Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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Elder: I sigh. {"And who gave you this tour?"}
{I believe it of the gals...} Rave chuckles.

{We weren't paying attention, between keeping people out of our heads and other things.}
Elder: I sigh again. {"John and Lucas."}
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{Sorry, like I said, preoccupied.}
Tomorrow. Deal with it tomorrow. Headache, exhaustion, and some God forsaken ability to ignore sleep and another to have the will to stay awake for my night owl tendencies.

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I pass over the location where Jake and Rave were managing to stay out of range of the Dominion turrets and sensors. I look at the base and see what the explosion did to the base.I switch on the ships comm unit to listen into the chatter on the channel that the spectres and mercenaries were using.

ICL Elder: {"Remember the spectres names or I'll beat into you."} Finally dropping all tact. These two are so obviously headstrong, that they couldn't pick up a subtle hint to save their lives.
{We'll remember them when they're needed. Quite frankly, there isn't a one of you we actually trust, so you know what, forget we were ever here. We're out.} They1 cut the frequencies and change direction, heading for a camp they're made up in the mountains on the way here. Rave shook his head.

"Told you this was a waste of time." Jake sighed.

"I know, but I'd hoped that we'd find someone who kept their end of the contract. Guess not." Reaching the camp, they activate the standard camo and sit down.
Elder: I grinned with satisfaction. Oh this was perfect for me. I hurried to the podium that stood in the middle of the room to the uncomfortable benefit oh those who used it, put on the spot in the briefing. It ensured that the rabble of eccentric spectres that I called family had at least some voice in things. Though occasionally painful to see a young spectre actually give an opinion on a matter in front of Sarah would alone cause them to wet themselves, provided we didn't have a bathroom outside to relief such fears of an accident. To put a young spectre in front of everyone, all forty-one members was almost considered cruel in the extreme though they at least had some grace to wait until the lad was done talking to bash apart any ill-phrased statements or naive beliefs. It helped them stay comfortable among people if the events weren't scarring. If one of the weaker ones come to the stand, the spectres had the good grace to be more polite. Jessica was one such spectre who had a hard time. I always worried about her, but it was very pleasant surprise that she and Jesse had formed a bond of sibling-hood that was uncommonly strong, even among us (though Sarah still needed work of course). Improving social skills was essential to maintain the ability to actually work with people which was usually made pretty hard after spectre training. Such exercises as well as regular sessions of literally sharing thoughts and minds (though we made sure we kept our own personalities when we were done in the same vein as the protoss). John always had the greatest problem with this given that he has the weakest psi index of all of us, barely reaching five even have spectre training and given the Changeling, Andy's, abilities. These sessions enabled us to gain insight on the protoss way of thinking (mimicking dark templar rituals proved to be harder) though it was admittedly very, very primitive and would seem laughable to the protoss. Another major session we had was to form a giant hive mind by linking our thoughts together in the hierarchical status of the zerg. Each week a new person led the 'hive,' but the link could be cut pretty quick if the leader decided that joking around was more fun. This left us with an appreciation for the zerg and a caution unknown to many. All these things Jake and Rave were clearly incapable of understanding at the moment.

I shock the thoughts, clearly getting distracted again by my wandering thoughts which was all too common nowadays despite my psionic power keeping my body relatively at where it function at my prime. I opened a hidden hatch in the podium that was impossible to see no matter how close you looked. I enthusiastically slap the button and laugh a little like a school child. I haven't done this in years and this was going to be a fun day for me. Something to get out the tense of years of being with a family ridiculously complicated in the extreme. Each person always having some special issue they could never really deal with and the problem would often change. They were, of course, the most loving and caring family a man could ask for, but stick forty-one people, all with slight mental issues, all with the ability to read minds, in an underground bunker, things can get a little dramatic to say the least. The podium, which is also the hologram projector, revealed it's third purpose. The podium opened up to reveal the most magnificent armor a spectre could wear. Tailored perfectly to fit me, it included all the gadgets and gizmos awarded to ghosts and spectres. The number of pouches and the innumerable uses of the items inside them are enough to make me giddy. Quickly I slid the thing one on after I removed everything but my undergarments. I looked down triumphantly at the khaydarin crystal which was set firmly in place on the heavy armor. A prize I won from the first high templar I killed single-handedly, without the use of weapons or technology mind you given I was in no position to use them any ways. That was even before my spectre training. A triumph I always loved. I praised the templar almost every night for the incredible he put up. I had taken his necklace as a prize to remember him by as I never got the pleasure of knowing my worthy advisory's name. Hopefully the Khala treated him well.

