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By god you ain't dead yet. So how are you doing besides making a long !@# character sheet post?
I'm still kicking! Life sometimes keeps me away and I've found more things to pass the time than just roleplaying, so I'm more often playing darks souls or browsing fimfiction than checking up on joerays, but I still like to roleplay assuming I find the time and I'm in the mood, and I honestly find making up characters and their histories to be quite fun.
Ah, sounds fun. And by the way, darkra is back. Still can't capitalize.

Most wouldn't allow a Human in a Dwarf army, but your reasons are amazing. Accepted.
Great app, BTW. Of all I've received, from both the ingame and the forum roleplays, this one has been the best. Keep up the great work once we start.

11/19/2012 07:29 PMPosted by KnarledOne
This is pretty amazing. Can I be a giant?

Yes. Though, you may want to be a runt or something, as roleplaying as a huge giant with people will be a bit odd. You may also want to say that in some form or way you came aligned against the Demons and with the Humans/Elfs, because if you're an "enemy" and a giant, there will be tons of difficulties.
Question. What exactly is the kind of tech that each race has? Magic is pretty in-depth, but technolagy is more or less ignored.

Also, who the heck wrote the background and magical descriptions? The background is pretty loaded with biased words against humans, simply saying 'the greedy humans, always in need of more land' rather than a more neutral and sensible 'the currupt and ambitious grand council, hungery for more land'. And with the whole 'Light is good and dark is bad', I have one thing to say to that.



But assuming the history isn't written by a dwarf or elf, is this a 'Humans are bastards' sort of thing, or is the writing just biased?
Technology is just your normal bows, cannons, rifles, medieval/renaissance-ish.

I did try to be a little bit tough on Humans, can't remember why. It was supposed to be written against Humans, but not too harsh. If I were to give a person who wrote a background, it'd have to be an Elf who was trying to keep his dislike for Humans slightly concealed, but it got out a little.

To the public, Light is good and Dark is Evil. Though of course, they can both be used in reversed ways. Light for killing, Dark for healing, that sort of stuff.

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