Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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ELder: "That would be me. Funny, I expected you to be taller."
I shrug. "Size isn't everything. Where do you want me to unload the supplies?"
Elder: "Right here of course."
I nod and a ramp to the cargo bay lowers, the loader droids unloading everything. "That'll be about ten minutes for this load."
Elder: "So, does this need to hold me up or do you some things to discuss?"
I shake my head. "Once this is done, have someone direct my loading bots to the load that needs to leave, if any, and I'll go get the next load. Combat assistance, however, will cost you extra."
Sarah: "You assist in combat? That's a joke." I spit at his feet. "You look like you couldn't hurt a fly let alone a marine."
A laz round hits the ground between the girls feet and I spin it, holstering the weapon. "There's a lot about a smuggler you should know. One, we don't fight fair. Two, we know all the back doors, no matter what. And three, don't ever think we can't kick your pretty spectre rear. We can spot a persons weakness in a heart beat. For example, you're a bit headstrong and violent."
Elder: I look at Sarah who didn't even flinch. Her expression didn't even change. I step in between them knowing the Sarah would put one in between his eyes or, if he was unlucky, do something a lot worse. "I have confidence that you can be an important ally. Show me what you brought us."
Henry: I watch as the zerg brood leader, Scylla, starts getting all excited and starts issuing commands to her nearby units. I cast Mick a worried look. Something is wrong here.
Jesse: "It seems, Templar, that all of your defenses are set up. Tell me, what is your basic battle plan?"
Zero: Lt. Dan and I finish up our conversation. Our plans are now set. We part ways and both of us decide that it is time to sleep after many hours of staying up. Dan's top Non-comm take over the organization of the night shift.
Jacob: I get and finish the last of the medical treatment. Excitedly, I start walking over towards 323's base camp, ready to see my old friend.
Daniel and I quietly watch the scene with the rouge trader, Sarah, and the Elder. I cast a nervous glance at Daniel and he just shakes his head. He turns to me and mouths "the man is trying to commit suicide." I nod in agreement. He really shouldn't have done that.
Michaelson: "Sir, how are preparations going down in the valley? Are the companies settled in yet?"

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I nod and lead the Elder to the cargo bay. "Food, water, and any other things you said were on the list. Some of it was difficult to acquire and I now have yet another crime lord after me for stealing his prize power source." I grin and pull out a small box. "Why'd you want this XR-78 power generator anyways? Sure it can power a full fleet of ships, but it would over load the ship it was placed on."


Jake and I look at each other and shake our heads. Smugglers. {Joseph, you're aware he charges more than most mercs right?}

I take note of Sarah's expression and ready to intervene on the fool smuggler's behalf. "I did warn him...." I say just loud enough for myself Jeff and Daniel to hear.

I perk up a bit when he mentions the power supply. "That isn't entirely true. With a few alterations that I can do instead of directly overloading the ship it."

I look at the spectre from earlier. "That's not the problem. If the alteration was that simple, they'd be mass produced by now. The problem is if you do the alteration wrong, the thing implodes and destroys everything in a 15 mile radius."

I shake my head at the man. "Again you make another mistake. This time it is doubting my skills. I specialize in work like that and am one of, if not the best, at it."

I shake my head. "So was the last guy who worked on one. Now go ask the crater where his town used to be what the result was. All I'm saying is that it's dangerous."
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"Why'd you want this XR-78 power generator anyways? Sure it can power a full fleet of ships, but it would over load the ship it was placed on."

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IC: Elder: "Again, with you? You should watch yourself. Until my other contacts, you get in the most trouble and I have zerg and rebels in my list. That engine is for a ship of incredible power, rest assured and I'm sure a battlecruiser could handle it any ways." {Of course I realize that, but he is one of the most reliable mercs out there. Besides, he was the only one who had what I needed.}

I whisper to Jessica, "Some people never learn."

Daniel: "While I find this all fascinating, I have to wonder what you are doing out of the bunker Joseph."

Sarah: "ELDER Joseph."

Daniel: I shrug. "Elder Joseph."

Elder: I wave Sarah to relax. "It's fine. I have a personal errand to run, dear Daniel. Nuclear engines do tend to do that. Luckily, this is a fusion engine and it's much safer than those fission reactors that morons are still building."

"She is the best at what she does, but I'm surprised you know fusion reactors..."

Elder: "We are in capable hands as always."
I shrug. "You're the boss, long as you pay. What am I picking up this next time around?" I needed to know if I'd be angering anymore crime lords before leaving. I walk up the cargo ramp and pull out another box. "Oh, and I almost forgot this little beaut. The TR-67 prototype shield generator. I believe you said it was for you personally."

"To true." I whisper back at Jeff.

"Fusion is much safer than fission and they also put out more energy as well. And yes smuggler I am aware of what will happen if the wrong wire or tube is put out of place. There is a reason I was the head mechanic for this group and it wasn't for being a fool."

"I'm not saying you're a fool. I'm saying even someone with technopathy would have trouble with the process."
Elder: "Same shield prelates use. How did you get that little treat?"

"You have a good eye to figure out Jessica uses psionics in her work, but she's a mechanic. She uses mechanopathy. Sarah uses technopathy. Technopathy is interacting with computer AI's and programming. Mechanopathy is working with the mechanical component."
"Let's just say I have friends in high places." I hand the generator to the Elder and shrug. "I didn't know, just know that the last guy to work on one had one of the two."
Elder: I attach the shield generatro to the khaydarin crystal. The device snaps and claws stretch around my chest. The shield activates and I smile. Oh yes, this will do. Daniel, will you do the honors?"

Daniel: "Umm, what?"

Elder: "Stab me. Hard as you can?"

Daniel: "Umm, no..."

Elder: "Do it or I'll stab you."

Daniel: "!!!" I form a sword and rush him. I stab at him, but I'm thrown back. "!@#$!!!!"

Elder: "Seems to work fine. Good work. You have a good prize for me. The funds should be in your account."
I chuckle. "Thanks. Like I said, any other special items I need to pick up on my way with the second load?" I look over and notice one of the loading bots acting funny. "Great," I mutter, "now's not the time for my bots to act up."

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