Conscientia: Planet of Knowledge Part 2

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I sigh and turn to John and Lucas. "I think I am going to go back to my ship for a bit. I need to do a small bit of work on it anyway." I grab my tools and turn away starting to head for my ship. If these mercenaries couldn't work things out between each other then we might be better off with out them.


I hear a familiar sound: Someone was warping in from a Warp-Gate. I turn to its source, a Dark Templar warping in near me. I look around, noting that no warp-gate was set up, so I assume that the Spectres, somehow, got a hold of one. The Dark Templar finishes warping in, and I turn to greet him.
En Taro Tassadar, Izados. I didn't think you would be joining the battle down here.
Izados turns to regard me. He wasn't as old as I was, but he still showed signs of a long life that was filled with combat. Around him, shadows shifted and turned, almost making him invisible.
En Taro Tassadar, Fatallix. Yes, I have decided to join you in the battle on the ground. I hope I am not too late to the fight?
No, you are not. Beware that there is Zerg here, but we are not allowed to kill them. Yet. I feel disappointment come from him, and I change the subject
How did you manage to get here using Warp-In? There isn't any systems we could use that could warp you down. I assumed the Terrans might have done that. I ask
They did. He replies, and I nod, satisfied. I look around, and Izados breaks off, finding something to do.

Name: Izados
Faction: Mercenary
Race: Protoss
Equipment: Shadow-Walker armor, Psionic Multi-weapon
Cloak of Darkness (Passive): Izados takes less damage from ranged and some shots miss due to the constant use of shadows. Also cloaks a small group near him.
Blackout: Burst of Void energy that damages enemies
Blind: Blinds a small group of targets using Void Energy.
Maelstrom: Uses void energy to stop enemies in their tracks, stunning them.
Other Void abilities
Backstory: A powerful Dark Templar from their Exile due to the Council. Rumored to have been trained by Adun into hiding themselves from the eyes and minds of others. He seeks the death and destruction of the Zerg due to them devastating the planet of Aiur.
TC... I shall be rejoining, this time as a Dominion since we need them, and because I want to kill Mecha but that can't be arranged... Yet.
Well, I can give scout orders, but it wouldn't serve a purpose until all the Dominion groups are here. I mean, smylez would get eaten alive.
OOC: Symlez is right as this is pretty much a walking shamble right now which is why we have been focusing on the relationships between the mercenary factions, the spectres, and their partners. Duke also have a military present which is fortifying itself in a defensible position comparable to being in the freaking open since no cover is being set up by other Dominion forces. As it is, if the mercenaries coordinated themselves, they could surround Duke's forces on at least two sides (assuming Duke's forces were sensible enough to use the mountain wall as a fortification). However, as is, Boleli (CR) and Cpt. Luis (Markus) left system, leaving an amused Dominion behind. Though some causalities were sustained on the fleeing mercenaries, the Dominion suffered few loses. In their stead, a terran (Fantasy) mercenary unit and zerg (Mecha) one took their places respectively (sorta). Now a protoss unit has come in to fill the gaps. The recent setting up of the 323 and Fatallix has left those positions defenses tenuous at best. Then Rave attack and the protoss' arrival threw Syclla out of sorts while Lt. Dan is no doubtfully sighing. So the mercenaries are in such a shamble that they can't do jack to the single Dominion unit almost literally at their front door. I must admit though, in a real campaign, this may have gone just as badly given the circumstances, but we aren't here to blunder around. We are here to RP. Which is why I have to do this...

IC: Michaelson: "1st Lt. Grayson. You have broken off from the enemy and have hid abroad you ships. Though I understand the meaning of 'black ops,' now is not the time for indecisive action and prolonged discussions. As you have no doubt been informed by the briefings you are regularly forced to attend. Resnov has put himself in a reasonable position in which he can launch attacks and hold the mercenary forces in the valley. However, without support, his flank is left bear. Since there seems to be few movements of the enemy, possibly due to infighting, now is the perfect time to reinforce Resnov's position. You are hereby ordered to take up position on Resnov's northern flank. Over and out."
John: "What do you think?"

Lucas: "I think we have our bellies exposed to the enemy."

John: "I had more colorful words in mind, but I agree."
Jesse: In the distance, the protoss come into view. I passed Zero and Lt. Dan in a quiet decision. They looked up me as I neared. The look on frustration was evident on Lt. Dan's face and, disturbingly, Zero's look mildly perturbed. That was rare for the the main stoic in our group, beat only by Lucas. I exchanged a few words with them and the problem was what I expected. Every mercenary unit in the base was disorganized and fighting each other in some fashion. It was clear that it took the Elder, Jeff, Lucas, and Henry (Mick being too awestruck or unprompted to do anything) to get him to just walk away. We have vast knowledge on the zerg and we respected them if not trusted them, but open confrontation with your allies on a battlefield was tantamount to suicide in the best of cases (unless it was 'friendly fire' you were worried, but we know enough of Syclla to know she wouldn't do it... yet). Dan's unit is the only one secure right now and the fortifications outside the base were getting larger despite the obvious weakness we can see there. I exchanged a few words with them and moved on. Now here I am in the protoss camp looking the one that looked most important. I have the job of advising to do, of course. Again, I wish that Jessica could be by my side, but her skills are needed else where and I can't argue that point. I approach what must be Fatallix and stop short, sure that he knew I am there.

