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Setting: Around the timeline of Heart of the Swarm
Objective: The three races are fighting over for control of a Xel'naga artifact.

The star maps found on several Xel'naga temple points point to a specific coordinate on the fringes of Koprulu space and translations suggests that an artifact of great power is there. Seeking to utilize everything to turn the tide of war, the Hierarchy has taken no chances and dispatched nearly a fifth of their Great Fleet to secure this artifact.

The Dominion:
An insider tip has provided the Dominion leadership information about the artifact's location. Seeking to gain an monopoly on alien technology and reverse engineering them, a potent specialized strike force has been sent to retrieve the artifact for Dominion research.

Zerg Swarm:
Sarah Kerrigan is still continuing her quest for vengeance on the Koprulu sector. Through various attacks on Dominion facilities, she has learned of the Dominion's plans despite their efforts to purge the data. Though she is not personally leading the attack as her attention is demanded elsewhere and the size of brood is significantly smaller than it was when she was the Queen of Blades, her brood is still very large. She has sent several powerful broods lead by various Broodmothers to seize the artifact so she can utilize it against Mengsk.

Any questions can be asked in the RP. There will be several COs for each race that will inform you of what they know. Your character will likely lead a small squad of NPCs.

Broodmothers do not show themselves in the open and work behind in the shadows because their deaths signifies a feral Zerg brood that will consume any living thing unless someone controls them. So you will be working through "pets" for the most part.

Standard application. I will review and give the OK.
Brood Mother Thel'kas.
Originated the Distropher strain of Zerg, which can generate electric interference, destroying computers and shields. Barely escaped a battle with sentient AIs aboard the massive Khan worldship.
First RP: JANE.
So do you DM every faction or is every faction sort of controlled by a specific RPer?
errrrrr i kindve already an RP up like this but it has an extra twist but ill think about joing.
Both but leans a bit more to more autonomy for the RPer. I'll do a plot DM and let you guys at it while occasionally jumping in.
Sort of reminds me of Amnesia.
There's less factions involved so it seems like the plot will be more coherent. And since it takes place during HOTS, new units.

I like this already. Except that the OP seems to be like Vultureling.
seems interesting though not sure if i want to push myself with another rp. just a suggestion add mercs and or Raynors Raiders
Anyone still interested in this before it fades into oblivion?
11/28/2012 02:01 PMPosted by supaflyz
Anyone still interested in this before it fades into oblivion?
I'll consider it, but I can't confirm anything yet.
Well, at least I have an application.
Neural inhibited Merc. Inhibited to the point where there's no chance of scraping the thoughts off the top of someone's mind, let alone offer any advantage greater than a run of the mill Marine. Combat trained. Old enough to have been present for inhibitors during training. Young enough to have participated in the mind wipe. Loyalties only to the contract, and his employer. A slave to the almighty credit.

Green eyes. Scheduled for ocular implants, but has never kept the appointment for one reason or another. Gray strands on a mostly black head of hair. Caucasian. While unable to muster the psionics required to gain a physical advantage in a fight through the hostile environment suit, it just might be enough to win an arm wrestling match. Preferring an actual knife to a psyblade, and a BOSUN FN92 rifle, though, he certainly wouldn't mind getting his hands on a C-20A rifle. Anyways, first go at character creation in a Starcraft setting. Hope it flies!
Well, gotta wait for a few more before anything begins.

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