~Ascension of Demonica~ {Roleplay}

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Ascension of Demonica
Information on Azjoria
History and Background

          Azjoria, for centuries, had been a land with only peace in it. Over the course of time, the greedy Humans, always in need of more land, attempted an assault on the grand and mighty Dwarves. They were beaten back and once again, peace was everywhere.

          But, all of these years of doing nothing but the normal brought unrest to all of the races. Of these races, the Demonican were the most in need of something to do. Their civilization was the most “finished” of the many races, leaving them with much less to do. Along with this, Demonican naturally liked to fight. But still, they kept their peace for years to come. But eventually, those years did come.

          The Demonican searched for power, more than they already had. Their finest mages scoured the lands, looking for ways to gain more power and strength. Alas, all of their searches were unsuccessful. They asked the wise and great stone giants, the Cazzin, the young but strong Humans, the ancient and mysterious Elves, the mighty Dwarves, but still, nothing. Through all of this searching, they did get one hint though.

          An old legend, the Fountain of the Magi. Legend said that an old Magi of the Cazzin had once gone there. So that his people would possess magical abilities in the future, he dumped his own blood into a fountain. Of course, the Cazzin do have magical powers but nobody knows if this was passed down or if they truly did gather it from the fountain. Either way, it was the Demon’s lead.

          Balgazan, the Lord of Demonica, and Hisarth, leader of the Demonican Primes, went with their finest magicians to the rumored location of the fountain. They also took many guardians with them, and one of the Primes. The Prime and nearly all of the guardians died in the journey there, but they found the Fountain.

          Balgazan and Hisarth, both wishing to stay alive, allowed their mages to drink from the Fountain first. Within minutes, the power began to show. The mages’ muscles bulged out of their skin, and the very essence of magic floated around them. Growing greedy, they consumed more and more magic, and became so immensely filled with power, they combusted.

          From the combustion came the Fiends. Fiends are an overflow of magic mixed with any emotion there is. The majority of the newly formed Fiends either had the emotions Rage or Greed. They possessed no body, only the essence of magic into any form or shape they desired. The Demonican drew away from them, but eventually took them back into their armies.

          The Fiends let corruption grow on their Demonican allies, tainting them and enraging them. Soon the Demonicans were driven into rage to attack their once allies, the Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and all of the other races. They even forced their own Undead into battle.

          The other races came together, and after decades of war, they formed a plan to permanently be rid of the Demonican. The very thing that gave them power would be their undoing. They forced the Demonican leaders to the Fountain of Magi and drowned them in the very waters that powered them. Afterwards, they crushed the fountain, ensuring the Demonicans would never return.

          But their plan was not foolproof...

The most obnoxious and arrogant of the races, ranging from 5 to 6 feet and living 75 years on average.
Led by High Chancellor Magram and the Grand Council

The Human side of Halflings, they are usually half the size of Humans, living about half their age as well.
Led by Sir Statherwert.

The more Elven side of Halflings, they are usually half the size of Elves, living about half their age as well.
Led by Lady Avilia and Master Ridoge.

Fair beings, usually 6 to 7 feet, often live for about 1000 years.
Led by Queen Thenalia, King Vingrad, and the Council of Ancients.

Huge beasts who use clubs. They are easily over 20 feet tall on average, living short lives to the age of 50 or so.
The Giants have no true leader.

Dark incarnations of emotion, mixed with magic. On average, they are 8 feet tall. They survive until their magic runs out.
The Fiends are led by Lothravar and the Black Council.

Horned beings covered with scales and other assortments of nasty things. They normally live several thousand years. 7000-9000 on average. They are on average 8 feet tall.
Led by Balgazan, the Demonican Primes, Grard, and Rivgal.

Living Dead
Any of the fleshed races who have been revived. They live until they're killed.
Led by the King of Bones.

Essentially, mining-loving, short Humans, who live about 150 years on average.
Led by the Guardian, Ogrithner.

Cazzin are rock-like giants, living from 900 to 1000 years. They are all about 11 feet tall, on average.
Led by Baron Drong.

The Lands

Verin-Halfling, Half-Elf, Human, Elf, Giant
Verin is a large and grassy island, filled with forests and mountains. It is a great place for large colonies and armies.

