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You sir, are uneducated. Energy has limits, your will does not.

"Good, the Imperium representitive has arrived." Yuun said, "Please, hand over all your weapons for a short amount of time. Don't worry, we have an army and a fleet guarding the Citadel, nothing is entering this room if we don't want it to. Besides, its just proof of good will."
IC: "We are just taking role please take your seat on the council, Imperial." Oron Says to the freshly arrived Imperial.

OOC: it doesnt only use energy and no energy does not have limits, will can be broken and destroyed but energy can only be transformed never destroyed.
Aurora licked the air once again after hearing the bug praise her in a way. "Two of them seem to be wolf like, the other is... Different." She said sparingly.

Aer took note. "I see, so either not one of them or just different?"

Aurora gave a quick nod.
"Excellent. I am glad of my good fortune in arriving before important decisions were made. And I thank you for you protection, but I will retain my sword. It will not leave its sheath," he says, then mentally adds probably. "I have left my other weapons behind, but I would prefer not to part with this. It has seen me through many wars, and is like an old friend."

He sits down.
I shake my head. We really didn't need these guys now. "When are we to continue the roll call?"
"But a friend is not generally made of steel, eh? Anyways, let us delay no longer, shall we now continue on with the meeting?" I say, turning to the people in charge.
Kor'Tyrgone chuckles slightly. "Perhaps not. But I agree. By all means, do not allow my arrival to impede the meeting."
The Vaxarus machine remains silent, scanning around the room, logging and filing everyone away to a location where every detail is shared and collected, observed and reported. Its optics zoom in on Aer and Aurora, scanning the staves and noting the signatures they gave off. He turns his attention to the shadows, scanning for everything it can find, before returning its attention forward.
I stands and approach the Imperial, offering a hand. "I've heard a good deal about your people."


I watch the bot search for me, but I had hidden my signature to avoid being found. No one could know I was here.
"Yes, we shall continue the roll call." Nilus declared eyeing the scribe who then looked at torvus and Cayl expecting them to say who they represent.
"That is good. All should. It is good to meet a fellow knight.

The large golden insectoid inspects the proffered hand, then grasps it in a massive claw, gingerly, so as not to cause injury.
I stand. "I am Cayl Rios, representative for the Lorians."


"Torvus Jentus, currently just Cayl's body guard." I then shake the claw. "I'm not a Knight here. And few people know about the," I whisper, "Jedi." I then speak normal tone again. "Perhaps the two of us could exchange stories."

OOC: Torvus respects good warriors and the Imperials, if I understand that right, are such a thing.
"Cayl Rios... son of the Lord Arthur, yes? And as for you, young Torvus, I apologize if I have ccaused you embarassment by referring to you with a title you do not possess."

OOC: They are. THey have a system of knighthood, as well.
The council members look at each other. Yuuk spoke up, "Body guards are suppose to be in the lobby but if this is really necessary..."

"And what about you?" Anderson asked gesturing at the Vaxarus machine.
I nod. "I am. Though I spend my time exploring new worlds."


I chuckle. "You haven't. I'm just a different kind of knight."
OOC: Welp, check my post in the discussion thread. I'm ready to join, so mind giving me the green light, Markus? Also, got the pic of the combat suits.
"I understand that according to your society's laws, you will not inherit your father's position automatically. So it makes sense that you would have some such duty, one through which you might prove your worth. It is good to make your acquaintance, Knight Cayl Rios, and yours as well, Torvus Jentus..." His black eyes bulge forwards, similar to widening.

"You refer to Jedi? Then you must..." He shakes his head. "Perhaps some things are best left unsaid."
The platform stands up and speaks, monotonous but balanced between low and high pitches.
"I represent the Vaxarus consciousness. We have no name, but my Platform Number is 127384" it promptly sits back down.
I nod. "Thank you for understanding. And it is a pleasure to meet you as well. Perhaps we'll get to fight together in the coming days."


I nod. "And you as well. If I may ask, what is your name?"

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