Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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"First off personal space." I back away from Daniel. "I am fine, just got back from exploring the area. I take it you just started then."
Elder: "Right. Let's go back to the base, then. Why do you have a camp out here any ways?"
Sarah: I receive the codes and I frown. They are all legit. "Fine. Pull in the landing bay. If there is any sign of foul play, you're dead."
Daniel: "Oooohhhhh. I been looking forward to meeting you. At least say 'hi'...."

Jeff: "Jessica isn't as open as you Daniel. How's it going Jessica? The repairs, I mean."

"They are going. I think John and Lucas are really worn out. Still have that connection with the changelings and Flint?" I turn to Daniel. "He is right I am not exactly an open person. It is good to see someone else new to our ranks though so welcome."

I shrug. "It's where we come when we need a chance to think. Also we feel safer being able to see all the directions an enemy could come from. You don't think we spend a heavy amount of time in those rooms do you?"


"I did it because I like to sleep under the stars. Guess I got used to it being on the run all the time."


{Roger that.} I maneuver into a docking bay and land, keeping the loading ramp up for now. {Let me know when you're ready to get the supplies.}

OOC: Here's his ship.
I look through the eyes of a changeling watching the conversation between the lead Spectre and two of the mercs. "Xel Naga artifacts, HERE!!!" I think to myself in urgency. I knew I had to gain possesion of them or my entire plan was jepordized.

OOC: Why do u need to talk about da Hosts
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OOC: Why do u need to talk about da Hosts

OOC: Yeah... about them. There aren't supposed to be any units from HotS in this RP...

IC: Daniel: "Thank you, thank you. I'm happy to be of service."

Jeff: "I do, but I haven't seen Andy in a while. We have been having contacts with Flint though."
Elder: "I see, I see. Hmm, one second." I turn and launch an attack on the nearby Changeling. The psionic storm shreds it's mind. I open up a channel to Syclla. "Now, now. No spying Syclla."
Sarah: "Your welcoming party is already there." I watch the camera feed as my assault team moves into position to welcome the newcomer.

OOC: That thing kind of looks like the Falcon.
It was the idea when they designed it. I just got mine in game.

IC: I curse. "You know that means she knows about the Artifacts now, right?" How did I not...Actually, as preoccupied as I was, that shouldn't surprise me. I look down at the encampments, noting the Zerg and Protoss on opposite ends of the 'wall.' Probably for the best.


"So where are we going in at?"


I watch them through the viewport and chuckle. If it came to blows, which I could prevent with my smooth talk, they'd loose. Lowering the ramp, I walk down. "Hello, there. You my welcoming party?"
Elder: "Hide your thoughts more carefully, Rave. I may be an expert, but you never know when a powerful psionic is nearby. We are going to head right there and take the artifact as a three man team. I need you boys' help."
Spectre: "Back away until Sarah gets here." The spectre waves another up. "Search his person."
I chuckle. "First off, no one gets on or near my ship without me. Second," I catch the spectre's hand and push it away. "What you see is what I have. No unnecessary tricks." That you need to know about.


"Sorry, just seen what happens to the two races are next door to each other." I start off towards the area Jake had indicated.


"Do we know what kind of artifacts these are?"
Artifacts? A voice echos mentally, and the shadows near the Elder materialize. Izados appears, his eyes on the Elder, his weapon in hand but deactivated.
I didn't hesitate to level my rifle with the Protoss, as did Rave. "We don't take too kindly to being spied on."
Izados glances at the two terrans aiming at him, and doesn't even bother lighting his weapon. With the level of awareness you both have, I would not be surprised if an Ultralisk had managed to sneak in behind you both.
I let off a warning shot, the plasma passing through his shield in an open spot. "Normally I'd have dropped you, but you're under Joseph's employ. Just keep your mind and your weapon to yourself."
Terran, if I was going to kill you, you'd be dead already. You would have never know it had happened. Izados shakes his head, and disappears from sight.
I watch him walk away, switching to magnetics to keep track. Too many damn cloaking people, enemies and friendly. Shaking my head, I resume the trek. "Sorry, but I really don't like being snuck up on."


Ravanov was annoyed that the Lieutenant had been reassigned, but dealt with it. {Commander Alexander, prepare your men for an assault on the Zerg, but be careful. Commander Resnov has already learned the price of underestimating his foe.}
Spectre: "You have to hide your thoughts." I hit him with the butt of my gun and drop him. "You do what we say and nothing else. Search him." The process of searching starts. It soon turns up nothing and we decide to wait for Sarah.
Elder: "They control part of a ship. And it's fine. These mercenaries aren't our friends. I know that. They just want their money and technology."
I grunt and stand up, brushing myself off. "Never, try and board my ship without my express permission. You might get turned into Swiss cheese without it." I look over as a female walks in and shake my head. Great, another woman with something to prove. "I take it you're the one who I show the supplies to?"


I shrug. "Good point."
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IC: As I was managing my minions I heard an urgent report from one of my long range scouting Overseers. "My queen I have found a small cave with strange eminations coming from the inside, shall I send a Changeling to investigate???" My interest perked "Pleae do and report back to base so you do not draw any attention to it. I watched through the Changeling's eyes as he went deeper and soo the small tunnel led into an immense cavern and in it was something spectacular.

"Well I guess that is good that you still have contact with him."
I turn to see the commotion that the new arrival is causing and shake my head. "You might not want to say that to her if you value you manhood."

I ignore the other Spectre. I was being payed for this load and a couple others, and that was it. Hopefully I wouldn't run into any hitches this time.
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IC: Sarah: "I am." I wave the other spectres off. "What have you brought us?"
Elder: We arrive in the hangar bay. It seems Sarah is talking to someone new. I walk up to the pair and observe the conversation.
"Food, parts, tools, anything you were in need of is in there. Don't know who the exact person is here who hired me. Message was signed the Elder."

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