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There is trouble on a distant planet in the Korpulu sector. A group of thirty-one rouge spectres has been tracked down by the Dominion to their base on the planet Conscientia which is Latin for “conscious” or “knowledge”. That is an appropriate name for the group of spectres that collects knowledge. Unable to flee the planet in time, the spectres have called from aid from various mercenaries. Their contacts include freed zerg broods, free roaming protoss fleets, and lost or rebellious terran forces. The vast knowledge that the spectres have gained from each of the races is vast indeed. None of the mercenaries could hope to find that kind of information by themselves. That is the price for their loyalty and service. The mercenaries are paid with technology. That is the deal.

Three options are given to the role players. You are allowed access to the spectres. You may take a spectre and make him or her your own character, but the rules are many. No spectre would betray the group despite the differences they may have. The group is like a fraternity in that regard. You can be Dominion forces. If you decide to take up the red flag you will receive 250 supply and given command of a company. You will have a superior and you must follow his orders, but only for the big stuff. You control your group by yourself unless you are given orders to the contrary. You will have ordinary technology as the Dominion. The last choice, and the most dynamic, is the mercenary group. Not only can you be any of the three races, you will be given access to a variety of interesting technology provided by the spectres. The technology will start at the basic level, affecting only tier one units. Then as time goes on, you are allowed to pick from a list of technology to develop upon until the end of the RP. The only downside of the mercenaries is that you will have only 200 supply and they will be outnumbered at least 4:5. Neither side can make or produce more units, so be careful. Pick your favorite. Be prepared to set up a description for any group or person you want in case I need you to switch over to balance the sides.

Hero characters will play a big part in the plot. I, myself, may have as many as thirteen characters. Make sure to make a description of your hero character. The character will be either a spectre in my group, a commander of a Dominion company, or a commander of a mercenary group. They shouldn’t be a one man army that can kill a thousand men by him or herself. We have to be reasonable. They can be genetically altered like my character Daniel Cobb who was powers similar to the characters in the Prototype videogame series, but they have to balance out somewhat. As long as your commander stills alive, you are still in the RP even if your forces are destroyed. You can make other characters besides your commander of course. Please note that every mercenary commander will be assigned a spectre supervisor. If your hero IS one of the spectres, then you may supervise a mercenary group as well. The Dominion does allow psionics to be commanders from time to time, but they control special operations usually. If you take a Dominion psionic, then you will be a black operation commander and will be given a company as usual. Choose your heroes carefully.

The setting and plot is the final point here. The battles take place on the planet Conscientia in the far reaches of the Korpulu sector. The planet is Earth-like and is 70% ocean. The gravity is slightly higher than Earth however. Similar to the darwven grand city in the Inheritance Cycle, the spectre base is located on a mountain overlooking a forest covered valley below. The entrance to the valley is narrow, but that is less of a problem because of drop ships. The valley is 3 miles long (about 5 kilometers) and a mile wide (1.66 kilometers). There is a plateau large enough to hold all the mercenary factions at the base of the mountain. Vast tunnels snake inside the mountain. Here the spectres’ have built their den. Here is where the magic and the information are stored. No one from the Dominion is allowed to take one step inside. This is where the final line is drawn. Ladies and gentlemen prepare for a fight as you are immediately thrown into combat.

As the battle looms, both sides plan for the battle and there will be bloodshed. Choose your side and pick your commanders. If you are a mercenary, then the longer your side survives, the better you will fare. You will gain technology as time goes on. If you are Dominion, the harder it will be for you to win as time goes on. Plan carefully, attack the weak spots, send your spies, coordinate your movements, and, most importantly, survive. Choose your hero well and prepare yourself for assassination attempts. Lock your windows and doors. Be vigilant. The line has been drawn and here the battle will be held. Prepare yourselves and do not let your guard down. It is up to you to do your job. Good luck, commanders.
1. Upgrade a tier one unit (SCV, marine, medic, marauder, firebat, or reaper) to a mercenary class or a custom unit of equal value.
2. Vanadium plating gives 5% more life per upgraded armor. This is a good combo with using your upgrade on you armor in the first round.
3. Ultra Capacitors gives 5% more firing speed per upgrade weapon. This is a good combo with using your upgrade on your weapons in the first round.
4: Shrike turret, a turret mounted onto your bunkers you can move units around while the bunkers defend your base.
5. Fortified bunker. Good for keeping your supply of SCV's low.
6. Compound drugs. A new drug has been developed that lessens the effects of stims, so that more can be used at once. Stims last longer but at the price of some of the user's life span.
7. Injection systems. Marauders, firebats, ghost, spectres, and reapers get access to stims. The down side is that you need more medics or mediavacs in your army. Reapers movement speed is not affected by stims since they use jetpacks to move around.