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TC... I shall be rejoining, this time as a Dominion since we need them, and because I want to kill Mecha but that can't be arranged... Yet.

OOC: Make your team. Have Boleli turncoat if you want. Whatever. We need you.
Jake nodded to Dan and Zero as he walked past, meeting up with Rave near their rooms and than going in, retrieving somethings. {We're going out to delay those defense implacements, Joseph. How long does the Zerg need to prep, and the Protoss and newly arrived Terran to get in place?}

Ravanov nodded in approval. Grayson needed to make a stand, and it needed to be soon. "Michealson, do we know if a dig team has been sent to start escavation of the ship?"
"Yes Admiral. I will prep my forces."

The dropships leave the hanger bay and heads towards the LZ.
OOC: Battlecruisers can hold a lot of infantry and mechs but I guess we can't do that can we

5 battlecrusier
70 vikings
20 banshees
10 Ravens

Five battlecruisers warp in the proximity the flagship of the Dominion.

"This is Commander Johnson to Admiral Ravanov! Under orders from the Dominion military, I am here to assist you in this war effort. I have five battlecruisers and an entire platoon of airships ready at your disposal."
Wrong admiral. Gregory Ravanov is the Admiral in charge.

{This is Admiral Ravanov. Welcome to the war zone. We need you to require you to build a base somewhere to the north of Commander Resnov to assist in protecting his flank.}
Elder: "The zerg are ready except for their leader. The hatchery being protected well enough by reserves for a expedition to be led out. 323 and Fatallix are worse off. Fatallix has the job of setting up the units in a logical manner. The bukers and turrets at that emplacement being deconstructed and they are warping in their pylons which will be followed by the cannons. We were able, however, to provide a temporary power source to warp in Fatallix second in command, I suppose. Even worse, they just received Jesse as their adviser and the men haven't gotten the upgrades and the new equipment out to them yet. 323, one of Jacob's friends, is better off have the grace of receiving Boleli's undamaged bunkers and turrets, but little response has come back to us. 323 is, as suspected, unconcerned with others as his reputation suggests, but he was the best we could get. Also, though I loath to admit it, he will be further agitated by the company of his adviser, Sarah. At least Cpt. Luis wasn't as headstrong as 323."
Michaelson: I look at him with a sense of disquiet from the mention of the dubious commander Resnov. I nod at Officer Cobb.

Cobb: "Signs indicate that they have arrived at the site. The pilot assuring us the commander arrived unscathed."

Michaelson: "And Gander's infiltration?" Though I knew full well that the man wouldn't dare contact us on his mission despite his calm reassurances of the endeavor's success. Something that I doubted from the beginning.

Cobb: "No word yet."

Michaelson: The calmness of his voice makes me assume that he didn't think anything was wrong or he didn't care about Gander. The latter was something I understand at least in part. Resnov and Gander always seemed so... weaselly to me, but the information he held on our current situation wasn't something I wanted in the hands of the spectres. I know full well that they can just take the memories out of people's mind instead of having to always resort to interrogation.
I don't turn around.
Yes, Terran? I assume you are the one who is going to be my adviser? A probe rushes by, assisting in setting up more Photon Cannons. I watch them work, and Izados walks nearby, his gaze on the Terran with his hand hovering near his weapon.
Armed with the C4, they head out, beelining for the nearest defense implacement. {We can buy them another few hours if we can place these just right. Some one needs to make some noise though.}
Jesse: "You won't your weapons." I said, mildly confused. Protoss were known for looking down their nose at terran, but paranoid caution was not what I expected. "As you can see, not even your pylons are readied as we don't have access o the Khala like you. We did manage to create an energy field to warp in the dark templar. My name is Jesse as you have probably have been informed. The standard upgrade to your shields are being transported here now. What was the research you inquired of us? I wasn't told." I hide my slightly awed expressions well, I hope or at least the protoss don't recognize human facial expressions. Either way, I do hide my mind as a matter of courtesy and caution, though I doubt I have much to fear.
Elder: "Jeff's ship came down a few minutes ago having been run by the adjutant." I again hide the statement that Rave caused that problem with his recent action against the zerg. I still wonder about Jack's involvement with the prophecy. Those two are definite problems in some respects and positive help in others. I push the thoughts aside as I know I would think about them for hours if I let myself. "He will be there shortly with Daniel and Sarah's attack squad. Watch for their detection. They may have some up by now."
OOC: Ok, does this means I have absolutely no marines?

"Admiral, I will primarily provide air superiority in this campaign. I have designated an elevated position as my base of operations and it will give us a good launching pad to launch bombing raids and give us adequate time to respond to any movement of the enemy.