Draurth-Dwarf, Cazzin, Giant
Draurth is a snowy mountain land, covered with craters and depressions from the war of Humans and Dwarves ages ago.

Lerala-Demonican, Living Dead, Fiend, Corrupt Half-Elf
Once a lush and beautiful island, Lerala was corrupted by the Demonican. They tore down the trees and forests, and replaced them with rocks and desert.

Frazul-Fiend, Human, Dwarf, Halfing
Frazul is a wonderful mix of all biomes and terrain. Some areas are covered in snow, other with lush forests.

Raroth-Cazzin, Corrupt Cazzin, Living Dead, Half-Elf
Raroth is a swampy and foresty island, not very pleasing to the eye.

Racial Information
Humans and Halflings

          After the plains of Lerala were overrun by Demons, Verin was the nearest and most suitable location to rebuild. Most of the fleet remained intact, along with some of the military and civilians. After ages of rebuilding, they found the Elves had moved there as well, and were at war with the giants. The Humans seized the opportunity to attack, hoping they could end the Elves once and for all. The Elves had brought far more troops, which surprised the Humans. By the time any naval forces would arrive, they would have retreated. So the Humans regrouped with their navy and attacked the Elves. After the horrible battle ceased, the Elves proposed an alliance. Through much more war, they established a mutual agreement. As time went on, the Elves taught them their ways, and peace was established on its own. The empires merged together, forming the Human-Elf Alliance, the Esraeal.

          From both survivors of Lerala and many pioneers from Verin, Humans went to Frazul. The Dwarves there had no problem with this, though, they did keep the Humans away from their immense mountain forts and their precious gems. The Humans did eventually assault the Dwarves, catching them unawares. Both the Dwarves and Humans took prisoners, and forced them to join their military. This led to the Halflings. They were treated terribly by both Dwarves and Humans, due to being so unusual. Dwarves put them in their mine shafts, with few breaks and many whippings. They were used as meat shields by the Humans, allowing Humans to infiltrate the Dwarves without the cost of more troops.

          The Halflings, of course, were tired of their treatment. A few managed to escape from each of the encampments, and went into the plains far away from both Humans and Dwarves. There, they found the Fiends. They remained away from them, but the plains of Frazul were extremely fertile and the Halflings were colonizing it, and few escapees were coming to their main camp. They attempted to form an alliance with the Fiends. The Fiends accepted this, though they shapeshifted into animals to raid the Halfling farms, leaving Halflings barely alive, but still there.

          Human religion revolves around their three main gods. Gravd, Yeryin, and Vassramo. Gravd is the god of change, Yeryin is the god of war, and Vassramo is the god of peace. Most Humans worship all three, as to maintain "spiritual balance". Others worship only two, or one, or none at all. Their religion is unproved and debates with both other races and within their own kingdoms is common.
Racial Information
Elves and Half-Elves

          After the Esraeal was established, Elves attempted to retake the outskirts of Lerala. This was an utter failure, but those that remained were corrupted to form another form of Half-Elf. The Humans and Elves created one form, but the Fiend’s and Demonican’s corruption created another, more warlike form of Half-Elf. These stayed on the lands, as more slaves for the Demonican.

          The Elves-much like the Humans-also sent out pioneers. Though, rather than lending the Humans support on Frazul, they allowed their Half-Elves to go to Raroth, as to claim some of the land in their name. The Cazzin there had separated, because much of the corruption had spread among their own. Those who were corrupted revived the dead from wars long ago, and used them to attack their former comrades. After nearly being successful, they were attacked by the Half-Elves.

          The uncorrupt Cazzin had already retreated into the farthest corners of their Citadel, but the Living Dead continued to assault them. The Half-Elves cut off reinforcements, allowing the Cazzin to gain a foothold. Half-Elf support resulted in the death of many Corrupt Cazzin, and the disbanding of their main guild. They formed many smaller clans, which the Half-Elves attempted to root out and destroy. Then, they started to colonize, hoping to eventually form peace with the Cazzin.

          Elven religion revolves around nature and living. To "worship" they merely plant a seed, water a flower, or something of the sort. Many of them "give back" to nature by living in trees and eating vegetables or fruits, so that they are not forced to use wood and the many wild animals can continue to live freely. Their religion is not led by anyone being, just nature as a whole.

