Separatist Space, II

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IC: i distorted the strange energy bursts again but this time i fired a laser at one of them, the hallway began collapsing..

OOC: pretty much like you said KO it warps anything that it hits so i made it have contact with a laser in turn activating that warping.
Eh... I'll buy that for now since I don't control this lore.

"Skifran, anomaly in access corridor A!"

"Our little friend's grav vepon?"

"No... it appears to be a growing varp-field!"

The Skifran growled. "Dampeners! Now!"

The tech aide began hitting buttons and flipping switched, initiating a dampener field to !@#$ down the warp before it became uncontrollable.
during the brief moment of panic i fled for the cockpit as the warp field created a no man's land between me and my enemies.
The leather on the dress was slightly worn, but it held memories, the leather was near the shoulders and the top of the dress, while the silk like material was flowing near the bottom. The smoothness of it, the colorful beauty of it all.

I could hear Aer and Saevire bickering, they were discussing if they really wanted to join in this... Saevire didn't really want to, but he would if needed. Aer on the other hand didn't want to at all. This was the perfect opportunity... I sneaked out of door with the bundle that is the dress in my arm.
Small insectoid like beings start swarming out of the purple gooey mass. Torzaz quickly registers them as hostile when one lunges on top of a nearby human. He moves with haste into a building to escape the slaughter. He quickly deploys three Bellators. He frantically starts making sure everything was good with his Blood Rifle when one of the insectoids pounces upon him, knocking the Blood Rifle across the room. Torzaz and the small creature land on the floor and Torzaz rolls over on top of it. He keeps it from pushing up and attacking with one hand while trying to grab his Plasma torch with the other. He pulls his Plasma Torch out, activates it, and shoves it into one of the creatures eyes and then the other, rendering it blind. But it screams attracted the attention of others.

He gets up and puts away his Plasma torch and turns around pulling out his Abyss Blade. He sees several more. One of which having metal hanging from its jaws, Torzaz assumes it is one of the Bellators. One of them jump and he pushes his blade out in front of him, stabbing straight through the head out of the creature. Having a hard time pulling it out he drops it. He pulls out his combat knife and looks across the room, seeing his Blood Rifle. He was about to sprint for it when he gets jumped on from behind. A screeching sound comes from above him.

Torzaz starts speaking in Latin, strangely the primary language of his tribe, "Vero mors venerit ad me. Ut autem non existimer erit in oblivione. Memoria est vera immortalitas." He feels the breath of the creature on the back of his head and exhales. Just as Torzaz thought that the creature was going to feast he hears a gun shot ring out. Torzaz feels the body fall upon his back. A mixture of confusion and relief wash over him. He hears 4 more bangs and then feels the weight come off of his back.

He stands up, towering over the human that saved him by at least a half a foot. He reverts back to English, "Thank you. I was sure I was going to lose my life." He picks up his combat knife and puts it away. He pushes one foot against the lifeless creature with a sword through its face and pushes it away as he pulls out the blade. He then walks over to grab his Blood Rifle.

"It was no problem. In a way, you saved mine as well." The human remarks. The human starts to reload the revolver in his hand and looks at the insectoid corpses.

"How so?" Torzaz asks curiously.

"Your little robots killed the Zerglings trying to take out me and some other survivors." The human replies. The human kicks a corpse of one of the 'Zerglings' over.

"You know what these are?" Torzaz asks, this time in a more formal tone.

"Yes. I'll tell you later. First we will need to get the survivors out of here before more come." The human answers.
Posted by Zarkun
I chuckle. "You could say that. Though not so much as boom as search."

"Terrans you never cease to amaze me. you are probably the single most unpredictable and adaptable race i have ever met." Kit says smiling.

Zarkun ^ -.-
I'm pretty sure the Zerg have been completely pacified in this. Unless this happened a long time ago.
"Splinter groups that are pissed off. And thank you for reading."
the zerg shall never be pacified. perhaps they will shift their focus to another sector or even galaxy but NEVER pacified.
OK, I don't personally care. Just warning you, Markus may not approve. Nice writing, btw.
Be prepared for a plot hole from both me and SF most likely.
What's that supposed to mean? Are Korzis and Cynthia coming back?

Because that would be truly wonderful for me.
ok KO i was heading towards the bridge are you gonna do anything?
Eh... Sure? But any who... I'm also thinking about making a dangerous gamble on who "The Mother" is related to... "The Mother" is the leader of Aquila et Umbram... And hence when I said plot hole.

But I can do that, just need to know on how old.
Who the Mother is related to...


The Mother is an AI, right?
"No. But mine is another Ravius."
Knarled, "The Mother" is not an AI... But yet a human. That is just her codename because of her caring attribute. I'm afraid I might spoiler the surprise.

But she did have an AI created from her... LICENTIA!
well i think my race of AIs and yours are gonna have some trouble getting along
I can work with a descendant. Hehehe.

Prepare for horrifying things to happen to the Raviuses.


Vatalks'Tern stepped back, shielding his eyes against the warp field's harsh light. The field was dying, but... He spoke into his comm.

"Armsman Vatalks to bridge: the subject evaded us. It is headink for ze bridge now."

The Skifran growled and leapt down from the upper bridge. "I vill deal vis zis machine myself."

OOC: Hm. Well, in that case she is of no use to me. I just want to rezz my favorite villain, and I need a Ravius or an AI for that.
i kicked open the door to the bridge, their leader was already there with some sort of strange sword. i drew my own neosteel blades. "why do you do this fleshling?" i asked

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