Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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First page of the first part.
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I radiate a bit of amusement from reading her mind.

OOC: Jesse is a guy...

IC: Elder: {"Slow of course. The ships are inbound. You should see their fire balls. Over."}

Daniel: {"And since they think this base is secure with it's turrets, they'll take a minute or two to move the Ravens into a position to detect us once you blow the charges. Over."}

Jeff: {"By then we can make an attack run. Over."} I finished. The plan is sound, of course, but the scale of damage would be minimal and would barely slow the rate of their building, especially with the new company coming down, but it would hurt their morale. Rave and Jake took no more than five minutes setting the charges though the cloaking devices probably convinced them that they would be fine.

Daniel: {"Looks like the turrets were active. Units are coming to check out the area."}

Elder: {"Blow the charges."}
Jesse: "Confused by MY caution?" I say sensing the templar's amusement. "I just had a dark templar almost pull arms on me. Seemed like a reasonable response."
Jake pulls out the detonators and Rave waves him down. "Wait for it..." The troops were all between the turrets. "NOW!" Jake hits the detonators, and the turrets blow, the shrapnel tearing apart the soldiers in between them.

{Go, go, go!} Rave was already picking off anyone who came for the wounded, and Jake assisted as best he could.
OCC: Well, I had to assume. Guess what happens when someone assumes?

Not confused. Amused. You are reluctant to open your mind, as are many of your race who can hide their thoughts. I am amused by it because you had said that the Prelate was paranoid, but you show such paranoia. Izados walks over, and sends something to me, in which I reply

Yes, I am aware of it. He nods, and walks away.
OOC: Sorry, should have thought of app format? Alright.

Warning: Classified Government information, do not open.
Name (Code): Subject 332 (Jacobi Ramm; a.k.a Ben Quill)
Gender: Male
Age: ***** (Declassified: 32)
Race/Species: White/Human
Rank: Dominion Captain (32nd Combat Regiment)
Looks/Characteristics: ***Classified*** (6'0, 175 pounds, lean build, long black hair, light blue eyes.)
History: Warning: Heavily Classified
1:Tried and found guilty for over 300 murders.
2: Sentenced to Death
3: *******
4: Declared Dead
5: *******
6: *******
7: *******
8: *******
9: Subject: Ben Quill enlists at rank of Captain.

32nd Combat Regiment:
40 Marines (40) [SC2]
5 Medivacs (10) [SC2]
10 Science Vessels (20) [SC:BW]
5 Siege Tanks (15) [SC2]
15 Goliaths (30) [SC:BW]
10 Hellions (20) [SC2]
5 Banshees (15) [SC2]
10 Marauders (20) [SC2]
20 Ghosts (40) [SC2]
10 Vultures (20)
3 BattleCruiser (18) [SC:BW]
1 Medic (2) [SC:BW]
Tychus Findley?

Jake pulls out the detonators and Rave waves him down. "Wait for it..." The troops were all between the turrets. "NOW!" Jake hits the detonators, and the turrets blow, the shrapnel tearing apart the soldiers in between them.

Who is this directed at?
OOC: For lack of someone to control the units, I just assume the Ravens move close to fill the radar gap, but I won't target them.

IC: Jeff: I hit the throttle and soar past Jake and Rave's position. I calmly activate the targeting system, apprehensive about killing again. Despite it, I focus on the goal and target the largest groups with the 4 fifty millimeter and the hundred millimeter cannons. The remaining turrets that could detect us are destroyed. The hatch open, already open, let in the rushing air which could have deafened me if I didn't activate the hearing protection in my suit (not that my body couldn't just reform itself to make me deaf, but I couldn't hear the radio chatter then). I know, undoubtedly, that Daniel jumped out and was currently steering himself into the enemy, gliding like an eagle. Sarah's attack team open fire as I slow as much as I dared to in this circumstances. They are, of course, equipped with sniper rifles, so their chance of hitting much was slim. If it kept heads down though. One of them does have a rocket launcher, which pays off considerably better, but she soon runs out of ammo.

Elder: {"Get out of there. You are in detection range."}

Jeff: Then, the random shots from earlier become more accurate. I doubt that normal 9 millimeter fire would penetrate the hull, but I decide not to risk heavier arms fire coming into play. I swing low as I spot Daniel. He heard the message it seems, since he is running towards the hill that housed Rave and Jake. He absorbs a nearby soldier and jumps up with the body still grossly breaking and combining with his own and lands on a ruined missile tower. I notice that he is now wearing a marine helmet. "Why is he not heading straight home?" I ask the others. Then I realize immediately as he turns his arm into a whip and flings it towards us. I brace for impact, remembering what the thing can do to a ship, but to my relief, we don't fall out of the sky. "What happened?"

Spectre: "He's clinging to the ship."

