Can someone watch my replays, And Slap me.

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So im trying to play zerg, I get somewhat the mechanics. lately though ive been getting crushed, against protoss, they just make a huge !@# army, terran crap load of medivacs/rines, and zerg crap load of crap v.v

can anyone watch my replays, and point stuff out, what im doing good what im not ect ect. Much appreciated! protoss zerg terran
I watched your ZvP replay:

For one, you saw he was going FFE and yet you didn't take a fast third. At 6 minutes you are floating 500+ minerals that need to be sunk into a third. If its 2 base zerg vs 2 base protoss, you should almost always lose if your opponent doesn't mess up.

At 8 minutes, you were floating around 1200 resources, which is way too many. If all of that money was in an army, you could have literally a-moved into your opponents natural and won the game. Also at like 8:30, you were so supply capped, you had to make like 6 overlords at once, which is why you have so many resources, so focus on never forgetting to make overlords. Its such an underlooked aspect, but I can't tell you how many games in masters I've lost because I was supply capped. If you had a third already up with a queen, you'd have so much extra larva you'd be floating almost no minerals.

At 13 minutes, you saw 1 sentry with his army. You should have won the game RIGHT THERE. But you got afraid. You are double his supply, you can afford to throw units at him. If he's on 2 bases, you need to keep his army low. At this point his worker count is getting higher than yours, his third was coming up at about the same time. Again at 15:00 you saw his army which had no sentries and yet you still ran. If he's being greedy and not making sentries, you should always just win.

See FFE? Take really fast third. If you aren't comfortable with that, you NEED an earlier macrohatch, like 3-5 minute macro hatch. If you can play a game where you never go above 1k minerals, you'll almost always win. You started to forget to inject your queens, and you were never that far ahead on workers. You honestly had that game won up until the DTs. Try to always have an observer with your army. If you see him trying really hard to kill it, its kind of suspicious. Your goal for most of the early - mid game as zerg versus FFE is either surviving an all in, or doing anything you can to prevent him from taking a third. If you see he can safely take his third, then you stay one base ahead of him and get up to broodlords.

Though to be fair those positions are god awful for ZvP.
just watched the vs protoss. Some notes:

-early scout ovie in bad position, should be between main and third
-3rd base coulda been up @ 4:30
-built way too many lings blind @ 8 mins
-side note, can split lings on the destructable rocks.
-queens not hotkeyed, missed a ton of injects early on the natural
-money way high early game from missing injects, could have had a
lot more units @ 10 mins
-didn't build queen for macro hatch in main.
-severe lack of scouting. The ovie I mentioned earlier could have been
suicided into the main to see opponent's tech. Nestle ovie between main and
-over double opponents supply @ 12 mins, no scouting, easily could have
taken the game right then and there.
-ran away from a tiny army (6 zelot, 5 stalker, 2 immortal, 1 sentry)
-missed injects forever, couldnt remax.

the 3 biggest issues with this game are how little you scouted, how indecisive you were with a fight you could have easily won, and missing injects. Injects are the most important thing you need to learn playing zerg. Put all of your queens on 5, watch for larva spawned message on left hand side of screen, and when it comes time for a round of injects hit 5, then V, hold down shift, and hit backspace; clicking on each of your hatches. when you hit backspace, it automatically cycles through your hatches (hit it once, it will go to a hatch, hit it again for the next hatch, and so on) hitting V and holding shift while you do this will make it so what ever queen is closest to that hatch will inject it when you click on it. It takes some getting used to, but it's an essential skill. More important than anything else. Maybe try practicing this in customs vs AI or something.

I mentioned the ovie position; how it should have been between the main and the 3rd. It cant be hit by stalkers from there, and you can either suicide it in @ around 8 mins to see their tech, or turned into an overseer @ lair tech to drop a changeling right in their base and still get off a scout.

finally, you cant be afraid yo take a fight. When you are sitting on 25 roaches and 30 lings and he has 6 zelot, 5 stalker, 2 immortal, 1 sentry, you gotta sack up and take him down.

I didnt watch the other 2, but judging from the vP, you need to work on your fundimental mechanics more than anything. Hope this helped!
Thanks both of you for your comments! I appreciate it!!
no problem :)
I just wooped a protoss, my constant injects, and me growing a pair wooped him hard, and i saw he had dts so i was able to get detection up, i kinda rocked 1 base since he destroyed my 3rd and my 2nd drones but i had so many minerals when i was mining that i just slapped him silly :D
K, you asked for it.

*Put baby powder on hands*


v.v I deserved that
ZvT - I just typed a long post and it timed out when previewing....

Your initial scouting was great and you responded well. Grabbing a quick 3rd because terran went CC first. You could even start your 3rd base before starting a spawning pool if you scout a CC first player.

Your mid game scouting was lackluster and you didn't have a strong defense. Without early ling speed, you really want extra queens to help defend. If all else fails make spines. You can get away with skimping on defense if you actively scout and know when they are going to attack. Checking the front with zerglings and poking in with an overlord to check gas timing can tell you a lot.

The majority of problems with your game came from teching too slow and not spending your resources. After grabbing 4 gases Zerg immediately wants ling speed and lair tech, but you delayed that quite a bit. Your gas shot up because you didn't have adequate means to spend it. If your planning to grab a lot of gas, plan a way to spend it. Add banelings and tech to infestors or mutas quicker.

Here were the spots you had the most trouble:
5+ minutes - scouting
8:30 hellions - lack of teching, lost 15 drones. If you had ling speed or a few banelings this would have been much easier to clean up.
11 minute roach push - lack of tech, lost 6 roaches and opened a timing for terran to attack. Against a marine heavy terran player you want AoE damage. Infestors or banelings are a must.
12 minute marine push- lack of tech, lost a base. This attack could easily have been cleaned up with the 1300 gas sitting in your bank if you'd only made infestors. Always start pathogen gland as soon as you can. Many games I've regretted not researching pathogen glands, I have never regretted researching it.

