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Aurora was surprised they let the bodyguard stay. "If he's allowed to have his bodyguard? Shouldn't we be allowed ours? It only seems fair, and shouldn't we all be equal?"

Aer was smoothing out his feather, listening to her. She was learning quick.
"Dear Aurora, why worry about such petty and meaningless matters? Let's commence to what's important!"
Anderson accepts that as a good enough answer and looks around to see if anybody else has anything to say before real matters start to come up.
She then stuck her tongue out once more, tasting the air. "It just seems odd how he get's to keep an entire detachment while at least our bodyguard has such a right to be here as well, for this seems like they are getting special treatment."
"Again, such things do not matter, anyhow, can we please commence with the role-calling?"
I face the Lacenta representative. "What your people chose to send one. The Spartans are outside where they belong and I act as a fellow representative, doubling as captain of the guard. Get over it." Youth would be that ones downfall, as they tended to be headstrong.
"Can we get this show on the road now?" Yuuk asks beginning to become impatient. "Yes, let us begin." Ulna assured.

"As you probably know by now, we have all been threatened by something, someone. We dont know who." Rohan looked at Ulna with a look that said, "Lt. Scout might know." But she dismissed it.

"The Separatist Humans have lost many colonies all together and many freighters have gone missing along the boarders of our territories."
That was when she was going to use her trump card. "But he is a representative, he's the one that talks for the Goddess... As well as our bodyguard. And he left once they said no guards, but you are also the captain of a guard as well as representing. So shouldn't he?"

Aer shushed her, for the meeting had started... Next time though he would stay with them.
All the council members looked at Aurora. "Is there a matter you wish to discuss, Ambassador?" Ulna asked, already knowing what the matter was.
I stand again. "I am here to see what might be known. What exactly is it you know?"


"You clearly don't see the difference in us. Your guard was outfitted only to be a guard. I could see that much. Anyways, I agree with Cayl. What is it you mean?"
Aurora was breathing lightly, her hand over the tip of her staff, it was giving off a warm feeling, calming her down. "No... You may continue human."
"My name is Kor'Tyrgone... but perhaps we should wait until later to speak further."

He then speaks up. "And I am allowed my sword... because my culture and my pride demand it. If your guard saw fit to leave, then you do not need him."
Lt. Scout was never actually spoken about. How does Torvus or Cayl know about him?
Aga glanced at Aurora with a reassuring face.

"Grave news that is indeed, however, what do you propose doing about it? For it's fruitless to simply wonder who is behind it, when one can't, for the time being, know.
"Indeed, why have you allowed these things to happen to your citizens? Perhaps you should consider annexation by the Imperium," he says, obviously joking... maybe.
Sorry, misinterpretation of a post.
God, Zarkun! You are constantly screwing up! LOL LOL, JK JK. You NEVER screw up when it comes to RPing xD

Seriously though, that's like the first time I've ever seen you make a little woops and its not even a big one.


"Can we end all little under the table conversations now?" Anderson asked, aggitated... as usual.
Markus, you did put " " in that setting, so it kinda confused the both of us. I read it and I thought they said it.

IC: Aer tapped the floor with his staff. "Yes, you may continue human and why we must all be concerned with something that happened to your people?"
"Yes, that would certainly make this meeting more productive. Also, keep in mind that all planets that swear allegiance to the Imperium will receive full protection from our fleets.
"Aer, because, we as a fellow creatures, have a obligation to look out for one another, do we not?"

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