Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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A pulse of psionic energy pulse of energy blows the two away as Rave stands up. "I can be as dangerous an enemy as I am a powerful ally. You're lucky you weren't closer, or you'd be molecules right now. F*ck off." Jake sighs, finally paying attention to what was being said.

{He's making a valid point. That Zerg is a liability, even with the fail safes. We let her build, we all die.} Rave shoves his pistol back into the hydralisk's jaw.

"Even better. You give me a reason not to kill you."
I emit a horrendous hissing sound and you soon realize I was laughing in a Zergish way. "Ahh stupid Terrans, always fighting amonsgt eachother its really amusing." I turn my head and hiss "I am no fool because even now I sense Protoss on this planet who have surely come to destroy me and everything else here!!!! Have on of you gven them my position so you can be rid of my!!!!" My Zerg tense, ready to fight to the death or evacuate.
"What? Protoss? Probably more mercs. That isn't what we should concern ourselves with though." He jams the pistol up harder, causing a little pain. "Why shouldn't I kill you and keep everyone here safe? Clearly you have no respect for what you've been told."
"It was a MISCOMMUNICATION YOU FOOL!!!!!! Do you think I have time to fiddle with that headset until I can get on my head, NOOO!!!!!! I yell and wack the pistol away from my head with my head and bite it in hlf. I then knock the Terran off with my large claws and get up and pin him down, just barely piercing the skin as I held him down with my claws. All around me Devouring Ones and Hydralisks as well as my 5 Infested stand ready incase I called upon them.
OOC: !@#$ing ninjas.

Daniel: The blast knocks Henry back, but I manage to stand my ground. I sigh and form my arm into a whip. I toss it at the gun, knocking it out of Rave's hand and knocking Syclla away from Rave. The whip continues on and disembowels one of the infested. "Give it a minute. I'm not done. That will be you next Rave shortly before Syclla. The Protoss are mercenaries who are replacing Boleli's troops. They will be here and we want no in fighting going. Now if you excuse me." I spit and cough and drool. I hack and I start to vomit up a greenish, purple liquid. A massive amount comes out. More than is humanly possible. There's enough to fill a kiddy pool. The liquid starts to move and shift and mold itself. I finish the procedure and wipe my mouth as the liquid forms in a new shape. Soon, four stubs appear on the blob and it starts to stand at 6 feet tall. The blob molds and the stubs lengthen. More stubs come out of the top two appendages and the blob starts to look human like. The color changes to black and soon numerous bumps and ridges form on it. The form transformation occurs and the outline of a spectre becomes clear.

Jeff: "That was gross."

Daniel: "Oh shut up. You taste like !@#, you know that?!"
His eyes glow again, the pistol beginning repair routines and he picks it up, looking at Daniel. "You don't intimidate me either. You're just one more failed Dominion play thing. If you value your life, you'll back off, or next time you'll be in the lethal range." For emphasis, he uses it again and a bird nearby vanishes. "You might think you're powerful because of those abilities, but you're only a terrified human being who thinks he's a hero." With that, he walks off, the pistol finishing it's repair routines and the a shot going through Daniel's leg to show Rave's confidence he can heal it.

OOC: No breaking the weapons. Took forever to build. Also, I'm actually still guessing at Rave's psi index. It would have had to be high for him to have an intact mind.
OOC: They can be replaced and you are up against a psi 10 spectre who is a changeling, a guy who weighs as much as 10 men (150 pounds each), Henry, and Mick. Why is Rave suicidal?

IC: "Okay, Rave. What seems to be the problem?"

Henry: "He wants to kill Syclla."

Daniel: "And he's being an !@# about. Last time I checked murder shouldn't be the first option in argument. Especially since we have a fleet worth of Dominion who want to kill us."

"Let me hear it from Rave, okay guys? What is the problem?"
The dead Infested started to bubble and I screamed "Look out you imbeciles!!!" and me and the rest of my Zerg quickly burrowed not a second soon because the Infested exploded causing an explosion bigger than a siege tank shot and it sent out a wave of skin searing acids as well as deadly gases that would easily bypass any gas mask
Henry: "What the-" I use my shield to cover myself and I block the blast. I look over at Jeff and Daniel. Jeff is left standing, but only half of him remains. "JEFF!" I stare at him then I realize that he is reforming. In a moment, he is back to normal and I sigh in relief. Daniel is just swearing constantly.


Jeff: "How is Rave doing?"
{Knowing him, he's off shooting things to calm down. If there's one thing he hates, it's problems working as a team. Miscommunication or not, Scylla should have double checked.}
Elder: {"Jake, bring him in. We may have a problem and I need you here."}

I and the rest of my Zerg unburrow. "Terrans weapons can hurt allies as much as friends."I chuckle I do a double count on all my Zerg.
Yeah, Rave wasn't in the blast radius. In fact, he'd been out of range by then.
Daniel: "That was your weapon that blew up, not ours. By the way, was that supposed to hurt Rave? I'm not sure if you noticed, but it takes about 3 of those to tickle me and 10 to hurt me."
"I meant when you killed my Infested unintentionally Terran."
Daniel: "Yeah, a extending tentacle that comes from a biological entity. This is a mix of zerg and protoss power mixed in with terran viruses. I wouldn't call it terran technology. Just our engineering."
{I've got a Dominion spy to deal with. He'll be fine. I just need to know if there's anything you didn't tell us while I wait for this scum to pick his best lie.} Rave was watching the camp, picking off stragglers and birds. Eventually, he felt calm enough to turn on his radio.

{What's happened while I killed Dominion stragglers?}
Elder: "Nothing, but you stirred by a hornets nest. I told you to leave and you point a gun right at Scylla. What the hell were you thinking?"
{That things are at a new level of risky. Just the Zerg was manageable. Hell, I wouldn't have done anything if she'd just double checked what you said. But she didn't, and now we have Protoss in bound to help out as well. What do you think will happen? They'll just forget their differences? Yeah right.} Jake sighed and shook his head.

{He's being cynical as usual, but he's right. What do you expect to happen when the single most powerful psionic race that happens to hate Zerg lands? I trained with Zealots, and they're more than Daniel can handle.}
Elder: "They are going to have to. There is a reason these are mercenaries. If they can't get the job done then they don't get paid. They should have known what they were getting it when they signed up to work for us. As to Daniel, you don't know what he is capable of. He withstands 140mm cannon blasts and destroys tanks with his hands, he's taken three spider mines at once, he has survived a Reaver's bomb, and he has lived through a direct infested Terran explosion. That is, however, besides the point. We have this under control, rest assured. We are moving the Protoss to the North entrance, the furthest away point from the zerg. If they can't work together then I will deal with them. Personally."

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