Dear Blizzard, your staff is lazy.

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Dear Blizzard,

I am writing to inform you that your staff is lazy. I am trying to catch up on your world championship games by watching the archives here:

I was looking forward to not having to deal with the dead air of your twitch production, but much to my surprise you just went and posted the semi-final videos with the dead air included.

Just to let you know this is not up to the standard e-sports. Most competing organizations cut out the individual games from the video and post them as game #1, game #2, so that their busy customers and fans do not having to guess and check their way through the dead air to see the match. Alternatively, I have seen organizations cut out the dead air. Either way, people are working harder then Blizzard is at making the archive fun to watch.

Please, apply boot to some staff members !@# and make them work a little harder.

almost a fan.
They are working tirelessly on other things too you must remember.

The infestor nerf everyone wants (and the game needs) and the Heart of the Swarm beta.

Cut them some slack.

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