I know, of course, the seem contradiction to chase after a mere two rogues who abandoned their job which would my position open, but at the moment, the other spectres knew what to do. Plus, I have a worthy assistant to take my place. Though she lacks tact, she makes up for it in force, but not fear as it used to be. I had ensured the command structure was upheld and the channels all seemed regulated to the business they were meant to be set aside for. I made my preparations quickly for my departure. I alerted the right people (just Jesse and Zero, really. The others would be too busy to notice any ways.) It is perfectly clear in my mind that those two idiots had to be brought back for the mission I had been about to assign them and I was more than ready to beat them unconscious and drag them back. I finally turned towards the door and noticed Sarah for the first time (of course, I had sensed her the entire time, I was just too giddy to be bothered to move the information up to my conscious mind since my subconscious already deemed the familiar presence as a non-issue). She had clearly been watching me for sometime and, for a brief moment, I saw fear in her eyes which was mixed with incredibility and awe. She'd seen this outfit enough to know what it was for and she learned to fear it. All the spectres knew of at least rumors of the extremely rare hunts I made. Though I never permanently damaged someone, I have no doubt scared them enough to leave even the likes of Sarah an emotionally wreck for days (though I assume it more to do with what they knew of me and what they discovered of me. Rave and Jake would not be as affected, but I hoped to make them fear as if a Mothership targeted them directly. My hints always began when an indefinitely bad seed was unable to improve in any way. Three people experienced the 'hunt' which is just my normal way of fighting an enemy seriously.

Sarah: "You-"

Elder: "You're in charge. I'm going hunting." I stride past her before she could say anything. "No interruptions unless the Dark Voice, himself, comes down on the planet." I finished as fast as I could. It was time to hunt.
The last transport lands, carrying Immortals, and flies off. I glance up, and Carriers burn in from the atmosphere to our base. I turn to Jesse and send
The last of our transports are here. All of our ground forces, plus three Carriers, are ready for the Dominion. I turn to the center of the base, and walk over to it.
Another Navy fleet was arriving, under an experimented man. What better way to flush out monsters than with another monster? He was a sergeant before everything happened... But he has power over NCO's. The Admiral of the fleet was alerted by this mans presence, the one Behemoth Class Battlecruiser was waiting near the platform, while the rest of the fleet was ready.
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IC: I worked, trying to create what I wanted with the little reasearch the Spectres gave me as one of my only guides to spawning what I wanted, no needed. A Cerebrate. I watched in happiness as the egg pulsed and it was almost ready to be plucked off from one of the many Creep growths but it went dark. I hissed in anger as yet another Cerbrate died unborn. I sliced a nearby Locust in half with my talons and roared. I soon realized I was being to hasty. "Yess." I said to myself. "Yesss."
You do realize the odds of men who have survived and killed stronger and scarier thing than Joseph are slim right? And you're taking a bullet to the shoulder, no questions asked. That's fair. Although more than that would be more fair.

Jake ut the vid call and faced Rave. "They'll be arriving soon, then we can be at peace with leaving so soon. God, but I'm tired of our contracts ignoring their end of the deal. Maybe we should just go free lance, watch for key points in conflicts against the Dominion and strike there. We don't often work for pay anyways. And when we do, it isn't worth it." Rave nods, watching the Dominion base.