Danield: {"Figured the helmets sensors still connected with the sensor net. The display give me the location of the Dennis."}

Jeff: {"Lucky that helmet blocks the noise from the wind."} I say jokingly.
Jesse: "Aware of what?"
Explosions. I reply, and start walking over to where some of my troops practiced, getting their attention. It'll be time to do battle soon, brothers. Be ready.
Rave chuckled as the Dominion troops attempted to regain some semblence of order. {I'd say that was a successful mission. Jake and I will observe the damage, see how long it takes to restart the building process.}
Tc, I was considering joining this, but I was going to use a character from another RP that died really quickly. To fit with the backstory of that character though, would you object to me having one custom unit?
I board my ship and set my gear down. I head over to the main consul check a few things before walking over to my workbench and start working on my canister rifle.

OOC: From Lekroger

IC: John: "Think she needs help?"

Lucas: I shrug and resist the temptation to lean against the hull of the Elder's ship. "I need a break."

John: Well that is obvious. The man looks like he hadn't slept in the last day or two, then I remember that both of us literally have not slept for a day or two. I find it kind of amusing that I was too tired to notice I was tired. "Yeah, fair point. I've been putting in overtime. I need sleep." I start to walk off and Lucas follows me. I report the fact to the Elder and he agrees we need a break.
Jesse: "Seems Jeff made a run at it." That's all I gathered from the radio any ways.
Elder: {"Rave, Jake. Get moving. They are sure to start a swipe with their sensors. Over."}
{We'll be fine, Joseph. Just need to see how quick they restart.} They dug in underneath a rock shelf facing the camp, using traditional camoflauge versus their cloaking systems. {We aren't even cloaked.}
Elder: I gap at the radio in my hands. {"You're not even cloaked? You do realize that you are outside of the range of our detectors and that a command center just landed nearby? If they have radar, they would have banshees on you too fast for us to intercept. They'll be nothing left of you but smouldering goo. Fall back. We can do a fly over with the Dennis and keep it out of range."}
Rave chuckles and Jake just sighs. {You trust our judgement, right? Let us do our jobs. We're under a rock shelf using good old fashioned camoflauge. We'll be fine. It's a tried and proven observation technique.}
Elder: {"From the amount of resistance you've been giving me. No, I starting not to trust you. Now, unlike you boys think, you are not all knowing. Your job, and primary objective, is to guard the caves from the Dominion who wish to capture it. Orders are given out along a chain of command with me at the top. You, like everyone else, follow my orders and I will give you express permission to follow any of the numerous missions you feel are necessary. On top of that, we have numerous cooperation problems among the mercenaries."} Which wasn't unexpected, but we needed as much teamwork as possible or else no one was getting out of this valley alive. If they did, it would be in the custody of the Dominion. I continue. {"Not least of which was caused by the argument you decided to start all the while voicing your complaints on all friendly channels. Not only did you cause unrest, you undermined my authority to the rest of the mercenaries. That is unacceptable. As of right now, your talent is wasted sitting in a ditch, that is certain to become your latrine in a few hours, watching a bunch of SCV's repair the small amount of damage you caused to the structures. I have a different assignment for you which is of more importance than sitting in that ditch of yours."}
OOC: From Lekroger
I sigh and put my canister rifle down. I couldn't think of any other things I could do to the rifle and make for the cockpit and start prepping it for launch. If I was going to help them I had more than just my skills as a mechanic now, especially with the modifications that I had done to this ship. In a few minutes, I take off and pass over the newly forming protoss base taking note of its location. The protoss machines were always interesting to work with and I needed to take more time in working with them. I make several more passes over the other mercenary bases making mental notes of what they had and how they were deployed.

IC: Jesse: I look up at the sky and I see the familiar outline of Jessica's ship. Seems she is checking the surroundings. I watch it fly through the air like a free bird for a few minutes.
Jake sighs. Surveilance was important too. {You forget you also agreed to allow us to deal with what ever missions we felt necessary as well. We'll do yours, then we're coming back to this overhang, and getting a count of enemy numbers. If we don't know numbers, we don't know ratios, and that can make all the difference.}
Elder: I manage to prevent myself from snapping back 'But unlike the Dennis, you aren't detectors.' I compose myself for a moment surprised that let young two soldiers, clearly unable to grasp the bigger picture of things, to get to me. {"Head back to base. The Dennis will put you up when you get there. You are marked as friendlies. When you are aboard, you be flown here for my debriefing."}
{Be there as soon as possible. Any particular reason you don't want us to just use the tunnels?} The two start the trek back, still watching for ravens.
Elder: {"The hologram projector isn't really in the tunnels."}
Jake and Rave looks at each other in confusion. {I don't remember seeing a holoprojector in the tour...}

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