1. Upgrade a tier one unit (Drone, Zergling, Roach, Baneling) to a custom unit of equal value. There’s a reason I didn’t put overlords and queens on this list.
2. Self-regenerating carapaces give 5% more life per upgraded armor. This is a good combo with using your upgrade on you armor in the first round.
3. Faster twitch muscles gives 5% more firing speed per upgrade weapon. This is a good combo with using your upgrade on your weapons in the first round.
4. Acidic bug bombs are a organic mechanism that adds to the damage of spine crawlers.
5. Hardened carapaces reinforce spine crawlers armor.
6. Advanced metabolic boost increases you zerglings speed to a speed greater than normal metabolic boost gives you.
7. Universal metabolic boost. Drones, roaches, hydralisks, and lurkers have slightly increased speed.


Here is a basic map. Excuse it if it is... umm, cluttered. It's a work in process.

M=Where Mountain starts
Underscore(_)=Indicates the mountain continues.
B=Bunkers or Spine Crawlers. Maybe with trenches.
T=Turrets or Spore Crawlers.
V=Destroyed Buildings
Periods(.)=Open Space.
Underlined sections=Indicate where one mercenary force stops and where the next one starts.

From top to bottom: 323, Lt. Dan, Boreli, and Scylla.
Characters (In no particular order):

Name: Resnov Rumph
Rank: Commander in the Dominion Marines core.
Description: Dark, and beginning to grey hair, that is combed back, and reaches the mid neck. Same colored full beard, but not a long one. Dark brown eyes. Tall and strong.
Equipment: Typical standard issue stuff, and a single BattleCruiser.
Second in command: Gander Bell, tallish, brow hair and eyes, clean shaven.
-Name: Admiral Michaelson.
-Rank: Rear Admiral (Two Stars)
-Description: Tall black man with short black curls.
-Other Officers: Officer Lopez, Officer Williams, Staff Sergeant Wilkens, and Bridge Captain Julius.

-Name: Elder Joseph
-Rank: Leader of the spectres
-Description: The Elder is... the elder. Mid-height Caucasian male with wrinkled skin and some liver spots. He is tough for his age. His psi-index is 9, the second highest in the group. He wears brown robes with his hood down at all time. He always wears his spectre suit underneath the cloak, however.

-Name: Sarah
-Rank- Elder: weapons and technology expert. Second highest rank.
-Description: Sarah is a teaser , but is violent and untrusting. She is tall, about 5'9.5'' and has red hair and pale white skin. She has a psi index of 8.5-9.

-Name: Jesse
-Rank: Paladin: Tactical knowledge and scout commander. Third highest rank.
-Position: Consular and supervisor to Boreli. Boreli will have a level-headed and fair supervisor.

-Name: Lt. Dan
-Rank: Mercenary Captain

-Name: Zero
-Rank: Elder: Teacher and Chief Tactician, Second Highest Rank
-Position: Consular and supervisor to Lt. Dan. Lt. Dan will have a level-headed and fair supervisor.

-Name: Daniel Cobb
-Rank: None.
-Powers: Has powers from the Prototype games. Anyone he absorbs in fit into his original volume. He can absorb as many as ten people at the moment. He receives the memory of anyone he absorbs.

-Name:Jeffrey LaTour
-Rank: Initiate.
-Description: Age 19. 6' tall. Skinny with blonde hair and blue eyes.
-Powers: He know pyrokinesis and has changeling powers from Andy. The changeling's powers kept his mind intact during the spectre training. He has a psi-index of 10.

-Name: Lucas Gerald
-Rank: Discord's Employee

-Name: Henry
-Rank: Initiate

-Name: Jeff's Adjutant
-Rank: Jeff's Adjutant

-Name: 325 or Jacob
-Rank: None
-Description: He is a young boy, 16, who was combined with experimental cells that allow him to form a shield with his arm, heal wounds, and break curses.

-Name: John Fleming
-Rank: Initiate
-Powers: Psi index of 5 and has changeling powers.
Name: Gregory Ravanov
Rank: Admiral
Description: Tall Caucasian man with short straight brown hair.