Dwarves and Cazzin

          On Raroth, survivors of the Cazzin eventually reclaimed Lamard, their capital. The Living Dead, no longer being controlled by the corrupt Cazzin, simply wandered in the cities they captured. The Cazzin retook many of their main cities, then began to rebuild defenses, hoping that they would be able to hold off anymore attacks. The remaining corrupt Cazzin attempted several times to assault the Cazzin, but ended up retreating underground. The Cazzin, knowing this could end up being a terrible problem, reinforced their grounds with irons and other metals. This, they knew, would make sure they were warned far before any corrupt Cazzin dug into the cities. And so, they began to re-establish their empire on Raroth.

          Much farther away on Draurth, the Cazzin and Dwarves who had long lived there met. They were not looking for an alliance, and came to the agreement that trade routes would be established between their kingdoms. The Cazzin would be trading their magical goods, while Dwarves sent them gems and ores. With constant invasions by the Mountain and Hill Giants, they formed a Cazzin-Dwarf team of elites, known as “Barogh’s Finest”. Barogh is the great god of both Cazzin and Dwarf. This, and their trade routes led to the mutual peace they have today.

          Both Dwarven and Cazzin religion revolves around mining, and the god of stone, Barogh. Many of the jewels they mine are thrown in lava to please Barogh, which other non-religious Dwarves and Cazzin see as stupid. Humans(whom always start religious debates) argue that their religion is idiotic and false, but the Dwarves only come back with the same answer. Most fights are at least partially fueled by this everlasting religious debate.

Demonican and Fiend

          After being opening the Foutain on Lerala, the Demonican began to rampage, with their Fiend allies, and very quickly killed or corrupted the Elves. But, their energies began to wither and they retreated back to the Fountain of Magi, where their source of power was. They build canals and tunnels to lead the great water to their dens, lairs, and cities. Their immense strength was limited to Lerala, as they could not corrupt the oceans that lie between the lands. But, even without their great source of power, they were still strong. They attempted assaults on all of the lands, they were only successful in corrupting many Cazzin on Raroth and sending a Fiend army to Frazul. The Demons ended many trade routes, and caused others to grow longer and less protected. This was part of their plan, as it made mutual peace and trading much harder with the races.

          The Fiends on Frazul faked an alliance with the Halflings, killing them and their crops disguised as animals. The corpses were then taken on ships and sent to other Demonican land, as to create more Living Dead. Ultimatley, the bulk of their forces is limited to Lerala, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

          Demonican religion is the art of "Bloodism" as they call it. Bloodism is the act of killing another living being, and then drinking or stealing their blood. The religion is led by Balgazan currently, but all Demonicans consider each of their leaders to be a God and put them at the front of religion.

          Fiends have no religion, as they possibly have the most logical minds of the many races. They see religion as a waste of time, and practice more advanced and purposeful things. These more purposeful things are usually magic or other warlike behaviors/practice.


          Natural magic is the changing of the environment, through growth or de-growth, or naturally changing something in any form. Natural magic is not very costly, as it can draw energy from any living thing, but it is not very useful unless wielded by masters or gardeners.

          Destruction is very dangerous, and very costly. It’s spells are explosive, sickening, and oftentimes just deadly altogether. The price is either much living energy, which can be drained, killing whatever is being drained in the process. You may also use a more deadly way to gather energy, which is from your surroundings. This form of energy generation can also lead to destruction, twisting and warping the area it was gathered from. The arguably hardest but most efficient way is the opposite of the first, which is disintegrating corpses and dead life into small amounts of energy, then collecting it. Unlike natural Mana, destructive Mana can be stored in jewels, belts, and other items.

          Elemental magic can be both harmful and useful. It is oftentimes used to burn things, to freeze things, and is considered more of a useful magic than a good or bad force. Elemental Mana can be gathered from living beings, or from other elements, such as water, fire, and so on.

          Light magic is purely good, though this does not mean it cannot be used for evil purposes. It is gathered via energy from living beings, or actual pure light, which is rare and hard to see. Light magic is often used by priests, and arcane warriors, along with holy paladins. It can be used to heal, to increase strength and speed, and is very useful for good purposes.

