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Hello there! Any of you Zergies suffer from being somewhat mechanically challenged? Need some extra incentive to spread that creep? Well now you can play a map where you're forced to spread creep.

Use a few practice sessions on here a day until you're spreading creep without thinking about it.

Just go to the Arcade and search for Creep or Die!

For more info go to the following link:
"No games found" :( wait nvm, found it. ^.^
11/18/2012 09:02 PMPosted by Hunta
"No games found" :( wait nvm, found it. ^.^

Lol, was just about to post that you're looking in the wrong spot xD
I covered the entire map in 16 minutes! I has better creep spread than Scarlett! ^.^ But that was alot of work and I don't know how Scarlett could do that in a real game on top of everything else a Zerg has to do XD. Might I suggest you put an objective to get your creep to? Otherwise once you cover the whole map you just than leave ;p
Add a computer player to play against and set the difficulty to hard/very hard/insane...

It's a bit more difficult.
Though I intend to add achievements/objectives and multiplayer as well...
Major update 11/28

- Overhauled difficulty system.
- Added scoring system
- Moved to Arcade

The following bugs have also been addressed:
- Creep tumors created before the grace period ends no longer cause drones to die
- AI drones won't also be destroyed if the creep tumor timer expires
Just in time for Christmas!

I have published a major update to the map which includes several fixes and added many new features such as:

- TheStaircase game mode (training method developed by The JaKaTaK)
- Options to enforce queen energy and supply blocks
- Warning timers
- New score screen
- Achievements

Main map page for feedback here:

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