Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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The plan in simple. Since we have so few troops that can hit aircraft, anyone who can engage them are ordered to make them top priority while the ground forces hold them back. Once the skies are cleared, they will turn their guns to ground targets, and assist fighting them off. If we start taking loses, the first fall-back is further behind the Photon Cannons. Dark Templar will go around them, and engage in stealth once we fall back. I say. Izados appears nearby, and nods. He turns about, and moves toward the Cannons.
I chuckle. "Thanks. Like I said, any other special items I need to pick up on my way with the second load?" I look over and notice one of the loading bots acting funny. "Great," I mutter, "now's not the time for my bots to act up."

Elder: "You have your list. Surprise me."
Jesse: "And if they have detection or EMP's?
Priorities. I reply simply.
I nod then go over to the bot, which pulls it's stun baton on me and charges me. "That double crossing b!tch!" I duck under the swing and pump it full of holes with both lazpistols. As it falls, smoking, I go into my ship and inspect the wiring, cursing profusly. "Damnit! It'll take me the next two days to fix this..."

I look over the robot for a second. "You didn't have to do that, I could have disabled it without destroying it. Such wasteful actions...."
I walk over to the robot and crouch next to it examining it more before setting my tools down next to me and begin to take apart the robot.

"You aren't the one it intended to kill by bashing in of the skull." I come out of one of the hallways of my ship and walk over to Joseph. "I'm delayed two days thanks to a psycho woman who thinks I should marry her."

"I still could have disabled it before it would have harmed you seriously." I keep my focus on the droid. "I can help you fix your ship when I finish with this poor droid."

I shake my head. "Have fun fixing Lazbolt damage. As for my ship, no one touches Blue Moon but me. No offence."

"Then lose two days worth of possible profit due to your stubborness. As for this droid the damage isn't as terrible as you make it out. It's core will need replaced as well as a few other parts most of which I can obtain or build." I start removing the damaged parts from the droid setting them next to me.

I shake my head. "Not stubbornness, no one knows my ship like I do. As for the droid, I was going to replace it anyways."

I pause for a minute looking at the damaged parts before look at the man and his ship. "That is what you might think. In a matter of minutes I could learn more about your ship than what you learned in your first few months of owning it." I turn my attention back on the droid parts and start dissembling them scavenging for the more functional pieces to make new parts.

I shake my head. "Bloody techno and mechnopaths," I mutter, "No one knows my ship better than me, no one. I've tested it." I go back inside and start working on the warp drive. That was what would take the longest to fix, and I didn't mind. I liked working on Blue Moon.
OOC: Am I reading that? Lol, no.

IC: Elder: "Facinating. Well, we have to go. Keep doing a good job and you'll be paid well."
I start walking again. "Wonder what he actually went through to get those parts. Things are tricky to find, let alone gain."

I replace the parts back into the droid and stand back up. I could fix it but I would need my workbench and more time and I was certain that I wouldn't have much time for it now. I start hauling it over to my ship to store it next to the almost finish android until I could work on it more.
Elder: "Robbery. Bribing. I doubt murder, but his suppliers may have some of that dish."
I shake my head. "I doubt he has suppliers for those things, especially if he mentioned another bounty, but you have a point. So, do we just say hi, kick @ss and take the artifacts, then walk out?"


I perk up. "Can we just do that?"
Elder: "I rather kill them, but yes. Here's the ship. Get in."
Rave and I climb on, checking our weapons and such as we went. "You sure this will work?"
Elder: "The attack? Of course I'm not sure. Things rarely go as planned, but that's why I'm coming."
I shrug. "Your choice, but in my experience, the leader is the last person you want on the front lines."
Elder: "Heh. The spectres can handle themselves. Plus, I'm the most powerful one of them all. I don't need bodyguards."

OOC: Think patriarchs from Warhammer 40,000.
I'll think more along the lines of something else. Never played Warhammer anything.

IC: "Like I said, your choice. That's just my experience. Of course, I was a unit leader and still fought on the front lines."
I am in awe as the Changeling looks out into a massive lava tube full of Rich Minerals and Rich Vespene but that was not what held my attention. It was the fact that clusters of khaydarian crystals where growing everywhere. Sadly the Changeling died before it could go down further. Now seeing through my own eyes I see my Hatchery is finished. "Perfect, Perfect!!" I said to myself and soon had Drones morph into a Spawning Pool, Roach Warrern, and Baneling Nest while I began to create more Drones to send into the cavern.

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