          Dark Magic is the form of Pure Evil. It, unlike all other magics, cannot be gathered from living beings. It must be taken from pure darkness, which is more common than pure light, but still just as hard to see. It may also be acquired from dead beings. Dark Magic is very twisted, and is often used by warlocks, necromancers, and other practitioners of murder. It is banned in the majority of places.


          Explosive is a secondary form of destruction, often used by diabolical wizards, or construction-men who wish to tear down rather quickly.

          Warping is a secondary form of destruction, used to warp reality. This can end up in twisted visions of things, or actually warping something’s form and most likely killing it in the process.

          Poison is a secondary form of destruction, which, as its name says, poisons not only other people, but the environment it is in.

          Power is raw energy, used to push and pull things, and hurt them in unimaginable ways.

          Fire is a secondary form of elemental, which is often combined with destruction magic to burn both buildings and beings alike.

          Water is a secondary form of elemental, used to freeze things as well as let the crop grow, it can be both good and bad.

          Electric is a secondary form of elemental, but is not understood well and the only found purpose has been to torture people.

          Earthen is a secondary form of elemental, used to form the Earth and the rocks in it.

          Wind is a secondary form of elemental, used to blow great winds and sweep people away, used for destruction this could get very out of hand.

          Healing is a secondary form of light, used to heal of course.

          Enchanting is a secondary form of light, used to enchant both weapons and people.

          Holy is a secondary form of light, used to purify the evil, and to praise the good.

          Necromancy is a secondary form of dark, used to bring the dead back as slaves, or willing soldiers.

          Chaos is a secondary form of dark, which is basically opening a pandora’s box, full of both terrible and great things.

          Unholy is a secondary form of dark, used to corrupt the good, and further corrupt the evil.

          Torture is a secondary form of dark, used to torture.

          Illusion is a tertiary form of torture, similar to warp, but much stronger and used not only for damage or death.

          Shamanism is a tertiary magic, it is unknown what it derives from. It is mystical energy that has been known to be very unpredictable, but destructive for the most part.

Lost Knowledge
          Lost knowledge is a tertiary magic because it is not one plain of magic, only lost knowledge now unshareable.

          A tertiary form of natural and light, used to delve into minds.


          Mystical alchemy combines both magic and alchemy, to form potions that the average alchemist could not ever dream of possibly creating.

          Deathly alchemy is used for tricksters and twisted minds. Or, in more unusual cases.

          Healing alchemy varies greatly. It can heal you, grow you, heal your allies, it is an extremely useful form of alchemy.

          Brewing alchemy is just used for drinks.

          Miscellaneous alchemy is used for many purposes, including gardening and growth of more... unnatural things.


Armed Militia Brigade
          The Armed Militia Brigade is not always in use, as it is only activated in extremely dire circumstances. It consists of untrained citizens who grab any and all weapons they can find.

Elite Services Battalion
          The Elite Services are combatants specially trained for defending the king and all of the royal family, along with the palace.

Brutes and Fools
          The Brutes and Fools are of course the brute weapon-users, along with those using extra weaponry. A few riflemen are within this part of the military.

Riflemen Advanced Corps
          The Advanced Riflemen not only serve the king, but lead the Corps and supply them with special firepower, such as explosive bullets and other more “different” ammunition.

Riflemen Corps
          The Corps is led by Advanced Corps members to assist the other militaries during battle.

Rogue Embassy
          The Rogue Embassy is made up of hired and trained assassins.

Platoon of War
          Basic archers, cavalry, and swordsmen all in one military force. Split into multiple sub-sections.


Magi Division
          The Magi Division is the military of Elven magicians, they are extremely skilled in the arts of mystical talents, most consider them the best.

Fire’s Flight
          The base army of the Elves. It consists of swordsmen, archers, non-Magi Division magicians, extra weapon users, and the occasional assassin.

Argmin’s Legion
          The assassin and cavalry legion of the Elves, filled with both fine soldiers and new recruits.

Brothers of Night
          Assassins and extra weapon users of the Elves come here, to learn the skills that the great shadows may teach.


Riflemen of Bor
          The capital’s finest Riflemen, sent on special operations and used as leaders for great wars.

Rifles of Trog
          Led by the well-known inventor of rifles, Trog, the Rifles of Trog serve as the majority of riflemen in the dwarven army.

