Separatist Space, II

Joeyray's Bar
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"Large power readinks. He has activated vepons."

"Then raise your shields and prepare to... disable the target. Tryn'Arcas, Vatalks'Tern, go and bring ze machine to me."

The Yeh-Ket activate their Sabres, raise their shields, and begin moving towards the intruder's position.


General shape.


The front middle section is devoted to the bridge. Weapons are mounted to the forward side of the bridge and on the "wings." Maitenance areas are above (viewer's perspective) the "wings." To the upper left of the bridge is the audience room (room ASURA has arrived in), and to the upper right is the amenities room (skiffs are designed to be self supporting).
i was heading in the general direction of the bridge when 2 of the strange alien were advancing from the other hall. i aimed my ion cannon and fired an anchor round at the ceiling as the 2 aliens where lifted off their feet and collided with the ceiling. i disabled it a few seconds later and watched them crash back down to the ground.
Vatalks'Tern shook his armored head in surprise. That compact gravitic weapon was really something. He switched his shields to anomaly protection. THat should remove that advantage from the enemy arsenal. He stepped forward, sword at the ready. At the same time, Tryn'Arcas fired a bolt from his energy cannon. Tern winced, hoping it was set to disable.
Again I sit there thinking.

What would a true hero do, what would a genius do? You're both of those, so do them. Change the world, anyway you can!
She nods and grins;
"Well, see you soon. Alicia out."

As the screen goes blank, I unhook the uplink feed and slip my helmet off;
...this is going to be interesting....
OOC: sry i went to get some grub its like 1pm right now where i am

IC: my sensors indicated them activating some sort of shield to my ion cannon's effects. one of them fired a shot from his strange weapon. i fired a distortion round in front of me as the bolt seemed to freeze in mid air. stepping to the side i deactivated the round as the bolt flew past me. lifting my rifle i fired a volley of my high energy lasers towards the aliens.
Ha! Cayl's married by this time, with one child and another on the way.

Laura had been sitting in the bar, 'entertaining' the various information sources for some time. However, none of them had been sober enough to offer anything useful. Perhaps a Councilman would know more....
I doubt that'll stop her... Hell, Torvus should watch out too...
!@#$... I'm going to switch Aurora to Firstperson... This is for Markus's advantage since he always forgets.

IC: I pulled out a richly colored Tribal Dance dress, it was smooth to the touch and it was decorated with various colors like orange, green, and red. Along with colorful feathers on the ends of the fabric. I longed to wear it once again, I longed to take up my real dream but it would be a dishonor if I would just quit.
Tern raises his right arm, and a shield of energy appears in front of it, deflecting a beam into the wall. HE leaps forward, slashing at the machine's legs with his sabre.
OOC: She'd rather be a stripper than a politician?


So, what are you to do? Something...yes something...
No... No... She would rather be a dancer, but it can also bring in some information that everyone could use though. And if she's a dancer then she would live a care free life from politics, but it was a honor to be such a politician, she didn't know what was all involved, and now she wants out of it... Though it's a great dishonor.
i jumped up high, unsheathing my blades in the process and aimed them both at its exposed head
"My Lord, what do you will?"

"I desire that things move more swiftly. There have been... reports... of strange happenings on the borders of the Imperium. It may be that these unseen enemies the Separatists speak of are planning an attack on us."

"Surely they are no threat to the Imperium."

"Do not allow arrogance to drive you to foolishness, Kor'Tyrgone! They must be dealt with at once, if not for our sake then for others. You must speed the proceedings in any way possible."

"Understood, Mighty One."

With a sigh, the Ambassador General exited the audience room. He made his way back to the station.

I must speak with the others, he thinks. Where is the young female from the machine worshippers? She seems a reasonable place to start.


Tern twisted his body, sweeping his sabres sideways and deflecting the automaton's attack. He rammed his armored shoulder into his opponent's side, knocking it back.

Arcas aimed carefully, waiting for an opportunity to fire without hitting his comrade.
i backflipped, taking out my rifle in the progress i fired a stream of lasers at my opponent.
Exiting the comm station, I head to Laura's room only to find it empy;
... that's odd, I wonder were she went?...
Tern instinctivey raised his arm, shielding his eyes.

Shields at 27%, his computer whispered to him. He glanced at Arcas, who took the hint and stepped to the side, firing several blasts at the machine.
time for him to get a taste of my own shields. one dissipated when it hit my shields before i fired another displacer freezing his projectiles into place. i ducked low and the rounds whizzed over my head before firing another blast at the weaker one(Tern)
Well, they aren't really rounds... they are bursts of energy that randomly warp things when they hit them, causing atomic collapse.

IC: Tern sidestepped and crouched to the floor, raising his sabre. Arcas continued firing, stepping forwards slowly as he did.
Hmm... Apparently according to Zarkun, a Tribal Dance Dress is bad enough like him being nasty with Laura?... What's wrong with a dancer?

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