Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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"My plan is for you to distract the enemy while I send in a small strike team to infilltrate the primary command center and infest it and the surronding structures which will give me access into more minions and the base will crumble from the inside out and it and it will also give me access to more minions. I shall assit in the distraction by sending my Infested to blow a large hole in their defenses and then sending a few Swarm Hosts to assist. My base shall be the staging area. And would you be to kind and alow me to set up a Hive cluster, my minions would be greatly benefited with minerals and vespene to fuel their body."
Rave chuckled. {Typical Zerg. They have more than enough forces to handle a distraction and your 'infiltration team.' I would know, I scouted it.} Jake sighed.

{What Rave means is that it's not feesable until they've become reliant on their turrets.}
11/19/2012 10:37 AMPosted by Thecommander
26 Valkyrie frigates

OOC: Valkyries? You have vikings would you have Valkyries?

My upgrade will be vandium plating. However if it is an option, I would like powerful Valkyries,

Wrong tier. Also, vandium plating is your research project, not your upgrade. An upgraded unit count as a research project. You can only research a tier one unit. Valkyries are like tier 2 or 2.5. Look at the examples above.

One by one the Battlecruisers exploded.

Fair warning, the Mephistopheles is worth three battlecruisers at least.

OOC: Errr anyone going to reply to me???

We gave you the headset. You can reply to that.

IC: John: I scratch my head. "Want to work on the Elder's professional ship?"
Michaelson: "Sir, is this a wise decision?"

Yes, I want vandium plating.
Yes I want Valkyries.
I will assume the uber-BC will have 1650 HP, okay?
Now each halo missle does six damage, and does splash damage. So some damage would be done to the BC in the first wave of missles. However it would only do three damage per missle, due to BC armor. Each Valkyrie fires 8 missles. 24x8=192 missles. In the second wave, from the Valkyries alone, the battlecruiser would recieve 576 damage. The 20 Vikings would impact the Battlecruiser with a punishing (11x2)x20 damage meaning it would do 440 damage on the first wave. The second wave of missles would deal another 440 damage.
At most, it would take three waves of missles to destroy the uber BC.
And the damage the BC does? It was Emped so no Yamoto cannon. And the laser barrage is nullified by a combination of Pdds, defensive matrix, and healing done by the science vessels.

However, instead of focusing on the uber BC, someone must consider the forces didn't bother striking the majority of the enemy. They only blasted their way through a small amount of the forces, ignoring the majority of the fleet.
Ummmm....this isn't a stat RP...and you wouldn't escape unscathed anyways...
"All you Terrans would have to do is distract them long enough so my force can sneak in,and infest a command center and the surronding buildings. I can assure you it will work. Also you stupid Terrans do not want me to set up a Hive cluster so I can not spawn reinforcements."
11/19/2012 01:20 PMPosted by Zarkun
Ummmm....this isn't a stat RP...and you wouldn't escape unscathed anyways...

The combination of PDDs to deflect missle barrages, and defensive matrixes of the first few units to deflect damage and the effect of healing would minimize casualties. The most I would lose is a Viking or two.
OOC: Daniel Cobb from Cold-Heart and injected with a Zerg HEV strain (I assume)...

[Lt. Grayson] "Commander, I have seen been running that 'shapeshifter' through our database and I found something interesting about him."

[Commander] "Go on Lt."

[Lt. Grayson]"It seems that he was once part of a top secret Dominion project to utilize Zerg cells in order to enhance Dominion units. In short, he was a lab rat and a damn good one at that."

[Commander]"Really? Is there any data on him?"

[Lt. Grayson]"No, the data bases were destroyed when the facility blew up. However, there are battle videos of him and Vector. Here are the folders on everything we have on Daniel Cobbs."

[Commander]"Interesting. Do you know what happened to Vector?"

[Lt. Grayson]"His file list is completely blacked out. There's nothing on him. The only thing in the databases was that he fought all of the escapees at once and lived."

[Commander]"Yet he did not acquire them. Still, he sounds like a good fighter. Lt., prep your men again."
Who is the Terran commander? Where is Duke?
Recap please.
I'm the leader, so that would have to be ok'd with me first and Duke is working.

{We don't want you making infested either. I've seen the base, Zerg, your team would never make it and we've already suffered losses at one of the ramps. We don't have as many forces as you think.} Rave was growing annoyed with the Brood Mother. So much so he was having to focus on not killing something. Jake sighed.

{Are you really going to ignore the two men who have actually seen the base?}
"So the engine coolant system is malfunctioning. Shouldn't be to bad to fix." I turn to Lucas. "You know being all uptight like that isn't good for your health. Ease up a bit and laugh at a few jokes."
11/19/2012 01:17 PMPosted by Fantasy
I will assume the uber-BC will have 1650 HP, okay?

OOC: Let's just say, it's more than you can handle right now and it has defensive matrix as well as... other defenses of which no one is aware of. It's invulnerable at the moment. You actually did nothing to it.

11/19/2012 02:15 PMPosted by smylez
Daniel Cobb from Cold-Heart and injected with a Zerg HEV strain (I assume)...

I pointed that out a long time ago. Michaelson doesn't know this. Daniel was one of his former officers along with Lucas.

IC: Elder: {"Rave is correct right now, brood mother. We need to sit on this, but I agree that you should infest the command center. We'll coordinate an attack with Boreli and Lt. Dan, but first we need 323 in position to cover Lt. Dan's flank."}
Lucas: I look at her, shocked. I exchange a glance with John and he looks at me with a smile. "That's not something I expected you to say, Jessica..."

John: "Oh come on, you barely know her."

Lucas: "Maybe, but I doubt you know her that well either."

John: "Any ways, we'll lead you to the ship."
Sarah: I stand in the midst of the Xel'naga ship. The energy radiating from it is intense. Repairs had been completed on it using terran and protoss technology. All we really did was cover the core so that it wouldn't kill everyone nearby when it is activated. The mismatched walls of the core look horrific. I understand that it was the best we could do, but this "improvement" ruins the majestic feel of the craft. The splendor of the incredible technology and the AI of the machine looks soiled. I interact with the incredible database of the computer once again. It has such an alien feel and the language of the device is so strange yet beautiful.
Mecha pointed a post out towards me?
11/20/2012 10:36 AMPosted by CrymsonRaven
Mecha pointed a post out towards me?

When? I don't think so. I said that if Mecha wants to do his plan, then you can help distract Duke's units, but first we need Fantasy to settle in and Duke needs to come back.
Hmm... Mecha said he replied to me yet I never said anything to him?
Summary please.
"Alright, hopefully it doesn't require a whole lot of parts. I don't think we would have everything here to replace or make replacements for it."
I grab my pack off the ground and slide it over my right shoulder.

"Oh Lucas, just so you know not everyone here knows me that well. Truly only Jesse is the one that knows me best."
OOC: @Duke, you are still where you were.

IC: Lucas: "This is your family isn't it? Everyone here has been worried about you from what I hear."

John: "It's true."
"Yes in a way they are. I didn't mean to cause them worry I just needed to get away for a little while.."
Ok, I'll start my part up again tomorrow.
John: "Because of Sarah, we know."

Lucas: "There's the ship. It's been in dry dock for a while."

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