Separatist Space, II

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I get nearer to the screams and prepare for any foe. None have stood against me yet.
Without warning, Angelus was attacked from the side, by something bigger than he was. The creature impacted into him, sending him flying into the wall. The creature follows through with its attack, slicing at Angelus. The nearby vines begin to cry as well.
I roll and slide back, using the momentum to avoid the blow and shift weapons to my sword, activating it, I slice the clawed appendage off, the cut off claws disintegrating in an orange haze. "None have bested me. I will not be bested by you." I'd sent out a message ultrasonically to my warriors, and they had already passed me but for one Relic, which was giving me support fire and, when the time was right, providing me a hard light shield.
The creature turns to Angelus, its arms already regenerated back as if nothing happened. It picks up a fragment of something on the ground, and throws it, then teleports away. The vines hit a peak in the crying, and burst open into a massive hoard of crab-like creatures, all attacking Angelus and the Relic.
I laugh and spin, my blade cleaving the creatures in two and disintegrating them. The Relic simply flew up out of reach and shot the object out of mid air.. Once they were all dead, I lead the way back towards the screaming. These were hostile organics, but nothing like the others I'd observed previously.
Several bulk-heads slammed shut, barring the way for Angelus. Even with Hard-light tech, it would still take time to get through. The screaming is still heard, but it is faint, the bulk-heads muting it out.

OCC: Giving Markus time to get his people out of the !@#$-zone.
I give an automated sigh and begin working my way through the metal. These particular organics would be purged when the time came.
"Fall back, fall back!" The Sergeant yells from behind cover. "I need suppressive fire!"

"Sir, we are not suited for a fire fight!" A corporal yells from behind another box. The sergeant scrambles into his pocket and pulls out a camera. He uses his mag light to light up wherever the fire is coming from, then catches it on film.

"Okay, lets get the !#@$ out of here." The sergeant got up and unloaded an entire mag in the enemies direction. After all remaining troops got back to the ship, he remained hidden.

{T.S.S Discovery this is Sergeant Moon. Are there any friendly life signatures left in my position. Over.}

{Sergeant Moon this is T.S.S. Discovery, there are no friendly life signatures left in your position. Over.}

Sergeant moon stood up and ran for the docking tube. Multiple bullets, spines, whatever missed him, but one hit home, driving into his lower back. The sergeant grunted and fell to the ground. Two other soldiers pulled him aboard.

A sentry chain-gun was placed just around the corner if anybody decided to assault the docking tube while they regrouped and made plans.
A laughing is heard. The strangest thing is that it wasn't from one of the creatures. The dead troops from the T.S.S. Boarding Team get up from where they were laying, and start moving in to attack the ship. Those who were knocked out in the derelict ship were grabbed and dragged away from the entrance. A humming is heard as a portal was opened, and the living troops were taken through it to be used. After they had all been moved, the humming stopped. The laughing continued from the walking dead, mocking the living.

After cutting through several bulk-heads, Angelus got into an area which had no bulk-heads blocking it, and the screaming was still heard, but it is a straight run to it.
As soon as the humming began everyone began looking at each other. Then the chaingun began going off, mowing down everything that was in sight. Which is, of coarse, their own men.

"Mission abort, mission abort, get us the !@#$ out of here!" The sergeant cried.

"My pleasure!" The captain of the ship whirled the engine to life. "Give me thirty seconds."

"All troops, suppressive fire in the docking tube, retrieve the turret!"

All the troops did as the sergeant asked. The turret and the everyone who survived made it on board two seconds before the ship took off.

"Patch me through to mission control." The sergeant ordered, breathing heavily.
Someone taps the Sergeant on the shoulder. It wasn't one of the other troops, but nor was it one of the dead. A girl, unarmored, roughly 5 foot 11 with long hair running down the right side of her face. She was smiling, as if she was happy.
I rush in the direction of the screaming, my forces close behind. We would save the organic and destroy these plant organics.
"What the-?" The sergeant looks around then slowly aims the gun at the girl. "How did you get on the ship?"
Going to post for the hell of it...

IC: Saevire has hastened his movement, then reaching the end of the hallway, then he heard the scream as clear as daylight. The door was heavy but he opened it with all his force.
Her smile widens, and she says "Here, I think you forgot something." She throws something up, and disappears from sight. The item she tossed was the head of one of the dead troops, still bleeding. It begins laughing after the girl teleported away.

Angelus and his team enter a large room, the size of a hanger. On the other side, a portal was open, purple and black in color. The Survivor and the 'Abomination' dragging her are on the other side, and are moving quickly toward the portal. Nothing else is in the room, and the hanger doors are shut.
Going to skip forward a little, I don't feel like a dinner scene right now.

IC: Kor'Tyrgone turned to Torvus. "I am pleased that you were able to dine with us, and hope you have enjoyed our hospitality. Your stories of war were entertaining. But, I must ask you to excuse me. I must make my report to the Emperor. A shuttle will return you to the station, if you would prefer that."
"No you don't!" I teleport, cutting the strange organic off from his escape route and draw my sword again. "You will release the human organic and submit for immediate destruction." My forces were moving up slowly, careful to watch for any tricks.


I nod. "Thank you. I hope to see you again soon, hopefully on the battlefield someday."
Opening the door he spotted the other Machine, and the others that he was looking for. Leaping into the fray with his Thermal Blade.
The 'Abomination' stops, and lets go of the Survivor. She gets up and backs away from them, and the creature looks around. In a moment of futile defiance, it attacks Angelus with its claws.
Tyrgone chuckles halfheartedly. "I doubt that will happen... but I share the sentiment. Farewell for now, Torvus Jentus."

He walks out of the room.

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