Zerg, tips wanted.

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Hey SC2 Community,
I'm a very new player just bought the game 2 days ago and was wondering about some helpful tips for ZvP, ZvZ, ZvT, and the game mechanics in general.

Also why don't many people use Terran just wondering.
go now my son and learn

its a 4 part tutorial, watch it like its !@#$, you will go places.
I wouldn't worry much about specific matchup mechanics at this point. For overall mechanics, focus entirely on your macro. Make sure you are making lots of workers and making new bases. This alone will get you to a high league. Anything else you really focus on as a new player is just distracting you from the real issue, which is your macro. Though if you are macroing, you are going to have lots of money so:

ZvZ: Roaches and lots of roaches, and then infestors to supplement.
ZvT: zerglings, banelings, and infestors. Sometimes mutalisks.
ZvP: For most of the game, Roachs and lings. Infestors as you transition into the late game with broodlords.
Having some direction to go is okay.

May I recommend the macro or die maps? They are kind of outdated right now in terms of maps, but they really enforce the concept of macroing on a fairly extreme level.
Lots of helpful information, anything else.
Opinions on Protoss, and Terran??
You are supposed to drone behind attacks so the attacks arn't all in ;p
Learn to inject. It'll save your life (in game)
Go to www.teamliquid.net and check out the Starcraft 2 strategy forum.

Then look for stuff related to ZvX.

Major things to work on:
- drones (make lots) you'll want about 70-80 drones typically
- overlords - don't get supply blocked...it's bad :(
- creep spread (tricky with ZvZ) in ZvP/T you want to maximize your creep spread as much as possible
- inject larva - try and stay on top of injecting as soon as the larva "pop" out from the last inject...you need to maximize this as much as possible.

Great macro related guides exist on TL.net, here are two:


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