Separatist Space, II

Joeyray's Bar
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Stepping into a seedy bar, I immediately spot Laura in a rather tight-fitting outfit, talking to a number of men at the bar. Or rather, talking at them and receiving long stares in return;
...well, well, well... I wonder how she'll respond to Alicia?... this could get interesting...
THe Skifran was running on nerves now, as insects can. Some insects have been known to survive for days after being beheaded, and Yeh-Ket can perform similar feats. The warrior was already essentially dead, but still his massive arms wrapped around the machine, crushing it...


The Skifran fell back, already dead fingers releasing ASURA. His body crashed to the floor, revealing a Yeh-Ket warrior with a pistol in hand. He fired again, striking ASURA with a blast that paralyzed it instantly.

"First Sword Thur'Ashran to War-Tyrant. Ve have disabled the target, but our Skifran is dead," he said, anger and grief in his voice. "Permission to-"

"No. The loss is grievous, but it should not be in vain. Bring ze machine to the shop immediately. No delays. I don't vant it destroyed."

"Yes, Lord Captain."

The skiff lifted off and returned to the sky.
Since I already know that Markus is going to accept Cynthia and Korzis... By the way... Older Version of Entity Seven is safe and sound.
Laura spots Stefan and sighs. She should have known the security detail would come looking eventually. "Excuse me a moment, boys." Standing up, she walks over to him. "What are you doing here?"
everything was blurry. i was being ferried away, they seem to give me disgusted looks since i killed their leader. once again i had to ask "is this how you would treat a human being? if i wasn't a machine would you still do this?"
"Looking for you actually. I've got some news that I thought you'd like to hear that's all."
I say with mild amusement, looking over the outfit.
Thur'Ashran simply gives the machine a hate laden look. Anothr, a newer warrior, looks confused. "Vhy speak of humans?"

Vatalks'Tern looks at him. "You are talkink to zis machine now? Don't be foolish."
"I'll hear it, but make it fast. When the politicians aren't willing to talk, their hired help usually is. With some persuasion of course." She took a little pose and some of the men in the bar fell over, the sensory overload too much for them.
I chuckle;
"Well, I commed some old.. friends of mine. They've decided to lend a hand in dealing with the pirates."
I had found my way around and I accidentally ran into a bar, I saw what seemed to be Laura and her guard, Stefan. Accidentally running into him, dropping the bundle onto the ground. "I'm sorry, I was just trying to find a quiet place and I ran into here by accident."

First Person is Aurora, just so you all remember.
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She took a little pose and some of the men in the bar fell over

Xanth, anyone?

I hope there were no panties involved.

IC: "I saw her go into the bar just a second ago, sir."

Kor'Tyrgone thanked the man and walked into the Bar.
"Pirates and mercenaries, correct?" She had noticed a man that had tailed her since she first entered the crowd and had a hand resting on the pistol.

OOC: Armor only reveals her perfectly sized breasts, nothing else. Of course, these are men we're talking about.
"they were our undoing that's why. we were like you, prosperous, happy. until our creators decided we were too powerful for our own good. decimated the city and all its inhabitants. if you want genocide there's no bigger one then this. i was the only survivor, no where to go, no purpose. now a lab rat" i said
"Nobody had desired to destroy you until you attacked us and killed our Skifran. I vould advise you to beg ze forgiveness of ze Captain, or perhaps your genocide vill occur. But I assure you," Vatalks'Tern said, leaning in close to the now Bound machine. "If I get a chance to destroy you, I vill."
"No problem. You should be careful though. Places like this can be dangerous."

"I believe they prefer the term privateers, but yes, mercenaries."
Following her gaze, I notice the fellow with the pistol;
"Do you want me to deal with him?"
I ask quietly.
I picked up the bundle that was the dress, I hesitated for a second to touch the seams and I had stood back up. "I just don't know where I'm going... And that isn't very politician like... Wearing that, unless... Are you a dancer among your people?"
"Indeed, and this place seems far below people of your office." Kor'Tyrgone walks up. He peers curiously at Laura's garb. "Nor does this... this seem appropriate."
She shakes her head, indicating her own, as well as her dirk. "I can deal with him if needed." She then clears her throat. "That is all well and good, but if that useless council doesn't ok it first, they may get blown apart." Laura chuckles. "I've learned that sometimes the politicians don't tell each other everything, and the scum of a world, or a drunk enough politician, will be much more open to a seemingly willing lady. I would never of course, I have my eyes on someone else, but they won't know that."
"don't give me that. i heard your conversation when you didn't even make it into the atmosphere yet. you were going to capture me either way." i growled. i began to feel my senses coming back. these aliens did not know the potential of biometal. even as we were talking my wounds were being healed by the trillions of nanobots in my body. with split second accuracy i fired an anchor round at their controls as the one flying the ship was sucked face first onto the piloting mechanism successfully damaging the ship's controls.
Er... we disarmed your character and Bound it/him.

Binding is essentially your own personal warp field that prevents motion entirely.

"You are a machine. You appeared suddenly on an Imperial planet. Whether you vere here first or not, you are a trespasser. And even if you weren't a machine, ve vould still haff offered you our hospitality. Zis planet is dangerous. Your people may have lived here vonce, but now nobody can survive there for long." Tern considers a moment. "And ve do not have to justify ourselves to one who killed our Skifran, a robot no less."

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