Separatist Space, II

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Me and SF are discussing what Cynthia's and Korzis age in this should be in this from the plot hole.

And I'm going to give Cynthia an AI that she "found" from a destroyed space station in the middle of nowhere.
The Skifran didn't answer. Yeh-Ket don't care for thinking machines, having dealt with the Verosan Entity and the other Demons. Instead he stepped forward and sliced at his enemy's arms with blinding speed.

OOC: Well, Entity Seven survived in a chip inside Korzis' brain. So...

Though I suppose she probably would have found a slightly older version of Entity Seven if said station happened to be the Terran Khan Worldship.
What ever that is... I was actually going to make it the station that I had for CoB... The on ya'll were in, so I think you know the AI already... But they could've found the older Seven and she could have two and then she uses the one with the chip...
i swiftly blocked with my blade and stabbed at his head with my other. "have you no respect for fellow races!" i roared
The Seven aboard the Khan would probably be pretty grouchy about being abandoned in derelict vessel by himself. But he would be extremely interested in learning what happened to the core Entity Seven program that left the Khan.

IC: The energized blade sliced through the neosteel like a hot knife through butter. The Skifran smiled coldly. "Your other vepon vere impressive, but zis von! Primitive! Not even shielded! Metal is only metal, and you are metal, not a creature. Your creators and programmers died of stagnation, submit to me and your technology vill be put to a good use."
I chuckle. "For as long as you say you've lived, you'd think you'd be used to it."
So that's it, I'm going to "loot" a destroyed space station that was part of Project DISSERPO, and check this Khan out and grab Seven.
OK, thanks. That will work.

Though it will be especially interesting if Korzis shows up, because we would have two separate Entity Sevens, and they might get into a power struggle, or at least an entertaining rivalry.
"actually i got you right where i want you" i said as i fired a displacer round at the ground sending me and him into the air, i was ready, my other blade arm easily knocking the blade out of his arm while i disengaged the displacer. i landed on my feet while the alien made a not so graceful landing on the ground
"Well i am some what but Terrans have proven to be much harder to understand than i expected." Kit says her hand brushing against the hilt of Hos lIngwI'. "and i noticed your abilities are different from any other humans i have meet why is that?"

OOC: will return ~7-7:30pm USeastern
I just need to figure out an age for them... Hmm... Since it's a plot hole I don't have to follow normal procedures.

IC: Aurora was carrying the bundle close to her chest, keeping it safe, that was when she got lost near another hallway, one with a indoor garden.
Enraged now, the Skifran ignored the loss of his weapon and seized his opponent in his powerful claws, which were capable of rending Polyflowmetal. He grabbed ASURA's sword arm and began twisting it, the metal creaking as he sought to 'disarm' his opponent.
"I received some...special training during the intermediate months since we last saw each other. It was during this time that I gained some personal insight and other things that improved my outlook on the world."
my sword arm breaking i took my ion cannon and fired an anchor round at the ceiling as we both were flung upward, i had no nervous system so the hit didn't feel like anything to me while my enemy was hopelessly stunned. i disabled it and as we crashed to the ground i grabbed his head and slammed it into the ground with all the momentum the fall gave me
The exoskeleton of the Skifran's head cracked thinly along the middle. With a chitinous roar of pain the Yeh-Ket hurled his foe across the room, thrashing wildly, blood running down his head and over his mandibles, throwing him into a berserker rage.
warning sirens blared as i took some serious damage. my own black lifeblood running onto the floor. i took my rifle and fired continuously until the gun was red hot and smoke came out in a thick stream from the cooling vents
After being unable to find Laura anywhere on board the Excalibur via the ship's computer, I head out into the station in search of her.

Zarkun, up to you if Stefan finds her or not.
The lasers struck the Skifran full on, as he had forgotten to raise his shields. His thick exoskeleton amazingly deflected the first few shots, but the continued fire sliced into his exoskeleton, dealing fatal damage.

Fatal or not, little could stop a Yeh-Ket berserker when he was enraged. Smoke pouring from the wounds in his body, the Skifran staggered forward, snatching up his sabre, intent on finishing his enemy regardless of contrary orders.
...Do it. This could be fun XD
he wasn't stopping no matter what. this had to get personal. " you are an honourable warrior" i said before firing a displacer right at him suspending him in the air. "too bad i don't play by the rules" i say before taking my remaining blade and plunging it into his head.

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