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No, bold is Angelus. I explained this once. Normal is Cayl, underlined is Torvus and Bold is Angelus.

IC: "He seems certain of his knowledge. He's got good instinct and you're fools for ignoring it."


I shake my head. "If he's right, and you ignore him, you'll regret it."


"You have much to learn about your 'Goddess' then, organic."

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The bug... thing... has a point, boss. At the rate people are arguing, we may be here for a significant period of time...

The message travels through the air, a barely detectable slew of natural-appearing radio waves, neural-link nanites quickly translating the message into a decipherable language for their intended recipient.

I know, Jess. Just keep clinging to the walls, and putting these bonding nanites to good use. We don't want anyone to trip on us by accident, until we get to talk personally with Ulna. I'm just as curious who's been chasing our T-93's... Darreus sent back, tips of a pair of claws touching to one wall behind their intended target. With the unique phase-cloakers built into their suits, it was nearly impossible to even notice the small squad of three in the room, intently listening in on the conversation...

Their security was pretty sad though, eh? We only had to tranq' a single guard, and that's because I accidentally bumped into him. I hope nobody finds him, or there could be trouble... the third of the group sends, communicating in the same silence as the others.
Tyrgone rolls his head. This is going to be a long meeting.
The council once again looked at each other. "Believe me, he will get what he wants. Let him go." Nilus warned Torvus.

"All I want is your best and brightest, that is all I need to stop him. I have the man power, now I need the skills." Lt. Scout said looking at each and every person at the table.

Anderson sighed, This was not the was the meeting was suppose to go...
Aer tapped his staff again. "Then you should realize that we are trying to help her as well, make her less violent towards humanity. But to others, she was the Goddess that brought them salvation and freedom! Stories can tell of a man being a normal person, but his actions put him as a god."

Aurora was getting a bad feeling already, everything was going to hell.
"Shall we get to the matter at hand then, which is how to stop these...'people', or whatever they are?
I shake my head. "I don't think I will. The moment I do, you'll have him removed. Now, lets sit and listen to the man."


I face the councilmen. "Was that a threat you just made to my friend and colleague, Council man?"
kit holds out her hand a small ball of white energy condensing in her palm. she then expels the energy releasing a wave of calming energy that flows through out the chamber. "calm down please id hate to be forced into using more drastic measures." she says as the energy continues to flow throughout the chamber
I notice the distress Aurora is in, and I talk to her quietly.

"This is...not exactly unexpected, sadly. Just stay cool and confident."

I then turn to the source of the blast.

"What the hell are you thinking?! If order isn't soon restored..."
"No! This is not the time for threats! This is not the time for violence!" Nilus shouted. "Release him now, all of you!"

The guards did as the councilmen wished and released Lt. Scout who relaxed a little.

"All I ask is a little cooperation and I can get you all the proof you need." Lt. Scout assured.

"You had your chance, you are suppose to be looking for evidence right now!" Anderson yelled.

"I can't do this alone! I need help!" Lt. Scout shouted back. "Now... All I want... is a hand full of men to help me from each race. Seems fair enough as Captain Luis threatens each and every being you've ever met."

Anderson began to speak up but Ulna silenced him with a hand to the shoulder.

[Kit holds out her palm and begins to speak.]

"Order 3012!" Ulna shouted. Just then, the upper half of the walls opened up revealing ten soldiers with battle rifles aiming at Kit.

Silence engulfed the room.
I shake my head. "So you were withholding information which has led to this?"


I zero in on the source of the energy. "Such abuse of your power. It's sad, Kit." I then notice the armed men and react the only way that was natural, my arm cannon aimed at one, a charged shot forming. "What happened to no threats?"
"I demand an explanation of this. And what does he mean, Captain Luis? I thought he had perished."
Aurora was shivering violently, this was getting to be a nuisance and then touching the top of the staff, letting the Thermal energy warm her body. "If this keeps up... We're leaving."

Aer nods. "Yes, now the rest of you are being silly... You tell us of such a threat, yet you don't release any information! We were better off not going to any of these, you are losing our trust fast."
"This is an outrage, let's delay this council until later in the day, I think it's rather needed to calm everyone down." I say, seeing that I wasn't the only one who wished to leave.
The Vaxarus diplomat just watches, not adding to the argument at all, merely waiting for the correct exchange of data, but continuing to scan everything.
I stand motioning to the Aga. "He is right. Clearly your decision to withhold things has riled everyone out and, quite frankly, made them question you. I request a recess as well."
"I must disagree. I will not 'recess' until I have received an explanation."
"Perhaps Captain Scout can provide the answers."

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