Separatist Space, II

Joeyray's Bar
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I was speechless, she was doing this for the shear amusement and the fact that she could get information out of it... I had only wanted to do something that I had not been able to do in years. "But why would you do that though? It just seems wrong..." As I tucked the bundle of the dress closer to me so it doesn't fall out of my arms.
"Because these men have secrets that only certain tricks will pull out of them. If there was a better way, I would use it, but as such, this is the best way."
"just hurry up with your trip. its surprising how slow your ship is." i say. i suddenly sensed another presence as we exited the atmosphere. another AI but not of asurian origin. "you guys aren't the only ones who live in this system now are you?" i asked
"An unfortunate philosophy... but everyone may choose what they are to do. Though I am curious as to how you would get information from those of other races. I can appreciate your beauty, but no more than a human could appreciate the beauty of a Yeh-Ket female. There is no attraction."


"If there vere others in zis system, they are gone now. Ve found it deserted, and it is vell visin Imperial space."

"Ski- First Sword, ve are dockink vis ze War-Tyrant now."
I wasn't comfortable at all with this situation I was in... I was in the dark secrets of politics themselves, I want to leave now... For sure. "I'll just-" I quickly turned around and tried to run out of the bar. Accidentally dropping the bundle as I bumped into someone.
Kor'Tyrgone glanced at the bundle curiously. "What is this?"

He bends and picks it up. "This is yours?" he says, offering it to Aurora.
it be interesting to see who are the commanders of this strange race i thought
I slowly snatched it and hugged it against my body. "Thank you... It's nothing... It's nothing." As I finally made my way out.
I continue to drink, but run out and head down to my favorite bar to get more booze.
A Yeh-Ket seized ASURA in a claw and began carrying him off the Skiff. The entered a hangar bay, and went from there into an impressively carpeted hallway, making their way towards the bridge.
"i can walk you know. even if i do try and escape you have a guy with a colossal cannon who can kill me instantly. besides as a captive i deserve some dignity" i say.

"do not be afraid me liege" a strange voice whispered in my head

"wh- who are you?" i replied

"do not be afraid...." and the voice faded as quickly as it came
At that moment ASURA was flung on the ground by the Yeh-Ket.

"Here is ze machine. It is intact."

"Excellent. Now, machine, explain your presence on zis planet. Activate your finder's protocol."
Laura sighs. "If humanity would be honest with each other, I wouldn't need to do such things. And I can simply have a psionic search their memories and secrets if needed. But I rarely do."
I was still looking back to make sure they weren't following.


Saevire went to check on me... I was not in my room, in fact I had also taken an item. Saevire had discovered is was in fact, some kind of clothing that he had no idea what it was.
He was in the bar quick, following a trail that grown cold.
"i've just woken up from cryo 5 cycles ago how do you think i know!" i growled
"You must have a finder's protocol. Initiate."

"I do not believe you vill get anythink out of it, my Lord. It seems to be a machine designed by imbeciles."
Saevire entered the bar, scanning for anyone who he has seen at the meeting. Then he saw the Imperial, the Lorian, and the guard. He approached them. "Have you seen her... Was...was she carrying anything?"
"Who is it you wish to locate?"
"Aurora... She left her room and it's not safe out here by herself, I followed heat signature that she left behind but it stops here..."
"well looks like i wasn't stupid enough cause i killed your leader pretty easily" i spat. "and my finders protocol was disabled, i act pretty much like a human" i reply

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