Maces Battery
          A section of Dwarven military dedicated to macemen and other brutes.

Assassins of Vlrad
          Vlrad is leader of the Dwarven Assassins, this is his special squadron, filled with the finest there is.

League of Blood
          The League is where the majority of assassins and extra weapon users go.

Oddities of Bor
          The only swordsmen and archers in the Dwarven military. A few magicians as well.


          The majority of the army, these colossi use parts of their fallen brethren and surrounding rocks to fight.

          The few in in the military who choose to use specially crafted weapons that no other mortal(excluding giants) could handle.

Wizard Guild
          Many Cazzin are adept in the skills of the mystic ways. They join the Wizard Guild.


Grunk Brood
          The Grunk Brood is a brood of Hill Giants, rock-throwers for the most part.

Darg Brood
          The Darg Brood is a brood of Hill Giants, mostly clubbers.

Vlrin Brood
          The Vlrin Brood is a brood of Mountain Giants, made up of clubbers, rock-throwers, and many corrupt Demon-Giants.


          Named after one of the Black Council's founders, Sidrar is the majority of Fiend Corruptors and Magicians.

          Led by the most horrible of all Fiends, Lothravar, this faction of Fiends is made up of brutalizing and destructive Fiends, used on the majority of ground forces.

          The royal Fiends, serving Demonicans since their creation.


Grard’s Horde
          Grard is the tertiary Lord of Demonica, he is in charge of all naval forces, along with any sky Demonicans.

Rivgal’s Horde
          Rivgal is the secondary Lord of Demonica, he is in charge of the Fiends in their command along with the majority of Demonican ground forces.

Balgazan’s Horde
          Balgazan is the Lord of Demonica, he has led them through countless battles, and countless victories. Without his guidance, they would still not have corrupted the Elves to free them. He is in charge of Demonican Wizards and many ground forces.

Hisarth’s Horde
          Hisarth is leader of the Demonican Primes, he assists with all of the primary Hordes but mostly with the wizardry section.

Living Dead

The King of Bones’ Company
          Led by the King of Bones himself, this company is nearly unstoppable, but small in size.

Marlvdrid the Corrupt’s Company
          Led by Marlvdrid the Corrupt, this is where nearly the entire Living Dead military is, aside from the King of Bones’ army and Drafthdar’s Mages.

Drafthdar’s Company
          Drafthdar is a Fiend who leads a company of both Fiend and Living Dead mages. The majority of them are Living Dead, though.

*Half-Elf and Halfling, are either in Human or Elven armies, or their military is too small or weak to include. Corrupt Cazzin are split into so many different small groups, it would be nearly impossible to list every single one. There are also many more Giant Broods, the ones listed are the only major ones.
B.A.=Before Ascension
D.A.=During Ascension

1120 B.A.-Humans and Dwarves end war, peace is once again throughout all of Azjoria.

1372 B.A.-The Demonicans begin a search for power.

1415 B.A.-The Fountain of Magi is found, the first Demonican drinks from it.

1420 B.A.-The first Fiends are formed and are ignored by society.

1448 B.A.-The Demonicans allow Fiends into their ranks, though the other races do not.

1462 B.A.-The first signs of corruption are found in Demonica.

1501 B.A.-The Demonican declare war on the other races.

1521 B.A.-The races begin the plan to imprison and crush the Demonican.

1557 B.A.-The Demonican are imprisoned in their fountain.

2557 B.A.-The Fountain's resting place emits rumbles...

0001 D.A.-The Demonican pour fourth, once more.

0004 D.A.-The Humans and Elves evacuate Lerala.

0006 D.A.-The Humans and Elves go to war.

0021 D.A.-Raroth is assaulted, the Humans and Elves form a mutual agreement.

0026 D.A.-Humans and Elves form the Esraeal.

0041 D.A.-Humans go to war with the Dwarves, Elves go off to assist the Cazzin at Raroth.

Character Sheet
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Magical Usage:
With/Against Demons(UNDEAD OR GIANT ONLY):

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See Morrjo... you overreact.
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Oh, good. I was a bit worried that this would turn out to be a failure before it even started.
It's just that I'm really tired, and I don't want to overload myself like last time... It was bad because it was making me slightly crazy, but I will try to try this out if I have the time.
This is pretty amazing. Can I be a giant?
“I know, but the problem with necromancy isn't necromancy itself. It's how it's seen. Necromancy controls five main circles. Pain, Flesh, Bone, Spirit, and Death. When you hear those words you think causing pain, rending flesh, breaking bone, enslaving spirits and bringing death. That is only a small part of a bigger picture.
"I can prevent pain. I don't have much practice with it but I can sew flesh back together. I've been able to fix my broken bones time and again. I soothed the souls of my murdered family and I have long defied death itself. Now do any of those actions sound the slightest bit evil?”