Name: Rave "The Shadow" Mallard
Race: Terran
Sub-Species/Unit: Spectre
Height: 6'2"
Characteristics: Quiet, calm reasonable person. Tends to keep his helmet on even on break. Thin and Muscular build.
Abilities: Psionic Lash, Hypersonic Pulse, Snipe, Emp Round, Perma-Cloak, Ability to suppress psionic signature, unique ability among Spectres, he calls it Blast pulse. Kills anything 5 feet in front of it and repels everything outside of 5 feet.
Equipment: Prototype AGR-77 Gauss Rifle, Scythe Combat Pistol, Spectre MK. III Combat/Survival Suit equipped with hidden punch knives, saber claws, thermal and night vision, and emergency medical supplies, and a katana.
Personal Vehicles: Wraith/Viking, Vulture/Hellion

-Name: Jake Hunter
-Description: Terran, Armor is painted red and blue, with the Jolly Rodger painted on both shoulders and a wolf on the visor, armor is also slimmed down to allow for extra mobility and movement range and has a small cannon on one shoulder. 6’ even, sun-tanned skin, skinny, but muscular, dark, almost black, hair, hazel eyes. Has a scar on his right eye from engaging a Hydralisk in hand-to-hand combat.
-Armament: Uses an Assault Plasma Rifle, Twin short swords that look like large trench knives, and a Scythe Pistol. Armor is outfitted to detect psionics, meaning cloaked foes are no longer a threat. Also has infrared and magnetic modes for his visor.
-Abilities: Can use Lockdown, Shredder Grenade, and psi-screen technology.
-Personal Vehicles: Viking, Hellion
Jones Commevac
Rank: The guy you visit in the dark corner of the bar to find, and hire mercenaries.
Description: Short, grey beard, bald, and weird.
Name: 1st Lt. Grayson
Rank: Spec Ops Dominion Commander
Description: Female with psi-index of 8 or so.
Name: Boreli
Race: Terran
Sub-Species/Unit: Umbra
Age: 37
Height: 5' 11"
Characteristics: Hazel eyes, short cropped brown hair. A scar running down his left eye and down to his chin. Average build, but packs a punch. Calm and collective, just like his duty.
Abilities: Cloak, Psionic Punch, X-0ZA Nerve Gas Grenade, Healing Weave (Passive).
Equipment: Psi Pistol, Trench Knife, Cryde Laser Rifle.
Backstory: -Classified-
Gender:Female (personality and voice wise since Zerg have no gender)
Base unit/s:Hydralisk and Overmind
Description:Extremely large Hydralisk about the size of a Goliath. Eyes are fiery orange.
Name: Jessica
Race: Terran
Subrace/Unit: Spectre
Age: 19
Description: Slender build stands at 5'7", deep red hair that is normally messy looking, hazel eyes, Wears standard Spectre suit with a few modifications to allow for better agility, pale skin color but her hands are stained with oil and there are a few grease stains on her suit. Psi-rating of 7.8 to 8.
Armament: Modified C-10 Canister Rifle, Dual Kaiser blades (Scaled down to make them easier to wield), Welding Torch.
Abilities: Energy Feed, Psi-lash, Cloak, Disable machine, Mechnopathy, Repair, Energy Transfusion
-Name: "Zanji"
-Alliance: Dominion, but known to be able to aid the enemy if the situation calls for it.
Appearance: Has an attire consisting of plates of armor and simple clothing under it on his body, a metal helmet to cover his head and provide as an air filter and HUD. He has pieces of cloth wrapped around his body, hiding any skin from showing
-Abilities: Zanji has the ability to absorb energy, gaining more powers as he levels up. But, the levels will go down the more he uses a higher level ability.
-Level 0 (Base Skills)- An excellent swordsman, his seemingly unbreakable katana seems to be able to cut through steel without much trouble. He can also shoot minor energy blast that are only as powerful as a small pistol round every few seconds.
-Level 1 (After absorbing a battery pack)- This level is an amount of energy that he can generate by himself, but absorbing energy speeds up the process. He can stealth at this level, gaining the ability to create a copy when he does. His sword attacks become much deadlier, being able to chop through a marine with some effort.
-Level 2 (After absorbing power from a power station after around a 2 minute period)- At this stage, he erect a shield to protect himself (Protecting him from several bullets and minor explosions). He can also stealth for a longer time, making his copy able to inflict harm on his opponent. Energy bolts can be shot from his finger tips, easily as powerful as concussion grenades.
-Level 3-5- These levels have deemed too dangerous for Zanji to reach, as it may do more harm than good, making them as a thing of last resort. However, it requires a battlecruiser core to even reach level three.
-Name: Mick.
-Rank: Spectre Initiate
-Description: Mick is a master of trickery. He imitates voices and appearances expertly, and this is often valuable to the Spectre group. He is skinny and slightly below average height. Other Spectres view him as a good friend, and someone they can trust, though he often prefers his own company to others'. He is very intelligent.
-Name: 323
-Rank: Mercenary.
-Description: An ordinary looking boy who appeared to stop aging at the age of seventeen.
-Name: Commander Jordan
-Description: Graduated from the best Dominion military school with honors. He is skilled in aerial attacks and formations. Arrives with 5 battlecruisers from the other half of the Dominion fleet.
-surebrec (ser-e-brek) Dominion company/army
-Political Leader: Mr. Vente
-Military Leader: Mr. Willson.
-(In case nobody noticed, its the same owners of Devroy Manufacturing.)

