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Aer just chuckled as best something like a bird could do. "We are not part of an alliance, we came here as representatives... But our job is more important. We are trying to prove to our Goddess that not all of humanity is evil and wanting to enslave other races. But we will gladly help."
"Agreed. It is our duty to protect the weak, even when their governments will not. Besides, what threatens the Separatists may threaten all of you."
"Ah, religious folk. I do still believe that as a part of this council, you're part of a commitment, a commitment to help all who're in need."
"Participation in this council means nothing. And please refrain from making foolish statements. Their "Goddess," in reality nothing but a creation of humans, may give them such foolish notions, but without the divine there is no basis for your 'duty to other creatures.'"
"Ah, but you see... She's very real. Our bodyguard you saw? He's her consort, and talker. He's the one that has helped her to calm down before. But only our race is allowed to see her." Aer tapped the staff again.

Aurora was about ready to confirm it as well, but she continued with this instead, "Of course we will help, but we are not part of an alliance, for a commitment and an alliance are two separate entities."
"Can we avoid religious arguments until later time? It really serves no purpose here." I was watching the Imperial, though I did agree with him.


I could no longer remain silent and unseen, so I stepped into the light. "Your 'guard,' organic, is an abomination."
"Compassion and respect to life isn't good enough? For if we lose our wish to help others, what makes us what we are?"

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"If that pleases you, you may believe it. For now. Just remember many civilizations have been destroyed by that philosophy. And with that, I agree with Knight Rios. We have serious business before us."
"Whatever threatens us is sure to threaten all of you, that is certain." Nilus stated boldly and confidently. "Whatever it is, it leaves no trace, no hints, no clues and certainly leaves no survivors."

Ulna was now becoming impatient. "Let's cut to the chase here, we-"

Just then, the doors burst open and a Man in red armor stepped in followed by two other men. The man in red had hazel eyes, and a brown hair with a buzz cut. Imprinted on his chest plate in fairly sized print it read, Captain Keith Scout.

"Sorry I'm late." He said, choosing a seat. His followers sat to his right and left.

"What the hell are you doing here!?" Anderson asked standing up.

"I was in town and thought I'd drop by." He said with a hint of sarcasm.

"Guards, remove him now!" Yuuk ordered. Multiple hidden doors opened up and two guards from each door approached the three men now sitting comfortably.

"I know more about our enemy then all of you put together and you seek to throw me behind bars?"
I turn and face the new arrival, quickly moving next to Cayl. "Who is this?"
In the commotion, I turn to Aurora and whisper to her.

"Let's meet up after the council, I have things that I wish to discuss with you."
"I do not recognize this person. Is he a member of this council?"
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"Take him away! He has no right to be here!" Anderson declared. The guards began to drag them away.

"I am the only way we can save countless lives to come! I can assemble my fleet and have an army waiting for our oppressors, I can-"

"Shut him up!" Nilus yelled over him.
Kor'Tyrgone watches curiously. He will have to find out later what that was all about.
I move faster than most of the people can follow, stopping his removal. "If he knows something, he stays. I don't like not knowing things."
The guards begin to struggle pulling him out of the room. Torvus' assistance only secured Lt. Scout's freedom from their grasps.

"Why can't you people see the truth?" Lt. Scout asked. "Captain Luis has returned with an army! I don't know what he seeks, or why he seeks it, but he is back. He threatens every sentient being in the Galaxy and he must be stopped!"

The guards stopped trying to pull and pry on him.

"Even if you're right, we cannot act based on hunches and guesses. You must retrieve proof that we can all relate to. Until you do that, we cannot act on your word." Rohan told Lt. Scout.

Ulna then turned to Torvus, "You may be seated, our guards are more then capable, thank you."

Aurora gave a quick nod then looking at the chaos ensuing. "What is going on?"

Aer gave the new person a quick look. "To you maybe, but they both gave themselves to her to be the translator between our Goddess and the people, he also taught us her language that she spoke. He is a hero among our people, honored for what he did." Pausing for a brief moment. "And she's not really a Goddess, but have you ever heard of a symbol before? She gave us so much, and they don't worship but they care for her."
That, uh, wasn't Torvus. Angelus just revealed himself peeps.
"No idea, but whatever it is, it's likely to turn this meeting upside down." I said, still whispering.
Oh, that was Angelus?


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