Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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And there won't be a battle. Terms are being re-discussed.
I'm still burning up the forests with a strategic bombing run... I'm already down there, miles away. I might as well burn up any cover that anyone might use during an escape.
You may want to ok that first with the Admiral.

IC They were miles above the ground, and miles away from the main fighting... Everything would fall into plan soon, time to be like the very monster that he is. {Admiral, this is Alexander, I request permission to burn the neighboring forests... I'm miles away from the fighting, but if they try to escape... They would have no cover from our ships. Incendiaries are already being loaded... Awaiting your orders.}

Alexander was in the bridge of his Behemoth that the Dominion kindly gave him, his Battlecruiser was at the main platform that was in orbit.
Ravanov shook his head. {Denied. Even miles away, a burn that size would reach our own men on the ground. Proceed to reinforce Commander Resnov.}

OOC: I'd already done the math when I recommended you talk to Ravanov first.
Alexander lit a cigar and was smoking it. {With all due respect Admiral... Once they start sending out the escape transports... I'll get a team of Banshee's and Ghosts to hunt them down.} A bottle of find champagne was in a cabinet and he pulled it out, opening it. Pouring some into a glass. {This Behemoth Class Battlecruiser that is under my command had access to nuclear missiles, now they are outfitted with an EMP charge instead... Give me an order and I can take out electronics.}
{Once more, we risk our own equipment. Reinforce Commander Resnov's position and begin construction of a forward outpost.}
{I know that Admiral, but we can also use them for pin point precision. Which means we don't have to risk as much... And wouldn't it be best if one of us built a forward base from their flank? I'm just open to suggestions and I hope you are as well.} The glass was cracked from to much force, but it wouldn't hurt, nor would it break. Alexander had taken a sip.

{Since I wish to know more about our enemies... Who are we fighting? I heard something about Zerg when they released me... But that is all that I know besides the Spectre's.}
{I will leave that up to your fellow commanders to tell you. And EMPs do not have 'pinpoint precision. They detonate in a large field. Reinforce Resnov's position or, if someone has already reinforced him, build a forward outpost to the north of his position.} Ravanov was annoyed. He had specifically asked that all EMP missiles be left on Korhal for this operation. Why had no one told this new commander?
{As you wish Admiral... Good hunting.} The Behemoth, donned the Exodus, was landing on the platform.
I was annoyed at the Spectres for taking so long to give me what I came for and I deciided to contact them. "Greetings Spectres I need to talk. I did not come to this rock out of the kindness of my heart, I came to it for the DNA enhancements you promised me. I have seen the Dominion multiply like Zerglings and I am thinking about bringing in as you Terrans would call him, a brother to assist." I said cooly over the radio transmitter they gave me.
And when this is over, they will be burned to the ground, Terran. You have my promise on that. I send back, and troops begin to rally toward me, getting into formations to listen to me speak to them.
OOC: Errr im Zerg.
OCC: No !@#$ Sherlock.
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And if the battle attracts the Dominion?

OOC: More fun.

IC: Elder: I sigh again. "You would use a gun on an unarmed old man?" I lift my hand and pull the gun out of Rave's hand. I twirl it around with years of practiced ease. "This has a nice weight and balance to it. You want to deprive me of my fun and just talk? You are right. You were given a job and you could do it as yo0u saw fit, but you didn't read the fine print apparently. You still have to follow my orders and I have a job for you which is why I came out here myself. You know, if you were any body else, stealing our equipment would mark you for death."
Henry: "Syclla, I'm your adviser. All you questions should be given to me. We aren't ready with the second upgrades yet so we need some time. Please be patient."

OOC: We have to talk about your swarm hosts, Mecha...
"If you can come out here and find us, why aren't you helping out combat wise? That question aside, what's the job? It's not like we want one of us to infiltrate that base, don't you?" I was suddenly suspicious. Why did he come out himself?


I nod. "If it's infiltration, it's out of the question. We're both marked men."


I maneuvered the Haradin through the hole in the Dominion patrols and radio the planet. {This is Tretus, inbound with those supplies that was requested.}


I start to return to the spectre base passing once more over the position where Jake and Raven had set up and over the Protoss base. I land my ship upon my arrival and head back towards my cargo hold. I pass by various projects that I have yet to finish stopping once to look at the android that I had almost finished. Sarah might enjoy making an AI for it once I finish it and the group might have better use than what I would. I sigh and grab my tool bag and head down the ramp to see if I could find something else to work on or one of the other spectres from our group to talk to.
Elder: "Feh." I throw Rave's gun back to him. The young ones here just dodged a bullet. "Well, I was going to give the mission to just you two, but now I think I'll come with you. We are going on a scavenger hunt. Seems some Dominion officer found some of the Xel'naga artifacts on the planet and I want them."

Sarah: "Mr. Tretus, I don't remembering ordering any supplies. How'd you get this frequency?"
Jeff: I land the ship in the bay with Daniel in toll. The mission is finished so I take off my helmet and sigh. Seems Jessica landed in the bay as well. I figure I may as well talk to her.
"Let me think...I think his name would be Resnov than. His second in command was the one that infiltrated the compound. Had something in his mind about the artifacts."


"Xel'Naga artifacts? Well, I guess that explains part of their reason for being here."


{I was told to bring a shipment of supplies here and that I needed to use this frequency to let you know I'd arrived.}


I see Jeff land his ship and walk off his ship. I wave over to him in a friendly manner.
Elder: "If you do a good job, I may even tell you about them."
Sarah: "Okay, then send me the access codes." I smile. Only a ship that was supposed to land here would have our access codes. We changed them enough for us to be certain of it.
Jeff: I see Sarah wave and I smile. Daniel runs over to her. I give Sarah's assault team their orders and they head off. I start walking over to Jessica.

Daniel: "Jessica! Hello! You don't know me, but I'm Damiel. The new guy! How are you?"
I shrug. "We soldiers, not scholars, but we should be able to remember it."


I chuckle. "Right well, the only place they would risk digging is the magnetic field down at the end of the valley."


I transmit the correct codes and sit back, waiting. I had a good reputation, and never lost a shipment. Unless, of course, some son of a murglak stole my ship, but that was only once.

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