-Name: Cpt. Luis
-Merc group: Black Peace
Markus and Nukester have quit. Duke and smylez need to post because CrymsomRaven, MechaGhidrah, and my Lt. Dan can't go without them. Naitsrich and supaflyz haven't even started. Fantasy needs to correct his last post. KnarledOne, Zarkun, and I can go when ever. Word of advice to all mercenary leaders: if you aren't being attacked, you can start building defenses. I'll decide when they are completed.
<MarkusDaWise> (Quit)
80 Warpigs (80)
10 medivacs (20)
20 Goliaths (60)
10 Vultures (20)
5 DiamondBacks (20)
10 Banshees (30)
1 Battlecruiser (6)
2 wraiths (4)
5 Ravens (10)

50 Warpigs (50)
7 Medivacs (14)
5 Siegetanks (15)
15 Vikings (30)
1 Battlecruisers (6)
6 Ghost (22)
10 Hellions (10)
33 Reapers (33)
5 Predators (15)
1st Lt. Grayson (0)
20 ghosts (40)
20 reapers (40)
10 Ravens (20)
25 hellions (50)
20 banshees (60)
20 Special Ops Dropships (can cloak) (40)
-Upgrades: +1 Ship Weapons
Marines-50 (50)
Firebats-20 (40)
Marauders- 30 (60)
Medics- 40 (40)
Reapers 10 (10)
-Upgrades: +1 Upgraded infantry armor
-Research: Vanadium Plating
50 Warpigs (50)
10 Seige Tanks (30)
5 Unnamed Spectres (10)
15 Firebats (30)
15 Marauders (30)
10 Medivacs (20)
1 Battlecruiser (6)
7 Wraiths (14)
5 Vultures (10)
-Upgrades: +1 Infantry Weapons
-Research: Warpigs
150 Devouring Ones (75 supply)
55 Hydralisks (55 supply)
10 Lurkers (20 supply)
15 Swarm Hosts (30 supply)
5 Broodlords (20 supply)
-Upgrades: +1 Ground Carapace
-Research: Devouring Ones
20 siege tanks
30 Marauders
10 Medivacs
1 Battle Cruiser
14 wraiths
46 marines
15 Vultures
2 medivacs(4 supply)
12 scvs (12)
2 ghosts (4)
62 Vikings.(124)
20 ravens(40)
6 battle cruisers(36 supply)
5 battlecrusier
70 vikings
20 banshees
10 Ravens
@Fantasy: The SCV's are automatically included. You can use Science Vessels. I also need to know your upgrade and your research project.

@supaflyz: I need your upgrade.

@Duke: I need your upgrade.

@Naitsrich: I need your everything. :\

@Everyone: I need the amount of causalities that you have suffered.
OOC: I have not suffered casualties so far considering my ambush on Duke meant none of my units were exposed t direct fire other than the few exposed to air units which would have been suicide considering the amount of Spore Crawlers but if I must 5 Hydras at the most would have been killed.