The five battlecruisers descend from the skies and looms ominously in the sky. Several buildings are released from the cargo bays of the battlecruisers and land on the LZ.

Command center 2x landed
Sensor towers 4x under construction
Starport 5x landed
Turrets under construction
Vespene geysers and mineral fields harvesting

Get to you later but ravens, banshees, vikings and BCs are in the vicinity.
Rave nods thoughtfully. {That's why we need some noise. Keeps them from paying attention to their detection.} Jake and Rave crest a hill, looking down on the base. {No obvious detection, but the sensors back in our rooms indicated the Dominion had just recieved reinforcements. That true?}
I shake my head, expressing my amusement, and turn to look at Jesse.
You'll have to excuse the Prelate. He did not survive as long as he has by being relaxed. The research? Ah, yes. I was hoping you had something to power the Eradicator Combat Armors we have for the Zealots. I turn my head up, another transport landing to unload troops. After a brief few seconds it takes off, and Izados walks over to them, relaying orders and positions. I turn my attention back to Jesse, and send Speak your mind, for I cannot read it.
Subject: Alexander
Species: Terran, Zerg HEV
Loyalty: Dominion, Science Experiment
Rank: Before subjected... Sgt.
Description: Was a soldier who would hold the line with Gauss Spikes and grit in tow, killing every bastard in sight until they bled red. But that was when the fun began... He was subjected to dishonorable discharge, but that was when the Dominion started their "Projects."
He was subjected to the HEV, so far everything he knows has been forgotten, completely wiped of memories. His abilities were also not known, so far all they've seen were increased agility, stamina, and strength. It's time for the trial run. Time to kill, time to swarm...

Dominion Army: 105 (250)
BW Science Vessel 10 (20)
Behemoth Class Battlecruiser 1 (6)
Minotaur Class Battlecruiser 4 (24)
AH/G-24 Banshee 20 (60)
SC2 Wraith 20 (40)
BW Goliath 12 (24)
BW Ghost 40 (40)
Medivac 8 (16)
BW Siege Tank 10 (20)
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OOC: Ok, does this means I have absolutely no marines?

OOC: Umm... That was your choice. You can change it.

@Everyone. There is one thing I need to mention. There are some space platforms in orbit. The Dominion have forces on them to protect a base which is meant as a staging point for drop pods. They is something else on the platform, but it is guarded by a good deal of the ships in orbit including the Mephistopheles. Since no unit can visibly damage the capital ship as of yet (something that the spectres are trying to figure out), it is foolhardy to make a run at the platform especially since the current objective is to secure a foothold in the valley and push back the Dominion. That objective remains as long as spectres need it to in order to boost the power of the mercenaries through new technology and power the Xel'naga ship buried in the mountain. I didn't mention them in case someone decided to try to go for them which would leave the valley forces even more outnumbered than they were before. Okay, enough background for now. We need to get back on track.
Command center 2x landed
Sensor towers 4x under construction
Starport 5x landed
Turrets under construction
Vespene geysers and mineral fields harvesting

For now, one command center needs to be in construction just to be fair to Mecha. The Starports are all right, but they build units as of yet since we are doing this real time. They simply let your fleet dock on something more solid than dirt. As if the minerals and vespene, you already have it, but we'll just say that they are moving the resources to the places where they are needed. Sound fair? We aren't doing a full stats game here.

IC: Michaelson: "Johnson seems to be on top of things already. That's good."
Elder: {"They are receiving more than a few. Sensors indicate one company of airborne units are coming in. We can't assume that is the extent, however. Over."}

Jeff: {"I have the units on sensors. The unit is moving slow. Over."}

Daniel: {"That's good right?"}

Elder: {"No. There are vikings among them. It is probable that they are slow because they are protecting something. Over."}

Jeff: {"Like?"}

Elder: {"One moment. It's as I feared. Ravens incoming. Whatever you going to do Rave, Jake. Do it now and quickly."}
Jesse: I frown. Though I don't really feel comfortable with that notion, I find little reason to argue. They are allies and their influence on me would be noticed by other spectres, but I'm still uneasy about it. Reluctantly, I open my mind, but I talk with my mind and voice. It helps me relax to hear myself talk. I radio the underground factory and consult with the man on the other end. "The Eradicator Combat Armor is busy being produced, I'm told, and is on it's way. However, it is an older version than the newer one we recently developed. I hope that is adequate for now?"
{Roger.} They sprint to several missile and gun turrets, setting the C4 charges in key points and high tailing it back. {Alright, charges set. Let us know when to set them off.} The slide behind a rock and Rave pops up, scanning for the Ravens.

{Speaking of Ravens, how are the Buzzard productions coming? The ones we sent for will be here in the morning.}
That will suffice. Part from it are replaceable with standard plating on the Power Armor with the Zealots. I radiate a bit of amusement from reading his mind. How.....ironic. I send, looking around.
OOC: You said to just apply here, may I have a app sheet?

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