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Two guards enter and ask for their weapons.
I chuckle as the guards walk away with only Incendia and Glaces. The res were hidden. Cayl shook his head as he handed them the VMN, but kept the halberd. I return the grin, recognizing Kit's ghost suit. However, she definitely looked differently than I remembered.


I wait for them to reach Torvus and I. Technically however, I was the representative. He was just captain of the guard.


None of the organics knew I was there, so I was bypassed.
Oron and Bythorceos hand over their weapons but Kit just gives the guards a look that says 'try taking my sword and you will die'.

OOC: also mark a friend of mine might be joining but he hasnt had internet for the past while. im working with him to get a char sheet typed up is it ok if he joins?
"I'm sorry ma'am, but your weapons are required to be confiscated. Trust me, we have an army and a fleet protecting them."

OOC: Of coarse!
I am paying attention to the newcomers, and upon seeing the refusal to give up their weapons, I watch, hoping nothing occurs this early in the meeting.
Now you're missing the Lorians.
I couldn't find their proper backstory and stuff.
IC: Kit has Hos lIngwI' beamed back to her ship without saying anything so far as the others in the chamber could tell. "does that take care of that?" she still however has her NRR which is perhaps the most powerful device created by any of the races assembled here.
The guards then dismiss themselves.
Nope, Planet Cracker. And Mark, it was towards the beginning of the discussion thread. I'll find the page and edit it in.

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What is this NRR? And Morph...I have some interesting stuff as well, noticed why they kept the staves on them?

IC: The Candor spoke first. "Aer, Representative for both the Candor and Lacerta..." He paused. "As well as for the Goddess herself."

Next was the Lacerta. "My name is Aurora, Representative for both the Lacerta and Candor. And the Goddess. I don't care if I'm young to your standards, I don't care if I am inexperienced... But I am honored to do this for my people."
I make an off-handed remark, just loud enough for Aurora to hear.

"Don't worry about it, anyone with a mind worthy of representing their race in the grand council understands that age has no meaning."
The scribe wrote that down. Next in line was Torvus and Cayl.
OOC: The NRR is a very powerful device. it uses nanites with replication capabilities and its only real limitation is imagination. it holds open a link to another universe from which it draws most of its power although it can absorb power from energy weapons but it usually just sends it to the other universe.

Hmm...Something that is a part of nature and Thermal...I'm good. :3
OOC: dont worry mark i hardly ever use it and when i do i dont use its full potential.
And yet, Planet Cracker is still better. You basically have a freaking Green Lantern ring.
NRR>green lantern ring
Edit: enough of this back to rp
"I have arrived. I extend my apologies for the delay, but I experienced technical difficulties."

Imperial Representative to the Supreme Council.
Was once a general in the Imperial Army. He made the mistake of surviving too many wars, and is now stuck with the incredibly tedious job of dealing with inferiors.

With those words, the Imperial Representative strides into the room. Despite the guards taking everyone's weapons, he retains a long bladed sabre, sheathed on his right.

If there's one thing he's learned over the years, it's never let anybody take your sword.

"If someone would be so kind as to inform me what has transpired in my absence, perhaps I can provide the Council with the Imperium's words."

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