IC: I grabbed the headset and clumsily grabbed hold of it with my claws. Making sure I did not break it I held it delicately. I transmited my thoughts through it "My Terran allies do you require assitance. If you don't have enough on your feeble hands I think I have a plan to take out the Terran base just outside the valley leading into my staging area (this is Duke)."
If we can have brood-war units, I would like to swap up my composition.
21 Vikings
26 Valkyrie frigates
6 Battlecruisers
17 science vessels
And 5 ravens.
My upgrade will be vandium plating. However if it is an option, I would like powerful Valkyries,

323 lifted his hand, and shouted, "All units, prepare to engage. All shields, to the front!"
Defensive matrixes formed on the foremost Battlecruisers, the ones sent ahead to absorb enemy fire. And sure enough the viking squad and the accompanying battle cruiser wasted their first volley on them. The science vessels healed the damage fairly quickly.
"Ravens! PDDs! vessels! EMPs only the ones in front of us! Valkyries! Halo misslepods prepare to fire on my mark!"
The science vessels loaded tiny emp missles into their systems, and launched them.
The EMPs shattered the circuitry in the Enemy Point defense drones, nullifying their effectiveness.
Smiling slightly 323 shouted, "Now!"
The Valkyries unleashed hell. Halo missles flew in a massive drove towards the enemy Vikings, obliterating them with splash damage. Any Pdds left intact were overwhelmed by the sheer number of missles. Vikings laughed as they fired a volley at the few Battlecruisers remaining. The science vessels were healing them faster than they could take damage. One by one the Battlecruisers exploded.
"Move forward, towards the surface, before the enemy sends a second squad!"
OOC: Errr anyone going to reply to me??? And Fantasy upgrading a unit counts as an upgrade and you also are able to upgrade your attack or armor.
11/18/2012 08:34 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
OOC: Errr anyone going to reply to me??? And Fantasy upgrading a unit counts as an upgrade and you also are able to upgrade your attack or armor.

I have One unit upgrade and one armor upgrade. What's the problem? I am asking, can I upgrade this, if not then I will do this.
you can't get vandium plating AND upgrade a unit. TC also alows us to get an armor upgrade or attak upgrade kindve like the game.Ask him if you need more explanation (it took me while to wrap my head aound). Though now I realize you can not upgrade a unit to merc class since you do not have any T1 units other than SCV so I think id yake the plating over the SCVs
Ravanov chuckles. "Fire the Punisher cannon." A short burst of light a all the Defense Matrixes are down, with one of the enemy battle cruisers damaged heavily.

"Continue firing, sir?" Ravanov shakes his head.

"Let them tell the spectres of our power."
I get the engine started and let it run for a little while so everything warms up and to make sure everything sounds right. Once I was content on it being done I shut it off and turn to John.
"Well in another twenty four hours I can finish it and it will be ready to go. What is next that needs to be done?"
Mecha... You are so patient, have I ever told you that before?
Yess 15 hours ago, people are active and posting yet no one replies............................... You have told me about my super paitence powers before :D
11/18/2012 08:28 PMPosted by Fantasy
26 Valkyrie frigates

OOC: Valkyries? You have vikings would you have Valkyries?

11/18/2012 08:28 PMPosted by Fantasy
My upgrade will be vandium plating. However if it is an option, I would like powerful Valkyries,

Wrong tier. Also, vandium plating is your research project, not your upgrade. An upgraded unit count as a research project. You can only research a tier one unit. Valkyries are like tier 2 or 2.5. Look at the examples above.

11/18/2012 08:28 PMPosted by Fantasy
One by one the Battlecruisers exploded.

Fair warning, the Mephistopheles is worth three battlecruisers at least.

11/18/2012 08:34 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
OOC: Errr anyone going to reply to me???

We gave you the headset. You can reply to that.

IC: John: I scratch my head. "Want to work on the Elder's professional ship?"
Michaelson: "Sir, is this a wise decision?"
"Whats wrong with it?" I was curious as to what was with the ship. I pull a towel out of my bag and wipe the oil from my gloves.
OOC: I did grab the headset..........................................................................
OOC: Mecha you still have yet to even use the communicator. I just looked up the last post you did IC. Not much has happened since that affects your people.
I've been busy with work, I'll be able to continue this by tomorrow.
IC: I grabbed the headset and clumsily grabbed hold of it with my claws. Making sure I did not break it I held it delicately. I transmited my thoughts through it "My Terran allies do you require assitance. If you don't have enough on your feeble hands I think I have a plan to take out the Terran base just outside the valley leading into my staging area (this is Duke)."

Elder: "Go ahead, brood master. What is you plan?"
11/19/2012 10:41 AMPosted by LeKroger
"Whats wrong with it?" I was curious as to what was with the ship. I pull a towel out of my bag and wipe the oil from my gloves.

IC: John: "Oh you know. The refrigerator is broken."

Lucas: "John..."

John: "I'm kidding! The engine coolant system is working for some reason."

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