By this point the game is heavily favoring your opponent. If you lose your 3rd base in the mid game your behind. Terran should be expanding around this time and you really want to stay ahead economically. You either need to counter attack and kill the terran player, or double expand. Double expanding would have been the better choice.

By 16 minutes you really want to be starting your hive, but considering you didn't have the economy to back it, investing in infestors is the next best thing. It's very important these infestors survive! Do not risk them, after they have done what is needed move them out of the line of fire. If they run out of energy send them back to base.

Your upgrades start to become an issue and your minerals climb very high. Try to focus on injecting to keep your minerals low, but at any point if they are ever over 1000 minerals don't be afraid to throw down macro hatcheries to burn off the extra money.

- Side note, don't send all your overlords to hang out at a random base. You would have been down 1000 minerals if terran sent one medivac that direction.

If I get some extra time I'll go over your other games.
Kaz Thank you so much! Your feedback was very detailed, I appreciate it greatly!!!
I swear this feedback is priceless, Im starting to work on the things you guys point out, and im winning! Just beat a zerg outright, he massed mutas and I still won, it was awesome!
7 Wins in a row, rank 6 silver now :D <3333333333
I’ve hesitated to comment because you have already gotten some great advice. I watched the Toss and Terran games.

You are starting to get your macro down but you have a lot of work to do. Go to the Single player mode and practice against a Hard or Very Hard AI. It does not show on your record for all your friends to see and you can save the game.

You should always know what the first 44 drones are doing. 14 pool, 15 hatch, 17 extractor etc.
When you make a building make the replacement drone first, then pull from the line. Get 16 drones on the mineral line, then rally to the natural.
In the Toss game although you got optimal saturation you had to bring some back from the natural. In the Terran game you messed up big time probably because you were trying to get a third up.
Instead of boxing the drones to count, center the base on your screen and double click a drone. For no gas two rows 16, one gas two rows + two 18, and two gas two rows + four 20. With gas there will always be one drone in the extractor. Optimal saturation with full gas is 22.
Try to put 16 drones on the mineral line in your main then rally both hatches to the natural. I believe that it’s been proven better economically than a drone transfer.
If you go fast third have your main and natural saturated first. Don’t put drones on your third until you can defend it. That is what happened in the Terran game. You let the hellions in lost drones and were not saturated in your main and natural. You could not recover and then lost the third.

When you’re main and natural are saturated, then you have options. You can tech up. You can make units that can attack or defend getting a third. Or get a third on the back of an attack.
When you lay down an evo try doing two. That way you can get carapace and ether missile or melee attack upgrades together. If you are using both melee and ranged units try triple evo. I know they say it is way too expensive, but the pros went from just one to two evos. Now they are finding that mass ups are really good, so I see down the line that 3x evo will be the norm. +3+3 cracklings are the bomb and +3+3 ITs are very very good. Together you can kick some serious butt.

It was pointed that your scouting is not so hot. Learn to drone scout on 12 or 13, always. No matter the race or MU. If you drone scout clockwise then your first ovie goes counterclockwise. Park it outside his main. The second ovie goes to the natural to cover for bunkers and cannons. The third ovie goes to his natural to watch the gas. After your natural is up move the second ovie to safety so you don’t lose it to a rush. If you cannot ling scout for his tech that is when suiside one of your ovies at his base to see what is going on. After you have lair and ovie speed move an ovie to all the expansions on the map to spot and poop creep. This is one of the best forms of map presence.

Stopping supply caps. At 26 supply try making two ovies. That is when you are making big drone rounds, pushing up to 36 to 44 drones. Or you may need to make a big flood of zerglings to hold off a rush. After that, especially if you are going supply heavy roach and your minerals are building up, try flooding with 4 to 6 ovies at a time.

This is all pretty basic but the hardest part of teaching is getting down to the level of your students. Master level players all know this stuff. It’s engrained in them. They don’t even think about it, and therefore may not think to tell you.

Just remember you can do something I can’t do yet. You can ladder.
I hate to lose so I pick the dumb as a rock AI to play against.
Maybe I’ll grow some, then watch out. See you on the ladder.
Thanks cliff, good advice!
Heres some basic advice but it might be helpful.
1: If you see your opponent has a counter to your army, counter it.
2: Put pressure on your opponent. Wheter its ling runbys or mutas pressure not only hurts his/her econ because it causes your opponent stress and when their stressed they my get sloppy our outright forfeit!!!!
3: I an opponent is turtling you should expand and bottle him up so when he tries to take an expo you will deny it and with your superior resources and macro capibility you can outproduce him and tech up to GGlords.

Just some basic advice here from a fellow Bronzie.
With all this advice, ive been on a winning streak, ive won 9 so far in a row! I know im gonna lose eventually, but still I went from losing 4-5 games before I won 1 to 9 in a row. That says something!
11/22/2012 06:49 PMPosted by Chuey
With all this advice, ive been on a winning streak, ive won 9 so far in a row! I know im gonna lose eventually, but still I went from losing 4-5 games before I won 1 to 9 in a row. That says something!

NICE!!! That promotion is coming ;)
He's on a streak, but 9 wins won't be a promotion. Anyways, GL
I won 10 games in a row, just lost my first game. Was interrupted by my brother, he needed car keys and dug in my pockets and I was like WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Totally ruined my game. Im just happy I wont 10 :)
Just got home. Too tired. Congratz.

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