-Charon, explaining necromancy to the leader of a wandering band of undead

Name: 'Night Shade'
>>True Name (Unkown by most): Charon Edward Dresden

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Birth Date/Age: 0057 B.A, 98

Military: Oddities of Bor Reserve

Personality: Jaded, Asocial, Grim

Wizard Staff: A Bo with enchanted runes carved on one side to more easily channel magic.
Blasting Rod: Same idea as the staff, except smaller, more likened to the size of a wand.
Rifled Flintlock Pistol (six shooter)

60 musket balls each wrapped individually with the appropriate amount of gunpowder
Modified phylactery: A small amythest the size of a human thumb with a rebirth spell casted on it to prevent the spell fading.
Two sticks of chalk
Silver pentacle necklace. Was his mother's.

Height: 6'4

Eye Color: Dark Brown

Hair Color: Black

Skin Color: Pale tan

Clothing: A simple black, ragged tunic and trousers, with a black hooded robe over it, and simple footwraps.
Winter Gear: A heavy fur coat and trousers, fur boots, fur gloves, and a mask.

Looks: A slim, slightly toned body that is heavy with scars from a past life of darkness and desperation.

Eccentricities: 'Properly Paranoid', as in paranoia that while would be detrimental in a normal setting, is one of the few things that have kept him alive this long, which as a result has cultivated it further.
Athiest: He is skeptical in the existance of gods and refuses to worship any, seeing what gods that actually exist (if any) as just another being (Albiet powerful ones), rather than a figure to worship.

Magical Usage:
>>Base: Dark
>>Secondary: Necromancy, Enchanting, Power
>>Tertiary: Illusion

Alchemy Skills:
>>Adequate Healing
>>Novice Mystical
>>Novice Miscellaneous

Background/History: Born in a swamp farm in the lands of Frazul, he was always surrounded by death and despair, from the time when the weeds he had been resting on had dried and shriveled up to the frog that had died in his hands as he brought it to his mother to show her. The rest of the town quickly caught on and refused to come near him, even his own family being fearful of his apparently inherited taint. He lived mostly in solitude, working as the local scribe and helping the local librarian sort everything out.

One day, right around when he started learning spells to help prevent himself from spreading death everywhere he went, a local militia patrol had passed by town, and upon discovering his latent powers he was ordered to be brought into custady at once. He escaped and a bounty was placed on his head, which steadily increased from his stubborn refusal to be taken. He quickly was forced to mutilation and murder to survive his assaulters. The survivors would return with horror stories of his magical arts which would again increase the bounty.

Eventually he fled to the barren lands of Lerarla to escape the wrath of adventurers and mercenaries. He perfected his necrotic arts and used them to sooth the souls of his dead family as well as stabalize his otherwise withered body. Unlike proper healing magic, he couldn't actually heal his body, but he could prevent his ailments from being fatal. Starvation, disease, nor poison could take him, and what few things that could (Usually at the hands of well prepared assassins) he could survive through his modified phylactories.

When the demonican came, he saw them as powerful creatures that, while evil, were definately not something he wanted to f*ck with, and he made a pact with the demonican horde that was more or less "Don't fight me and I won't fight you".

The demonicans, of course, broke this pact after a few years, and he once again fled to Draurth. He was only known there in dark tales from the lands of the humans and managed to make his own niche in life in a small mining village, enchanting tools to more easily cut through stone and helping the souls of the dead pass away in peace. He became part of the reserve of the 'Oddities of Bor' after a few years of integrating into dwarven society. He mostly keeps to himself, but he has a few close friends among the church and miners, though his apparant paranoia tends to rub many people the wrong way.

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