Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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lol still not as bad as the Jukalisk (who I might bring in :D)
Back off, ya overgrown worm. You should know better than to get inside a Spectre's mind.

I send a surge of angry energy into the connection, making the contact a searing pain to the Zerg.
I swear to god, if you do, do that and I guarantee that I will come back in, create a new group under Dominion and kill yo !@#.
"I was just introducing myself to our new ally you primtive lab rat!!!"
11/22/2012 07:34 PMPosted by MechaGhidrah
Sensing the newcomer I probed with my mind. "Humph you Terrans are everywhere but who am I to judge. My name is Scylla, leader of the Hydra Brood, soon to be leader of the Zerg Swarm."

323 said smoothly, "I was not hired by an arrogant, irritating Talking piece of meat, Zerg. I was hired by a spectre group. You are not my commander. This brood of yours doesn't seem to be anything special. Actually I believe it is quite lack luster. I wish you luck on your endevors as it would allow the humans to defeat your kind far too easily."
(I probably should have said First Human)
"I am limited by my own body you arrogant test rat!!!! I hope we defeat the Dominion for reasons you would rather not like. I am only coming here to improve my Brood and find strains lost because of Kerrigan."
"Wow, an idiot. Only person in the Sector who thinks Kerrigan didn't take the Swarm to a whole new level."
"While she has introduced newer strains she has gotten rid of the mighty Hunter Killers, Devouring Ones, Cerebrates, and more. The Swarm was pure but a human has tainted the Swarms true goals!!!"
Yes, as for the strains... In lore all the new strains surpassed the old strains. So the strains you want to bring back are inferior to lore... And this is lore.
"She didn't get rid of them, she just started using more effective strains more heavily. She still is guarded by Hunter Killers, and she still uses lurkers, as I have found out to my immense surprise. Not that you need them with Banelings rolling around."

EDIT - Call the char an idiot, don't refute OOC.
"Getting rid of Cerebrates was her biggest mistake considering how they were much moe knowlagable they were than these inferior Brod Mothers."
Actually, the Brood Mother surpassed the Cerebrates tenfold... Your Zerg is so clueless, no wonder it's not that smart of a Hydralisk who thinks it could take over the entire swarm.
"You can't even pronounce 'more' and 'Brood,' so what do you know?"

OOC: CR, you're doin' it wrong...
I dropped out of this remember... And I'm half tempted to join back in because of Mecha..
323's mental voice suddenly appeared "Sorry to interrupt, but can someone lead me to the base already? I would prefer it if it wasn't the zerg."
Rave cuts in. <Near the north side next to the Protoss. It's hard to miss.> He then shifts back to the radio. {Look, Zerg, you clearly don't know much about the evolution of your own race, so you might want to shut up, other wise someone is going to verbally school your @ss.} Jake laughed hard at that. It was always fun to make fun of the Zerg.
OOC: Sorry I was tired last night so my grammer was not up to par.
The Dark Templar scouts returned as soon as the next wave of transports arrived, unloading a cargo of Zealots, Dragoons, High Templar and a pair of Reavers. I watch them fly off, and turn my attention to the scouts.
Report. I send. One of them begins with
Southern-most base is occupied by the Zerg. He spits the word Zerg mentally. Hostility radiates from his mind, and I secretly agree with his behavior.
So we are forced to work with those creatures. Any clue as to who their leader is? I ask.
Some sort of large Hydralisk. There was Terrans there as well. They didn't like it any more than we do, it seems. I nod, and speak to the other scouts, listening to their reports.
OOC: This first OOC can be considered TL:DR as it is factual information not necessarily associated to the story, but rather a piece of my knowledge of Starcraft lore. The rest of the post is nessecary to read for the story INCLUDING the other OOC. Okay, I'll say this you guys. Brood Mothers aren't better than Cerebrates or vise versa. If you want me to discuss this in length I can accurately describe it. Basically what it comes down to is that Brood Mothers were easier for her to control and unlike Cerebrates, Brood Mothers can defend themselves. Unfortunately, the Cerebrates have a symbiotic relationship with the Overmind. Meaning that the Cerebrates were never meant to exist without the Overmind. CR was right earlier when he said the Cerebrates were basically mini-Overminds, but that is a simplistic statement. The Overmind can live without the Cerebrates, but the Cerebrates can't live without the Overmind. That's why Daggoth ordered a bunch of the Cerebrates to form a second Overmind. The Overmind could take control of her mind and force her into servitude, so she killed it. The Cerebrates, needing the Overmind, were killed to ensure her freedom, but at the same time, the Cerebrates not killed by her died anyways. They needed the Overmind. The Brood Mothers were a much safer unit for her to employ in the Cerebrates' place. Plus they didn't have the fatal flaw the Cerebrates did. They had a different flaw in that they couldn't stay united if Kerrigan was removed from power. This was as unlikely as when the Overmind was killed. This is a case of damned if you do and damned if you don't. Have the organization of the Cerebrates after the Overmind is killed and they can still make a new Overmind or have a bunch of feuding Brood Mothers jockeying for power if Kerrigan is dethroned. In the first case, the Cerebrates were undermined by Kerrigan who betrayed them. In the latter case, the Brood Mothers will be brought to heel by a underpowered Kerrigan. Either way, Kerrigan wins. Which is why saying there are psychics better than Kerrigan annoys me a little. Plus, she good at strategics, the infested !@#$%.

IC: Elder: "Everyone on all channels calm down and give the orders to your respective advisers. The protoss answer to Zero, the zerg answer to Henry, Dan answers to Jesse, and 323 answers to Sarah. We need communications on the secure channel to the command bunker regulated to the mercenary leaders, the advisers, and other essentials. General comm chatter is regulated to the more general, but almost equally secure that exists between all units excluding the zerg for obvious reasons. That in turn is separate from the comm channels which mercenary uses for it's own personal use which we have also secured. As military leaders, you should know this. Now repeat you messages to your respective channels keeping to the appropriate channels."

I sigh heavily. The disorganization of the units were showing very clearly in the ranks. It was obvious that we were going to have serious problems if they couldn't even stick to normal protocols. It's times like this I envy the zerg and their efficiency at passing on orders, but their collective hive mind was not something I deemed worth dipping into for a long period of time given the almost suicidal nature of some of the lesser breeds.

OOC: That will allow me to catch up as well as bring some order to this mess. Pretty soon, I'm going to make the tier two upgrades for the factions dispute the fact that we just received two new mercenary factions. I highly suggest that one of the Dominion orders an attack before I am FORCED to order one in the next three hours. I rather not make an entire Dominion faction to make up for lost time since we are beating around a bush right now.
Dominion chain of command from highest to lowest (tentative):
Gregory Ravanov, Admiral
Admiral Michaelson, Rear Admiral (Two Stars)
Resnov Rumph, commander in the Dominion Marines core.
Commander Jordan, reinforcement with 5 BCs

Dominion Battlegroups (assumed to be standbying):
Naitsrich- no show
supaflyz(?)- no show
smylez- barely here and retreated to a BC
MarkusDaWise- Left

Dominion Leadership by RPer:
Duke- no show
supaflyz(?)- no show
thecommander- Inactive
Zarkun- Inactive

I am the only "active" Dominion force here and I only command a small battlegroup and it will be stupid and OOC if I suddenly attack a fortified position by myself without any concrete plan after the Dominion were repelled in the first attack. The only one who can realistically order a (coordinated) attack is Zarkun or thecommander.

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