of it.


The Sniper System was turned into an Assault system as it was chewing through these creatures and these things that were once humans. He had to go after the woman.

OOC: Remember Jester, nothing happens to the woman.
Anderson sighed, "You are wasting resources, but that is your business, not mine."

"The other machine race could be a possibility, please keep us informed." Rohan insisted.

Ulna was becoming impatient, "Okay, "Angelus" What do want?"

[Aer tells us she might not live and all that.]

"Send reinforcements, now!" Ulna shouts. The upper half of the walls opens up and a man replies, "Yes ma'am!"
"To perhaps find a purpose besides slaying the Zerg when they get out of hand, or destroying all organics in existence. I hope to lead the Eques to a new function and prosperity, with a hope in organics rather than a hate." I then do a simulation of a grin. "I now must leave to assist the organics in danger. I may be of great assistance." I teleport away and activate my ships engines, jumping into warp towards Aer's location.
Oron continues to watch what is going on not feeling the need to do or say anything at the moment.

Kit asks one of the guards at the entrance if they knew where she could find Mark Devroy.
OCC: Which one? Aurora or the Survivor?

Several four-legged creatures claw in, chattering and searching the room. They were looking for persons to use as slaves, and were working quick.

Something else teleported in, right in front of Saevire. Its right arm is clawed, and the gunfire hardly bothered it at all. It swipes at Saevire at lightning speed, its one eye gleaming with the lust of combat.
the guard shrugs and then asks, "who?"


Ulna sighs, "Why can't this meeting just go as it is suppose to go?"
Aer was fast, using his wings to give him a boost. Other Husks were searching the ship, going in teams of four to secure each section.

Aurora activated the Thermal Blaster on the staff and it spat the Thermal Energy at these new creatures.


Saevire then sliced down with the Thermal Blade, while at the same time the Sniper System was back online, firing with concentrated shots of Thermal Energy.

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