"We'll find better work. Always do after a bullsh!t job like this."
Without waiting, the new Dominion group led by Alexander dropped their Battlecruisers through the Atmosphere, miles from the Spectre Headquarters, the Banshee's and Wraith's quickly followed, along with a contingent of Science Vessels waiting in Space to drop EMP waves, or to shield the ships with a Defense Matrix.
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You do realize the odds of men who have survived and killed stronger and scarier thing than Joseph are slim right? And you're taking a bullet to the shoulder, no questions asked. That's fair. Although more than that would be more fair.

OOC: Actually, since I'm DM and the fact that the Elder has a "lower psi index" means nothing. Daniel is the best fighter in the RP besides for the Elder. Jeff has a higher psi index and no one is more brutal than Sarah. However, the Elder makes up for it in.... other ways. He's the strongest one in the RP by default and you just pissed him off. Think on the order of someone who can actually face Umbra from PKA and then you may have an idea of how strong he is, so please don't make it too hard for me or I have to God mode it. I know it may hurt your pride to have your characters taken out right now, but no one seems to care that Jeff is psi 10. This is one of my ways of getting back at those people.

11/24/2012 10:15 AMPosted by Zarkun
God, but I'm tired of our contracts ignoring their end of the deal.

Also, they are delusional. It's them that broke their pact, that's why the Elder is after them. Plus, they didn't give back the equipment the spectre's gave them, so they are also thieves. In most cases, they'd be dead for such a transgression, but the Elder is being merciful since he needs them. The khaydarin crystal is more than just for show. Expect the battle with the Elder to draw the attention of the Dominion as well.

IC: Jesse: "You seem to have everything in order here. I have to ask you though to watch yourself around the zerg and to remember that they are our allies for the time being."
Elder: Psi indexes really never meant anything to me. I've seen marines kill ghosts and zealots kill templar. Anyone could die to someone with a lower psi-index. Kerrigan did fall to a bunch of zerglings after all. According to records, Jim Raynor's psionic son died in a shuttle crash. Basic things killed psionics just like everyone else. I look at the make-shift camp of Jake and Rave while they sit there unaware of me or they were aware. Doesn't really matter. They are about to be in a world of pain any ways. They kind of deserved it given the stupidity of their recent actions. The psi-screen buzzes in my ear. I don't really need my powers yet and I am about ready to unleash hell on the planet any ways. I need it to keep me in check while I simmer any ways. I didn't even bother to bring a gun. Though I know these boys could take down an ultralisk together such is the talent I expected from them, but it doesn't bother me. All I need is the crystal, the technology, and my psionic powers for this one. This boys are going to do the job I was going to give them or die in the process which is fine by me. I get up ready to start out for my fun.
A shot passes through the air near Joseph. "Your metal armor almost passes off as a ghost's." Rave had his pistol level with Joseph's head. "Now, we can fight, which is a waste of time and energy, or we can talk." Jake came out of the tunnel that they'd found.

"You agreed to let us do our jobs as we saw fit. What happened there?"

OOC: For more punching bag reasons, I'm getting one more, and shifting the three to first person. However, he will be story relevant outside of punching bag.

Name: Tretus Je'and
Age: 26? (Not sure, I'm working that out in my head now.)
Armament: Twin Lazpistols and a scattergun
Appearance: About 5' 10", Dark Blonde hair, scar across his nose, blue eyes, wears what looks like a smugglers jacket and clothing, but it's really armor.
Back Story: Lost during a smuggling run, he came across the spectres and agreed to run freight and other 'things' off world and back for them.
OOC: Damn arkun your characters are hated worse than the Jukalisk.
Not hated, just currently found annoying.
And this is plot related... The Jukalisk is well... What is the word described for that?

And if the battle attracts the Dominion?

Sweet, I'm already dropping through Atmo and I was already planning on using incendiary missiles from both the BC and Banshee's in the forest. :D

And I'm miles away from the fighting, and I mean miles.
I would go with obnoxious.

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